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2007-05-05 16:24 +0000 [r6612] robert:
* Added preliminary Performer plugin support, note, still missing
are a range of Performer database libs that will be required.
2007-05-05 16:11 +0000 [r6611] robert:
* Added OpenVRML support
2007-05-05 15:36 +0000 [r6610] robert:
* Added CMake support for pnm plugin
2007-05-05 08:22 +0000 [r6609] robert:
* Added support for normals plugin
2007-05-05 08:18 +0000 [r6608] robert:
* Added ToPortToCmake.txt to record what modules need port to
2007-05-04 19:17 +0000 [r6607] robert:
* Added first cut a Xine support
2007-05-04 14:25 +0000 [r6606] robert:
* Added first cut of Cmake COLLADA support
2007-05-04 13:41 +0000 [r6605] robert:
* Added COLLADA CMAkeLists.txt, doesn't work yet as we done yet
have a FindCOLLADA.cmake but it is a start
2007-05-04 13:20 +0000 [r6604] robert:
* Added support for jp2 plugin
2007-05-04 12:06 +0000 [r6602-6603] robert:
* Removed margin
* Reorganised the managment of margins around glyphs so that is
done entirely with src/osgText/Font.cpp rather than the font
plugins or Text.cpp
2007-05-04 08:48 +0000 [r6601] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, Win32 build fix
2007-05-04 08:45 +0000 [r6600] robert:
* From Mathias Froehlich, "Attached is a change that does no longer
set the render bin details in nodes other than drawables. I guess
that this way I am sure to not introduce hierarchical render bins
in loaded models."
2007-05-04 08:40 +0000 [r6599] robert:
* From David Callu, fixed incorrect array usage.
2007-05-03 16:23 +0000 [r6598] robert:
* Added CartizianLocator
2007-05-03 15:21 +0000 [r6597] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-05-03 14:51 +0000 [r6596] robert:
* Added return *this to operator =
2007-05-03 14:47 +0000 [r6595] robert:
* Added osgUtil into lib list
2007-05-03 11:11 +0000 [r6594] robert:
* Added virtual orientationOpenGL() method into
2007-05-03 10:10 +0000 [r6593] robert:
2007-05-03 10:06 +0000 [r6592] robert:
* Moved the OpenThreads link locally to each lib
2007-05-03 08:50 +0000 [r6591] robert:
* Added support for setting OpenThreads_SOURCE_DIR to help the
install of OpenThreads headers
2007-05-02 19:57 +0000 [r6589] robert:
* Added OpenThreads wrappers
2007-05-02 18:07 +0000 [r6588] robert:
* Added CMake support for local OpenThreads build
2007-05-02 16:36 +0000 [r6586] robert:
* Added svn:externals for include/OpenThreads and src/OpenThreads
2007-05-02 13:58 +0000 [r6583] robert:
* Introduced new tesslation technique that adjusts the
triangulation so that the diagonal goes between the corners with
least vertical deviation.
2007-05-01 18:03 +0000 [r6582] robert:
* Further perfomrmance optimizations and clean up on new
2007-05-01 09:29 +0000 [r6581] robert:
* Cleaned up the optional code paths in new VBO code
2007-05-01 07:31 +0000 [r6580] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-05-01 06:40 +0000 [r6579] robert:
* Added direct links to the CMake build pages
2007-05-01 06:28 +0000 [r6578] robert:
* Moved VBO switching code into inline methods into osg::State to
speed performance
2007-04-30 22:12 +0000 [r6577] ewing:
* Fixes to resync Xcode project with current tree. flt files are
missing. I'm not sure if it was intentionally removed from the
project, so I left the everything in place, but removed the
target from the build aggregate targets so it doesn't get in the
way of the build system. Added back osgTerrain to the project
(don't know who deleted those). SDL's aggregate target is also
2007-04-30 15:10 +0000 [r6576] robert:
* Added initalization of _startTick to CompositeViewer
2007-04-30 14:49 +0000 [r6575] robert:
* From Jeremy Moles, fixed missing intialization of _startTick
member variable.
2007-04-30 12:18 +0000 [r6574] robert:
* Implementated new dirty buffer mechansim for BufferObjects to
make it more efficient
2007-04-30 09:47 +0000 [r6573] robert:
* Added TerrainNode::setColorFilter(layerNum,Filter) to allow
developers to set what type of texture filter to use, either
2007-04-30 08:37 +0000 [r6570] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog and AUTHORS file
2007-04-30 08:31 +0000 [r6569] robert:
* Updated version number for 1.9.2 dev release
2007-04-29 20:19 +0000 [r6568] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-04-29 20:13 +0000 [r6567] robert:
* Added temporary code (but comment out) for testing VBO
2007-04-29 20:10 +0000 [r6566] robert:
* Added a MatrixTransform set up to provide a local origin for
better precision.
