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Commits on Jul 9, 2007
  1. Added OpertionQueue

    robertosfield committed Jul 9, 2007
  2. Added OperationQueue class for future work on support thread pools th…

    robertosfield committed Jul 9, 2007
    …at share
    a single OpeationQueue.
  3. Updated wrappers

    robertosfield committed Jul 9, 2007
  4. Improved the consistency of setting of rotation and auto rotate modes…

    robertosfield committed Jul 9, 2007
    … in setAxisAlingment method
Commits on Jul 7, 2007
  1. From Jean-Sebastien Guay and Jan Ciger, added search path can improve…

    robertosfield committed Jul 7, 2007
    …d handling of backslashes/forward slashes
Commits on Jul 6, 2007
  1. Updared wrappers

    robertosfield committed Jul 6, 2007
  2. Added dirty count support to osgTerrain::Layer clases.

    robertosfield committed Jul 6, 2007
    Added LayerHandler to osgterrain example that modifies the layers in 
    response to pressing the 's' and 'q' keys
  3. From Rudolf Wiedemann, "I need to link OpenSceneGraph statically to m…

    robertosfield committed Jul 6, 2007
    …y application, so I
    completed the new registration of the plugin-readerwriters
    ("REGISTER_OSGPLUGIN") according to your osgstaticviewer-example (see
    attachment, based on today's svn)."
  4. From Brede Johansen, "Attached is a fix that returns a default color …

    robertosfield committed Jul 6, 2007
    …(white) if an invalid
    index to the color palette is used."
  5. Added include/osg/GLObjects + .cpp which provide osg::flush*DeletedGL…

    robertosfield committed Jul 6, 2007
    …Objects() methods.
    Added and cleaned up DeleteHandler calls in osgViewer to help avoid crashes on exit.
    Changed DatabasePager across to dynamically checcking osg::getCompileContext(..)
    Updated wrappers.
Commits on Jul 5, 2007
  1. Updated wrappers.

    robertosfield committed Jul 5, 2007
  2. From Adndre Garneau, "Attached is a fix to prevent a cursor being sho…

    robertosfield committed Jul 5, 2007
    …wn in graphics windows when
    traits specify that none should be used (a recent change forced a
    left-pointer cursor as the default). "
  3. Commented out "fix" that explictly sets the key modifier state as thi…

    robertosfield committed Jul 5, 2007
    …s change
    actually broke the key modifier state management.
Commits on Jul 3, 2007
  1. From Thibault Genessay, "You'll find attached a fix for the comments …

    robertosfield committed Jul 3, 2007
    …of the osgwindows example. It fixes a typo in the comments which is quite disturbing for newbies trying to learn using the source (twice 'left' instead of 'left' and 'right').
    I've also added a little offset to the windows' positions so that their decoration falls inside the desktop and we can manipulate them - it looks a bit less "made out of wood"."
Commits on Jul 2, 2007
  1. Updated wrappers

    robertosfield committed Jul 2, 2007
  2. From Csaba Halasz, support reading "monochrome" option string and use…

    robertosfield committed Jul 2, 2007
    … of monocrhome FreetType support
  3. From Csaba Halasz and Robert Osfield, support for passing in ReaderWr…

    robertosfield committed Jul 2, 2007
    …iter::Options object into readFontFile
Commits on Jun 30, 2007
  1. From Mike Connell, "This is a tiny fix for win32.

    robertosfield committed Jun 30, 2007
    The current code takes the mouse cursor position and adds it to the
    window (left,top) position, and sends the mouse cursor there. But this
    doesn't take into account the window decoration.
    The new code converts the given (x,y) coordinates from the client area
    coordinate system to the screen instead using ClientToScreen. I think
    this is the natural windows way to do it.
    Tested on XP with osgviewer
    Note from Robet Osfield, made a few changes to layout to make it more consistent 
    with the rest of the OSG and used #if 0 instead if (0) blocks.
  2. From Stephan Huber, "attached you'll find a small fix for the 3ds-plu…

    robertosfield committed Jun 30, 2007
    …gin, so 3ds-files
    exported from cinema 4d are imported correctly. It's not cinema's fault,
    because the 3ds-files show up correctly in 3dStudio Max."
  3. Updated wrappers

    robertosfield committed Jun 30, 2007
  4. Added s/getUsage() method

    robertosfield committed Jun 30, 2007