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Commits on Apr 15, 2008
  1. Updated ChangeLog

    robertosfield committed Apr 15, 2008
  2. From Jason Beverage, "The following changes fix the flickering issue …

    robertosfield committed Apr 15, 2008
    …I'm seeing when trying to externally manage my cursor in Win32. If you set the cursor to InheritCursor, GraphicsWindowWin32 ignores WM_SETCURSOR and assumes you will set the cursor yourself."
  3. From Art Trevs, moved multile render targets support from RenderStage…

    robertosfield committed Apr 15, 2008
    … into FrameBufferObject.
    From Robert Osfield, refactored the FrameBufferObejcts::_drawBuffers set up so that its done
    within the setAttachment  method to avoid potential threading/execution order issues.
  4. Updated wrappers

    robertosfield committed Apr 15, 2008
Commits on Apr 14, 2008
Commits on Apr 13, 2008
  1. From Christian Kaser, "I discovered a bug that lead to a space being …

    robertosfield committed Apr 13, 2008
    …displayed at the start of the new line after an automatic line break (through setMaximumWidth()). The fix simply skips all spaces at the end of the line, before skipping a line break which was done already.
    osgText/Text.cpp: Line 502
           if (itr!=_text.end())
               // skip over spaces and return.
               while (*itr==' ') ++itr;                // New
               if (*itr=='\n') ++itr;
           // move to new line.
Commits on Apr 12, 2008
Commits on Apr 11, 2008
  1. From Paul Martz,"Several misc changes, but the major fixes include:

    robertosfield committed Apr 11, 2008
     * Support for Vec4ubArray for color data
     * Support for material transparency
    Thanks to Neil Hughes, Jason Daly, yourself, and others for testing and reporting issues."
  2. From Philipp Machler, "We have extended the support for Wacom Tablet …

    robertosfield committed Apr 11, 2008
    - Mac OS X
      - not only pressure, but tilt and z-rotation is supported now
  3. Added reference to osgstereomatch example to osgmultiplerendertargets.

    robertosfield committed Apr 11, 2008
    Added usage example use OpenSceneGraph-Data/Images examples
  4. From Sherman Wilcox, "Here is a patch for cmakelists.txt to add suppo…

    robertosfield committed Apr 11, 2008
    …rt for the /MP option
    in Microsoft compilers as discussed in osg-users. There is now an
    advanced option called WIN32_USE_MP (which defaults to OFF) that will
    enable the /MP switch for all builds. I tucked this code block safely
    within a IF(WIN32) branch."
  5. Updated wrappers

    robertosfield committed Apr 11, 2008
  6. From Melchior Franz, "The GUIEventAdapter header file had KeySymbols …

    robertosfield committed Apr 11, 2008
    …for the super and
    hyper keys defined already, but these modifiers were missing in
    GUIEventAdapter::ModKeyMask, and the EventQueue ingored them as well.
    The attached diff/archive adds the missing parts for Super/Hyper
    modifier key support.
    I'm aware that this might not be supported on all systems/keyboards
    out of the box, but decided to submit it anyway because:
    - developers are aware of differences between input devices
     (Some mice have scroll wheels, others don't. Some have five or
     more buttons, some have only one. Some keyboards don't have
     numpads, some have AltGr, some don't etc.)
    - even if someone relies on Hyper/Super in distributed software,
     this is easy to fix and doesn't create lock-in conditions
    - while the names Hyper/Super may only be common on X11, they are
     just symbol names and not OS-specific
    - even though some systems might not offer these additional modifiers
     by default, it's likely that all of them have at least 8 modifier
     levels internally, so it should only be a matter of OS configuration
     to make them work
    - having super/hyper available is useful to offer a user ways
     to define local key definitions that are safe from collisions with
     predefined "official" key assignments"
  7. From Sherman Wilcox, "Modified the cmakelists.txt file for the curl p…

    robertosfield committed Apr 11, 2008
    …lugin so the proper
    linker directories are set in Win32. The old cmakelists.txt would set
    the lib release folder for debug builds as well. This should correct
  8. From Benoit Laniel, "I use mingw to cross-compile openscenegraph to w…

    robertosfield committed Apr 11, 2008
    …in32. However, linux
    filesystem is case-sensitive. Here are the modifications needed to make
    the compiler happy. These are only some include lines rewritten (Io.h to
    io.h, Windows.h to windows.h etc.) for version 2.3.7."
  9. From Bob Kuehne, "1) add simplifier command "--simplifier .5" to redu…

    robertosfield committed Apr 11, 2008
    …ce complexity
    2) complementarily add a "--overallNormal" to replace
    per-vert/per-facet normals with an overall. simplifier doesn't work
      in certain cases without less complex normals. this gets that done.
    3) add env var output with full verbose output so people realize it's
    active when the app is run - i see this all the time in training where
    people run osgconv, with unintended data transformations due to
    osgUtil:;Optimzer, for example"
  10. Added --mouse option to enable mouse tracking, and fixed bug in assum…

    robertosfield committed Apr 11, 2008
    that nv is not null.
Commits on Apr 3, 2008
  1. Introduced CMake build option for compiling double or float versions …

    robertosfield committed Apr 3, 2008
    …of osg::BoundingSphere and osg::BoundingBox.
    Introduced code in BoundgingSphere, BoundingBox, ProxyNode and LOD to utilise the above settings.
    Added Matrix::value_type, Plane::value_type, BoundingSphere::value_type and BoundingBox::value_type command line 
    options that report where the types of floats or doubles.
  2. From Colin McDonald, "The X11WindowingSystemInterface in osgViewer/Gr…

    robertosfield committed Apr 3, 2008
    unconditionally sets the X11 error handler routine, replacing anything
    that was previously set.  This is a bit unfriendly, as the X11 error
    handler is a global attribute which the application, or the GUI toolkit
    being used, may well have set itself.
    So I have modified X11WindowingSystemInterface to only replace the error
    handler if it is the default i.e. if the application has not set it."
  3. From Mattias Helsing, "While using the dds plugin (via osgdem) it was…

    robertosfield committed Apr 3, 2008
    … able to write 24bit
    images with BGR order but not read them. My 2-liner fixed it for me
    but it may be that someone with more knowledge of the plugin want to
    insert more pixel formats in the reading part of the plugin."
Commits on Apr 2, 2008
  1. From Mattias Helsing, "Subject: osga reading slash mismatch

    robertosfield committed Apr 2, 2008
    requests for files in a archive are made with unix style paths. So to
    be able to match an entry in map(_indexMap) it's keys needs to be
    stored in unix style even on Win32"
    Note from Robert Osfied, simplified this submission so that the added conversion to
    unix slahes is done on all platforms as this should be safe and simpler to maintain.