2007-04-29 08:12 +0000 [r6565] robert:
* Further work on new VertexBufferObject/ElementsBufferObject
2007-04-27 17:03 +0000 [r6564] robert:
* Added back in osg::Geometry path
2007-04-27 14:52 +0000 [r6563] robert:
* Further work on the new VBO support
2007-04-27 10:29 +0000 [r6562] robert:
* From Eric Wing, " Here are more changes for the CMake scripts: -
I removed CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX in FindOpenThreads as a follow up
to the discussion thread. - I introduced an experimental
users can enter values there instead of in the environment. - I
These should be kept up-to-date with the real version numbers.
Mac bundles like to have version information so users can find
out the version they are running through standard About panels
and also automated system reporters for troubleshooting/bug
tracking. In theory, this information could be used for library
versioning. We should do the same for OpenThreads, but I forgot
about it. - I added some Mac Info.plist stuff (which uses the
version information). "
2007-04-27 09:49 +0000 [r6561] robert:
* Fixed tabbing
2007-04-26 16:50 +0000 [r6559-6560] robert:
* Added using of VertexBufferObject and ElementsBufferObject
* Further work VertexBufferObject and ElementsBufferObject classes
2007-04-26 08:26 +0000 [r6558] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-04-26 08:11 +0000 [r6557] robert:
* From Brad Colbert, "Added a new method to ImageStream called
getLength that is used to return the length of the stream.
Implemented the virtual methods in QuicktimeImageStream,
(getLength, getReferenceTime, setTimeMultiplier), to return valid
value for each. "
2007-04-26 08:07 +0000 [r6556] robert:
* From Eric Wing, Added quicktime CMakeLists.txt
2007-04-25 18:50 +0000 [r6555] robert:
* Added VertexBufferObject and ElementBufferObject class
interfaces, and wired up osg::Array and osg::DrawElements* to
these respectively. Updated wrappers
2007-04-25 15:32 +0000 [r6554] robert:
* Added --static and --vbo options to allow the user to toggle
on/off dynamic updating of geometry and use of vertex buffer
2007-04-25 10:32 +0000 [r6552-6553] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Cleaned up numToTop method
2007-04-25 10:12 +0000 [r6551] robert:
* From Martin Aumueller, fixed unused parameter warnings
2007-04-25 09:32 +0000 [r6550] robert:
* From Martin Aumueller, " a collegue of mine noticed that on
Windows and X11 the modifier state (such as Alt or Ctrl) would be
applied one key press too late: e.g. press & hold Alt, press a,
release Alt, press a, press a would generate the key sequence a,
Alt-a, a instead of Alt-a, a, a. The problem is also present on
Carbon. Moving the call to setModKeyMask in front of the call to
keyPress fixed it for me on Carbon and X11. I suppose that this
will fix the problem for Windows as well."
2007-04-25 09:21 +0000 [r6549] robert:
* From Eric Wing, "These enhancements make it much easier to
control which libraries get found by FIND_ using environmental
variables. The problem with the old script was that CMake
searches what it considers system paths first. This makes it
difficult to override in the case where you might have a stable
version in /usr/local, but are trying to build a bleeding edge
release in the non-standard location /bleeding-edge. I went to
the CMake mailing list hoping to find a good solution to this.
Unfortunately, there isn't one, and I have to do something rather
bone-headed in the Find module. Basically, I have to run FIND_
twice: once with default search paths turned off and my
environmental variables listed, and again with standard search
paths reenabled. At least it works. I also added a few more
environmental variables, specifically: OPENTHREADS_INCLUDE_DIR
OPENTHREADS_LIBRARY_DIR These two variables address the
shortcoming of OPENTHREADS_DIR in the case where the include path
and library path don't share a common parent. Put all this
together, and you can setup an automated shell script or
Microsoft .bat file to configure and build your application in an
automated step. You still should be able to use the key CMake
variables like CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH and CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH to find
things, but it will occur after the environmental paths are
searched. The reason for this is that the OPENTHREADS_INCLUDE_DIR
and OPENTHREADS_LIBRARY_DIR are more specific. This prevents the
accidental ordering problem where you might use
CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH to find some other component like GLUT, but
didn't want to accidentally include an older version of
OpenThreads located in the same area. As the ultimate override,
you can still pass -DVAR=value arguments to cmake and it will
take these above all else. However, it's safer for people to not
use these in case we modify the script and change the variable
names. Finally, I'm wondering if we can kill the
${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX} searches in the Find module. As I've said
before, this is kind of a hack and the variable wasn't really
intended to be used in this way. And I just got bitten by it in
some bad corner cases. The problem is that if you don't
explicitly set the ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}, CMake sets a default
value for it (such as /usr/local). The problem is that /usr/local
may not be the place you want searched. If you wait to set the
${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX} in the ccmake GUI, then FIND_ is already
run once on ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr/local. If you were
planning to change the value in the GUI, it's too late if you had
a stuff in /usr/local because FIND_ already found something and
won't change the value when you reconfigure since it is already
set. You will have to manually change the value yourself.
