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From Mourad Boufarguine, "I gave osg android port a try on Windows us…

…ing cygwin, and it worked like a charm (only a tiny problem with osgViewer, when cross compiling for android using cygwin, the windows path in osgViewer/CMakeLists.txt is used rather than the android one, fix attached).

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1 parent d649baa commit 17f34a594f3cb3cf00f5638746cb1f6598ace8ad @osg-training-guest osg-training-guest committed Mar 10, 2011
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@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ SET(LIB_COMMON_FILES
# Enable workaround for OpenGL driver issues when used in multithreaded/multiscreen with NVidia drivers on Windows XP
# For example: osgviewer dumptruck.osg was showing total garbage (screen looked like shattered, splashed hedgehog)

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