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Commits on Apr 1, 2008
  1. Updated OpenThreads version to 2.2.1 with the switch of sources/svn:e…

    robertosfield committed Apr 1, 2008
    …xternals from OpenThreads to OpenSceneGraph.
  2. Moved OpenThreads directly into OpenSceneGraph/trunk rather than bein…

    robertosfield committed Apr 1, 2008
    …g introduced via svn:externals.
    This change has been done to make it easier for OpenSceneGraph users to check out the svn via https 
    without any conflicts introduced with a http externals.
  3. From Paul Martz, "Two changes:

    robertosfield committed Apr 1, 2008
     - Handle DrawArrays first/count correctly (fixes problem reported by Jason Daly)
     - Display warning if non-Geometry Drawable is encountered."
Commits on Mar 31, 2008
  1. Updated wrappers

    robertosfield committed Mar 31, 2008
Commits on Mar 29, 2008
  1. From Sherman Wilcox with a little reorganisation from Robert Osfield,…

    robertosfield committed Mar 29, 2008
    … added
    test for 0 sized subloads, ignoring them to prevent a divide by zero error occuring on some buggy drivers.
Commits on Mar 28, 2008
  1. From Paul Martz, "Some small changes and code cleanup. Biggest change…

    robertosfield committed Mar 28, 2008
    … is an improvement to the WriteResult return."
  2. Set Texture::setMaxAnisotropy() to 16.0f for better quality terrain w…

    robertosfield committed Mar 28, 2008
    …hen looking at shallow angle.
  3. Rewrote the DatabasePager::removeExpiredSubgraphs(double) routine as it

    robertosfield committed Mar 28, 2008
    as not expiring subgraphs quick enough to enable reasonable load balancing.
    New version isn't perfect and will need further work, but does at least reduce
    the memory footprint by as much as half on test paths on big databases.
    The rewritten method no longer uses the the MaximumNumOfRemovedChildPagedLODs
    and MinimumNumOfInactivePagedLODs variables so these and associated methods
    for accessing them have been removed.
    -        /** Set the maximum number of PagedLOD child to remove per frame */
    -        void setMaximumNumOfRemovedChildPagedLODs(unsigned int number) { _maximumNumOfRemovedChildPagedLODs = number; }
    -        /** Get the maximum number of PagedLOD child to remove per frame */
    -        unsigned int getMaximumNumOfRemovedChildPagedLODs() const { return _maximumNumOfRemovedChildPagedLODs; }
    -        /** Set the minimum number of inactive PagedLOD child to keep */
    -        void setMinimumNumOfInactivePagedLODs(unsigned int number) { _minimumNumOfInactivePagedLODs = number; }
    -        /** Get the minimum number of inactive PagedLOD child to keep */
    -        unsigned int getMinimumNumOfInactivePagedLODs() const { return _minimumNumOfInactivePagedLODs; }
  4. From Paul Martz, "Here's the mods to the OpenFlight plugin to support…

    robertosfield committed Mar 28, 2008
    … FLT export. The ZIP file contains the new .cpp/h files as well as existing files that I modified.
    Changes to existing files:
      ReaderWriter.cpp -- to support writeNode() of course.
      ReaderWriterATTR.cpp -- to support writeObject -- we write .attr files for textures, if they don't already exist.
      AttrData.cpp/.h -- Minor fixes.
      CMakeLists.txt -- to include the new files in the build."
    From Robert Osfield, port to non Windows platforms just required fixing of header capitilization errors
    that windows lets through the net due to having a case insensitive file system.
Commits on Mar 27, 2008
  1. Removed TileSystem class, and added support for TerrainTile's automat…

    robertosfield committed Mar 27, 2008
    registering and unregistering themseles with the enclosing Terrain node.
Commits on Mar 26, 2008
  1. Introduce TerrainSystem node which decorates a complete terrain model…

    robertosfield committed Mar 26, 2008
    … made up of Terrain tiles.
  2. From Carlo Camporesi, "I have made some changes in order to allow the…

    robertosfield committed Mar 26, 2008
    … using of proxies via env variables and options.
    I have modified also the cmakelist. In this way osg is able to find the library in 3rdParty directory."
Commits on Mar 25, 2008
  1. From Tomas Hnilica, "

    robertosfield committed Mar 25, 2008
    Attached is modified source of AdapterWidget.cpp file from osgviewerQT
    example. Original was token today from SVN - trunk. (2.3.6).
     --mdi option needs to be set to run MDI version.
    Few notes:
    - tested on Windows box (Win XP)
    - using QT4
    - I was not able to execute the example with QOSGWidget  - had same
    error like described in [osg-users] "fate error using QOSGWidget in
    develop release
    2.3.0" thread from Shuxing Xiao, 2008-01-08.
    - problems are described in source
    And Later post:
    The problem of keypress events was solved by QT community, attached is
    repaired AdapterWidget.cpp file.
    In the AdapterWidget class constructor following line was added:
    Scene disappearing by resizing to minimum still needs to be fixed..."
  2. Moved include of c headers to top, and remove using std::strlen in an…

    robertosfield committed Mar 25, 2008
    … attempt to solve gcc4.3 compile problems
  3. From Wojciech Leandowski, "I removed few lines of code that were sett…

    robertosfield committed Mar 25, 2008
    …ing Threading mode and Screen mode. I believe they are now not neccessary because the same does osgViewer::Viewer argument parser. In fact argument list does not contain these args after they were parsed by osgViewer::Viewer constructor.
    I also allowed myself to add ThreadingHandler to the example."