Furthermore, as another problem example, on the Mac,
/Library/Frameworks is supposed to be searched before /usr/local,
but ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX} kept causing stuff in /usr/local to
be hit first which took me a really long time to understand how
this was happenning. The work around is that I must push the
${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX} search to the very end as not to conflict
with anything else. But I think it would be much better if we
removed it entirely. And with so many different environmental
variables at our disposal, I don't think we need this one:
(Checked by CMake automatically:) CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH
2007-04-25 09:16 +0000 [r6547-6548] robert:
* From Eric Wing, "lwo must link to osgFX or undefined symbols
* From Eric Wing, "I made a mistake in my IF() checks for
FOO_HAS_BEEN_RUN_BEFORE. In this case, it happened to work out to
still be correct, but in general it shouldn't have the ${}. (I
really hate this syntax.)"
2007-04-24 19:08 +0000 [r6545] robert:
* From Jeremy Moles, Added check for image transluceny to image
loaded code, placing the image quad into the transparent bin for
images with alpha values.
2007-04-24 19:03 +0000 [r6544] robert:
* From Martin Aumueller, "the new Inventor plugin needs some
changes in order to compile against OpenInventor. Just as in the
pre-r6419 I used the COIN_BASIC_H define in order to discriminate
between the two versions of Inventor. Additionally, I had to
change the CMakeLists.txt to use the proper include path. "
2007-04-24 13:12 +0000 [r6542-6543] robert:
* From Jan Peciva, "I was working on a new version of Inventor
plugin. It was inspired by the need to get correct and high
quality conversion, so I verified the plugin on complex models
and made number of serious fixes: - the geometry is not two times
on the output file (!) - SoVRMLImageTexture: VRML texture support
was rewritten according to Inventor programming practices, since
it does not worked correctly on many models (Anyway, thanks for
Gerrick Bivins to introduce it.) - osg::ref wrong usage related
crash fixed - code cleaning and texture code overhaul - LOD fixes
- appended README.txt with all the contributors I was able to get
from SVN logs"
* Added CMake support for lwo plugin.
2007-04-24 12:59 +0000 [r6541] robert:
* Added compile path support for XINE, Inventor and LibXML
2007-04-23 20:21 +0000 [r6536] robert:
* Updated version to 1.9.1
2007-04-22 21:54 +0000 [r6520-6521] robert:
* Updated AUTHORS file for 1.9 developer release
* Updated ChangeLog
2007-04-22 21:40 +0000 [r6519] robert:
* Added --version-number support
2007-04-22 21:18 +0000 [r6518] robert:
* From Michael Platings, "In the "new method" 3DS loader, inverse
matrices were applied to vertices, but not normals, which caused
some models to appear with normals doubly rotated. I've now added
some code to transform the normals."
2007-04-22 20:19 +0000 [r6514] robert:
* Unified the setup of version numbers so that they all are based
on the version number setup in the include/osg/Version header
2007-04-21 12:29 +0000 [r6513] robert:
* Added osgSim dependency to txp plugin
2007-04-21 11:24 +0000 [r6512] robert:
* Added include directory to get txp plugin building
2007-04-20 16:17 +0000 [r6510-6511] robert:
* Added support for sorting the graphics contexts so that the first
context/window returned from Viewer::getContexts/getWindows will
be the left most window on the lowest screen number. Added
ability for StatsHandler and HelpHandler to support end users
setting their Camera's graphics context.
* Added delay between sequential threading model changes to prevent
the system from locking up with 'm' is held down, which previous
would cause the threading model to be thrashed.
2007-04-16 19:40 +0000 [r6509] robert:
* From Jason Howlett, using suggestion from Robert Osfield,
"CullVisitor.cpp was modified, beginning at line 1115. Code was
added to check if the camera inherits its cull mask. If not, the
CullVisitor sets its traversal mask to the camera's cull mask."
2007-04-16 19:34 +0000 [r6508] robert:
* Implement basic TerrainGeometry code
2007-04-16 18:33 +0000 [r6507] robert:
* Added logo and txp CMakeLists.txt files. The txp build is
temporarily commented out while the build is fixed.
2007-04-16 12:21 +0000 [r6504-6506] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Cleaned up state management code
* Fixed bug associated with complex RenderBin setup.
2007-04-16 06:03 +0000 [r6503] robert:
* Bumbped the version number up to 1.9, in preperation for using
odd release numbers for development releases, odd versions for
stable releases.
2007-04-15 20:53 +0000 [r6502] robert:
* Fixed choice of display
2007-04-15 12:09 +0000 [r6501] robert:
* Updatged ChangeLog using svn2log, osgversion to handle new SVN
based ChangeLog, and updated AUTHORS.txt
2007-04-14 08:31 +0000 [r6500] robert:
* Added an #include<unistd.h> and extern "C" around
X11ErrorHandling to prevent Solaris build errros
2007-04-13 19:28 +0000 [r6498-6499] robert:
* Added some debugging
* Updated wrappers
2007-04-13 14:54 +0000 [r6496-6497] robert:
* Added fullscreen toggle event handler
* Added usleep's to avoid X11 errors when doing X11 calls to close
to changes in window size or decoration.
2007-04-13 14:23 +0000 [r6495] robert:
* Added setWindowRectangle implementation for GraphicsWindowWin32,
and place holder for setWindowRectangle implementation for
2007-04-13 13:28 +0000 [r6494] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-04-13 13:22 +0000 [r6493] robert:
* Added s/getWindowRectangle to GraphicsWindow and implementation
in GraphicsWindowX11
2007-04-13 13:19 +0000 [r6492] robert:
* Changed hitItr to be a const_iterator.
2007-04-13 10:14 +0000 [r6491] robert:
* From Eric Wing, "I added a warning message for Mac users about
the Universal Binary problem."
2007-04-12 17:30 +0000 [r6489] robert:
* Fixed variable name dereference
2007-04-12 10:14 +0000 [r6487] robert:
* Added different cmake version requirements across platforms
2007-04-12 10:06 +0000 [r6486] robert:
* From Eric Wing, "Adding back missing search paths in
FindOpenThreads.cmake. Also fixed a bug regarding when to set the
debug version. It waited until both include and library were set,
but it shouldn't wait on include. Also added a fix to the
optional warning flags."
2007-04-12 09:59 +0000 [r6484] robert:
2007-04-12 09:33 +0000 [r6481-6483] robert:
* From Eric Wing, "Attached is a patch allows access access to the
SETUP_EXAMPLE take an additional optional parameter that
specifies if the program is a command line application or a GUI
application (think: IS_COMMANDLINE_APP). Passing 1 means true
(is_commandline_app). Passing 0 or omitting the parameter means
false. I changed the scripts for osgversion and osgunittests to
support this option because I believe they are command line apps.
Are there any others?"
* Updated wrappers
* From Mike Wittman, fix to CopyOp&.
2007-04-12 09:18 +0000 [r6480] robert:
* From Eric Wing, "Minor robustness fix to osgsimpleviewerCocoa."
2007-04-11 17:39 +0000 [r6479] robert:
* Prep work on new TerrainGeometry Drawable which supports
selective display list/VBO's usage. Updated wrappers
2007-04-11 11:20 +0000 [r6477-6478] robert:
* Changed the parameter handling so that it supports left to right
inheritance of settings
* Added support for multiple colour layers, and fixed handling of
elevation and colour layers having different locator
2007-04-11 08:35 +0000 [r6474-6475] robert:
* From Eric Wing, " Changes include: A internal cache flag that can
be used to detect if this is the first time running the CMake
configuration. This is needed to work around stupid CMake UI
shortcomings about the UI not reflecting anything you SET unless
you use FORCE. But if you use FORCE, you override anything the
user may try to set/override unless you have an exception check.
It turns out the exception check you need is often the first-run
check. This flag is potentially useful for other things too. An
optional switch that turns on more aggressive warnings based on
your compiler. Some Apple specific stuff for detecting the OS
version and enabling Universal Binaries (and some additional
compiler flags that are good but gcc version dependent). The
version check code is unfortunately really fragile. I need to
lobby CMake to return the OS X version number for us. FYI,
building Universal will fail with the current CMake release due
to a bug, but is now fixed in CVS. "
* Removed tabs
2007-04-10 13:58 +0000 [r6472] robert:
* Removed old GNUmakefile.inst files
2007-04-10 13:23 +0000 [r6471] robert:
* Updated INSTALL and README to refect new Cmake build
2007-04-10 13:15 +0000 [r6470] robert:
* Removed the bin and lib directories as these are now built
automatically by CMake.
2007-04-10 13:12 +0000 [r6468-6469] robert:
* Removed more of the old VisualStudio build system
* Removed old gmake and VisualStudio build files
2007-04-10 12:11 +0000 [r6466] robert:
* Updated to refect new incldue/osgViewer/Win32 directory for
2007-04-10 11:09 +0000 [r6465] robert:
* Updated wrapper to honour move of GraphicsWindow*
2007-04-10 11:03 +0000 [r6464] robert:
* Create new incliude/osgViewer/api directory to hold platform
specific classes such as GraphicsWindow implementations. Moved
GraphicsWindowWin32,X11 and Carbon into their api/Win32, api/X11
and api/Carbon directories.
2007-04-06 19:51 +0000 [r6463] robert:
* Fixed the handle of triangle fan.
2007-04-06 19:38 +0000 [r6462] robert:
* Added extra check to prevent calling frame() when the window has
been closed.
2007-04-06 15:36 +0000 [r6460-6461] robert:
* From Eric Wing, pedantic warning fixes
* Updated wrappers
2007-04-06 15:13 +0000 [r6459] robert:
* From Eric Wing, pedantic warning fixes
2007-04-06 14:40 +0000 [r6456-6458] robert:
* From Laurens Voerman, "I've added the code to set up quad_stereo
properly. I have tested with WinXP / VC8, stereo is working. I
also added code to set sampleBuffers and samples. These cannot
yet be properly set, tested (windows only ) by changing
_numMultiSamples in DisplaySettings::setDefaults() and
* From Mike Wittman, "1. Disable suppression of osg::CullStack.
I've been building the osgWrapper code successfully with this
change on both Windows and Linux, but I believe you said you got
some (unspecified) errors when you tried it before. If it still
causes problems, could you post the errors so I can try to solve
them? 2. Change osg::GraphicsContext from object-type to
abstract-object-type. The current setting is incorrect because
the class is actually abstract."
* From Laurens Voerman, "attached is
OpenSceneGraph\src\osgViewer\GraphicsWindowWin32.cpp I've added
the code to get the osgViewer working on windows displays with
less than 32 bit color. Only tested with 16 bit color."
2007-04-06 14:33 +0000 [r6455] robert:
* Add setting of ShadowVolumeGeometry draw mode
2007-04-05 20:27 +0000 [r6454] robert:
* Set default ShadeModel back to SMOOTH
2007-04-05 16:12 +0000 [r6453] robert:
* Added constructor argument to ShadeModel
2007-04-05 15:04 +0000 [r6452] robert:
* Commented out superfluous debug messages
2007-04-05 14:56 +0000 [r6451] robert:
* Added better handling of colour layer/elevation layer/transfer
function combinations and use of 16bit luminance format for
colour layers used as input to transfer functions
2007-04-04 09:07 +0000 [r6450] robert:
* Added support for flushing buffer objects
2007-04-04 08:09 +0000 [r6449] robert:
* From Paul Martz, added osgViewer headers to VS syntax
2007-04-04 08:06 +0000 [r6446-6448] robert:
* Removed OpenThreads reference
* Updated wrappers
* From Mike Wittman, C# build fixes
2007-04-03 19:42 +0000 [r6445] robert:
* From Andy Skinner, warning fix for Windows 64-bit build
2007-04-03 19:18 +0000 [r6444] robert:
* Added assignment of hieghts texture coords
2007-04-03 15:39 +0000 [r6443] robert:
* Preliminary work on TransferFunction support
2007-04-03 11:04 +0000 [r6442] robert:
* From Eric Wing, adding message w.r.t debug OpenThreads library
for when its not available.
2007-04-02 13:06 +0000 [r6441] robert:
* Added setValue method and osg::Image setup to
osg::TransferFunction1D, and setup of TransferFunction1D into
osgterrain example.
2007-04-01 11:19 +0000 [r6440] robert:
* Added support for texture layer.
2007-03-30 15:16 +0000 [r6439] robert:
* Added debugging code
2007-03-30 14:57 +0000 [r6437-6438] robert:
* Added support for reading values from an ImageLayer, and building
of the elevation data in GeometryTechnique.
* Added support 16bit intensity formats
2007-03-29 19:42 +0000 [r6435-6436] robert:
* Converted osg::HeightField across to using a osg::FloatArray
internally to enable it to be assigned as a vertex attribute
array to an osg::Geometry. Removed the osgTerrain::ArrayLayer as
its no longer required thanks to the above change which makes the
osgTerrain::HeightFieldLayer more flexible. Updated wrappers
* Fixed missing initializer in Options constrctor
2007-03-29 15:41 +0000 [r6434] robert:
* Removed the using to avoid VS 7.1 build problem
2007-03-29 14:45 +0000 [r6433] robert:
* Added creation of basic geoemtry to test Locator and extents
2007-03-29 12:41 +0000 [r6432] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-03-29 10:56 +0000 [r6430] robert:
* From Eric Wing, added handling of CMAKE_THREAD_LIBS_INIT
2007-03-29 10:13 +0000 [r6428] robert:
* Added missing return value
2007-03-29 09:29 +0000 [r6427] robert:
* From Eric Wing, "Added the conditionals for SDLMain."
2007-03-28 16:28 +0000 [r6426] robert:
* Added support for compute the extents on local NDC coordiantes of
the elevation and colour layers
2007-03-28 15:05 +0000 [r6425] robert:
* From Mike Wittman, "Here is a change to the .cpp file to fix it
by disambiguating the cull invocation."
2007-03-28 14:50 +0000 [r6423-6424] robert:
* Removed the Found OpenThreads message
* Removed the d during debug build of wrappers on non MSVC
2007-03-28 11:30 +0000 [r6422] robert:
* Removed deprecated drawImplementation(State&) method from
Drawable and Drawable::DrawCallback
2007-03-28 08:53 +0000 [r6420-6421] robert:
* From Martin Amueller, Add libosgGA and libosgText for OSX build
* Replaced the X11 Window by Carbon WindowRef in the WindowData
2007-03-28 08:43 +0000 [r6419] robert:
* From Martin Aumueller, "in order to remove a dependency on Coin3D
(which is GPLed) and make it work with SGI's OpenInventor, I had
to change OpenSceneGraph/src/osgPlugins/Inventor, as
SoVRMLImageTexture is not avaible in SGI's Inventor. " From
Robert Osfield, tweaked the above so that it uses Coin headers to
switch on coin features: #ifdef COIN_SOCALLBACKACTION_H #define
USE_COIN 1 #endif
2007-03-28 07:34 +0000 [r6418] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, added Find3rdPartyDependencies.cmake
2007-03-27 21:44 +0000 [r6417] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, "here is a patch to use Mike 3rdParty
dependencies It should not be introusive to any other palatform
apart MSVC, but in order to link to debug-specific libs I had to
change plugins CMakeLists to differentiate debug/release linkage,
I have used the same macro used in core libs Now the macro used
for plugin and examples linking test for existance of
TARGET_LIBRARIES_VARS that holds the names of the variables that
have to be used for linking"
2007-03-27 19:39 +0000 [r6416] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-03-27 19:27 +0000 [r6415] robert:
* Add computeBound support to TerrainNode and Layer.
2007-03-27 16:05 +0000 [r6414] robert:
* Removed the flt plugin from OpenSceneGraph/trunk, this project
can now be found in the deprecated directory.
2007-03-27 16:01 +0000 [r6413] robert:
* Rearranged the traversal and initialization of TerrainTechnique
2007-03-27 11:23 +0000 [r6410] robert:
* Added EllipsoidLocator.
2007-03-27 08:43 +0000 [r6409] robert:
* Added #include <unistd.h> for non Win32/Mingw build
2007-03-27 08:40 +0000 [r6408] robert:
* Added -lgdi32 to CYGWIN path
2007-03-26 19:38 +0000 [r6407] robert:
* Fixed header files specification
2007-03-26 19:24 +0000 [r6406] robert:
* Added return false; to default implementations of convert
2007-03-26 16:32 +0000 [r6405] robert:
* Added GeometryTechnique
2007-03-26 16:28 +0000 [r6404] robert:
* Removed WindowData parameter from init().
2007-03-26 15:52 +0000 [r6403] robert:
* Added Locator and layer setting to osgterrain example
2007-03-26 13:02 +0000 [r6401-6402] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, "when we link against something that comes out
from a Find... we ususally have a variable
<LINK_VAR_NAME>available like OPENTHREADS_LIBRARY, so I' ve set
up a macro that uses the variable name expanded for linking, and
test if a variable ${LINK_VAR_NAME}_DEBUG like
OPENTHREADS_LIBRARY_DEBUG exists and in case uses it for linking
in debug mode. I' ve also set up FindOpenThreads to set up these
variables. I had to edit the core libraries CMakeLists to add the
calls to the macros used. I' ve tested under MSVC"
* From Mike Wittman, "This is another weirdo change to support code
generation. It brings all the Drawable::supports and
Drawable::accepts overloads into the ShapeDrawable scope to avoid
errors invoking the ones that are not defined in ShapeDrawable.
Currently you'll get compilation errors if you pass a
Drawable::AttributeFunctor or PrimitiveIndexFunctor to the
"accept" function invoked on a ShapeDrawable pointer or
reference, since those overloads are only defined in the base
class. You'll also get the same error passing a
PrimitiveIndexFunctor to the "supports" function. These errors
occur because C++ function overload resolution does not cross
inheritance boundaries."
2007-03-26 09:48 +0000 [r6400] robert:
* Changed the external library specification to use
2007-03-25 11:47 +0000 [r6399] robert:
* Removed OpenThreads from the list of TARGET_COMMON_LIBRARIES to
prevent double linking of OpenThreadsd and OpenThreads during
debug build.
2007-03-23 17:37 +0000 [r6398] robert:
* From Mike Wittman, "This change fixes a couple bugs in the
osgIntrospection protected function support. I missed adding the
protected/public specifier on a couple recursive invocations, so
those functions are not currently returning protected functions
for base classes when they should."
2007-03-23 17:27 +0000 [r6397] robert:
* From Mike Wittman, remove redundent const from in front of
unsigned int. From Robert Osfield, updated wrappers
2007-03-23 10:11 +0000 [r6396] robert:
* Added missing StencilTwoSided header
2007-03-23 08:53 +0000 [r6395] robert:
* Added automatic creation of lib bin and lib/osgPlugins
2007-03-22 15:39 +0000 [r6393] robert:
* Added osgPlugins as a temporary work around for keeping cmake
build compiling plugins
2007-03-22 14:45 +0000 [r6391-6392] robert:
* Added CMake build suppport for osgsimpleviewerQT4
* Added CMake QT3, FLTK and osgintrospection example build support.
2007-03-22 14:06 +0000 [r6390] robert:
* Added CMake build support for GLUT and SDL examples
2007-03-22 13:38 +0000 [r6388-6389] robert:
* From Eric Wing, added ${MATH_LIB} to osg CMakeLists.txt and
definition of this to m under unix
* Updated the header list
2007-03-22 12:58 +0000 [r6387] robert:
* Fixed link name
2007-03-21 17:18 +0000 [r6386] robert:
* Added ImageLayer, ArrayLayer and HeightFieldLayer classes
2007-03-21 16:34 +0000 [r6385] robert:
* Added GeometryTechinque to osgTerrain. Added usage of
GeometryTechnique into osgterrain example Added --width and
--height command line options to osgdistortion to allow users to
control the window size.
2007-03-21 09:42 +0000 [r6384] robert:
* Removed erroneous entry of GNUmakefile
2007-03-20 17:07 +0000 [r6383] robert:
* Added osg:: to computeLocalToWorld to fix build under VS7.
2007-03-20 11:19 +0000 [r6382] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, clean up CMakeLists.txt
2007-03-20 09:50 +0000 [r6381] robert:
* From Philip Lowman, added support for Inventor
2007-03-19 19:05 +0000 [r6380] robert:
* From Andreas Goebel, build fix
2007-03-19 17:24 +0000 [r6379] robert:
* Moved the TARGET_NAME setting into the OsgMacroUtils.cmake.
2007-03-19 17:18 +0000 [r6378] robert:
2007-03-19 14:10 +0000 [r6377] robert:
* Added CMake support for txf, osgViewer and osgShadow plugins
2007-03-19 13:26 +0000 [r6376] robert:
* Ran dos2unix on CMakeLists.txt files.
2007-03-19 12:30 +0000 [r6375] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, move to using local CMakeLists.txt files and
explicit file lists. From Robert Osfield, small ammendments of
the above to seperate example and application installs, and fix
the osgPlugins install directory.
2007-03-19 11:47 +0000 [r6374] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-03-19 11:35 +0000 [r6373] robert:
* From Andreas Goebel, add -lgdi to GNUmakefile
2007-03-19 11:25 +0000 [r6372] robert:
* Further work on TerrainNode
2007-03-19 10:54 +0000 [r6371] robert:
* Build fixes
2007-03-19 10:38 +0000 [r6370] robert:
* Further work on osgterrain example
2007-03-18 11:04 +0000 [r6369] robert:
* Removed now redundent method
2007-03-16 14:28 +0000 [r6367-6368] robert:
* From David Callu, " bug: Lost the functionality to find the real
type pointed by a pointer. Ex: a osg::Node pointer point on a
osg::Group, if I look for information on the pointer type, the
introspection say it is a "osg::Node*". But if I want information
on the pointed type, the introspection must return the
"osg::Group". This bug come from the
osgIntrospection::Value::Ptr_instance_box::ptype() function. In
the original version, this function use the member "Instance_base
*inst_" like this : typeof(*static_cast<Instance<T>
*>(inst_)->_data) But in the new version, this function use the
template argument "T": typeof(typename remove_pointer<T>::type)
This is a good meta-programming use, but here we need a dynamic
request. Moreover the "typeof" macro define in "Reflection"
header accept only a type in parameter with the new version. fix:
Add the macro "typeofvalue" in "Reflection" header which accept a
value or a type in parameter. Restore original code in
osgIntrospection::Value::Ptr_instance_box::ptype() function. "
* Updated wrappers
2007-03-16 13:22 +0000 [r6366] robert:
* Added WindowData structures to GraphicsWindowX11,Win32 and Carbon
to help support GraphicsWindow inheriting their window handles
from an external toolkit
2007-03-16 10:02 +0000 [r6365] robert:
* From Per Fahlberg, "To get the latest OSG to build under IRIX
with the MIPSpro compiler I had to add
-LANG:libc_in_namespace_std=OFF to DEF in the makedefs file. The
modified file is attached."
2007-03-15 13:17 +0000 [r6363] robert:
* From Philip Lowman, added gdi32 entry fro Mingw build
2007-03-14 12:59 +0000 [r6362] robert:
* Name fixes
2007-03-14 12:43 +0000 [r6360-6361] robert:
* Added osgterrain example
* Added osgterrain to build
2007-03-14 12:31 +0000 [r6359] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-03-14 12:00 +0000 [r6358] robert:
* Added class shells for osgTerrain::Locator and osgTerrain::Layer
2007-03-14 11:24 +0000 [r6357] robert:
* Renamed HeightFieldNode and HeightFieldRenderer to TerrainNode
and TerrainTechnique respectively
2007-03-14 10:02 +0000 [r6356] robert:
* Changed typeid(CullVisitor) check to dynamic_cast
2007-03-13 20:09 +0000 [r6355] robert:
* Fixed spacing of message
2007-03-13 20:06 +0000 [r6354] robert:
* Added lib64 to search path for OpenThreads
2007-03-13 12:25 +0000 [r6352] robert:
* From Mathieu Narache, build fixes for IRIX64
2007-03-13 11:58 +0000 [r6351] robert:
* Fixed gif plugin entry so that it uses GIFLIB_ rather than GIF to
match it up to the CMakeModels/FindGIFLIB.cmake entry
2007-03-13 08:18 +0000 [r6350] robert:
* Checked in missing implementation of cleanSceneGraph.
2007-03-12 21:23 +0000 [r6349] robert:
* Changed the lib and executable local build so that they all go in
bin and lib respectively.
2007-03-12 21:13 +0000 [r6348] robert:
* Added IF(BUILD_OSG_WRAPPERS) arouind osgintrospection example
2007-03-12 12:46 +0000 [r6346] robert:
* Fixed install paths of wrappers and plugins
2007-03-12 12:14 +0000 [r6344-6345] robert:
* Removed GDAL references
* Removed GDAL references
2007-03-12 11:49 +0000 [r6342-6343] robert:
* Cleaned up the ordering of the code component compilation
* Fixed osgTerrain CMakeLists.txt so it didn't include DataSet or
GDAL references
2007-03-12 08:32 +0000 [r6341] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, fixes for building wrappers with lib prefix.
2007-03-11 13:23 +0000 [r6339-6340] robert:
* Renamed the follow plugins to facilitate CMake build lib3ds ->
3ds ac3d -> ac directx -> x ESRIShape -> shp
* Moved introspection build into optional compile section
2007-03-11 13:15 +0000 [r6338] robert:
* Changed the output directory for wrappers to osgPlugins and the
name to osgwrapper_ to make it consitent with the previous places
used for wrappers. Note, the wrappers still compile to
libosgwarapper_, this will need fixing.
2007-03-11 11:48 +0000 [r6337] robert:
* Added inheritedWindowData member variable to Traits.
2007-03-10 17:29 +0000 [r6336] robert:
* From Bob Kuehne, fix for AGL build of osgViewer
2007-03-10 12:27 +0000 [r6335] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-03-10 11:56 +0000 [r6334] robert:
* Correct TransferFunction entry.
2007-03-10 11:53 +0000 [r6333] robert:
* Added preliminary work on osg::TransferFunction
2007-03-10 11:38 +0000 [r6331-6332] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* From Luigi Calori, CMakeLists.txt support for wrappers
2007-03-09 16:25 +0000 [r6330] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, "Here are some fix for building plugin net and
installing .lib under lib under WIndows + some setting
(commented) coming from previous build setup"
2007-03-09 14:54 +0000 [r6328-6329] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, improvements to handling of install under Unix
* Commenting out Matrix_implementation.cpp entry to avoid it being
2007-03-09 13:47 +0000 [r6327] robert:
* Added application_ and example_ before application and example
projects. Converted the application CMakeLists.txt and macros to
work with the ADD_OSG_APPLICATION macro. Removed the GDAL checks
in the examples/CMakeLists.txt
2007-03-09 09:08 +0000 [r6324-6325] robert:
* Setting of binary/exe path moved to root CMakeLists.txt
* Ran dos2unix
2007-03-08 21:19 +0000 [r6323] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, fixed build of freetype and zlib.
2007-03-08 15:33 +0000 [r6320-6322] robert:
* From Lugi Calori, tweaks to macros and addition of
* Ran dos2unx of CMakeLists.txt files
* From Luigi Calori, added support macro based build of plugins
2007-03-06 12:03 +0000 [r6314-6316] robert:
* Added application CMakeLists.
* From Luigi Calori, quick hack to make example compile in source.
* Changed _pixel_x and _pixel_y to be floats
2007-03-06 11:20 +0000 [r6313] robert:
* Added support for 4,7,12,16 bit luminance and intensity formats
2007-03-05 17:46 +0000 [r6312] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-03-05 17:34 +0000 [r6311] robert:
* From Mike Wittman, " noticed that some type references of
osg::Drawable::ConstAttributeFunctor, and
osg::StateAttribute::ModeUsage in osg and osgSim were not being
properly reflected in osgIntrospection. This appears to be due to
Doxygen not handling nested types from superclasses if they're
not qualified when referenced in subclasses. These changes add
the necessary superclass type qualification so that Doxygen now
recognizes the references."
2007-03-05 13:27 +0000 [r6309] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, added marco support
2007-03-05 12:11 +0000 [r6307-6308] robert:
* Added missing files
* Added missing files
2007-03-04 13:05 +0000 [r6303-6306] robert:
* From Eric Wing and others, first cut of CMake build support
* From Mike Wittman, updated project to reflect new additions to
* Fixed command line parameter reporting
* From Mike Wittman, updates to support new protected method
2007-03-02 16:14 +0000 [r6301] robert:
* Added proper maths for distortion correction of pufferfish dome.
2007-03-01 13:41 +0000 [r6297] robert:
* Changed the index value to 0 of the token vector, wheras original
the 1 was used, the later causing a crash when only one token was
available. Also clean up #if #else #endif block to help make the
code more readable and maintainable. This bug and fix was found
by Anders Backman, but final implementation done by Robert
2007-03-01 12:10 +0000 [r6296] robert:
* From David Gurhrie, "Here is the updated txp loader code that we
modified before to store some of the material codes in the
userdata field. It now takes an option string to enable adding
the extra data and doesn't add it by default."
2007-03-01 11:58 +0000 [r6295] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-03-01 11:54 +0000 [r6294] robert:
* From Mike Wittman, added protected function support
2007-03-01 10:43 +0000 [r6293] robert:
* From Jean-Sebastien Guay, fix Windows build by adding space in
where previous editing had removed it.
2007-03-01 09:19 +0000 [r6292] robert:
* Added osgShadow to dependencies of osgdepthshadow example
2007-02-28 12:15 +0000 [r6291] robert:
* Ran cleanup to fix tabs
2007-02-28 11:18 +0000 [r6290] robert:
* Added support for direction lights to ShadowTexture
2007-02-28 11:12 +0000 [r6289] robert:
* From Mihai Radu, Added support for directional lights to
2007-02-28 10:10 +0000 [r6287-6288] robert:
* Added mention of LODScale in docs
* From Paul Martz, updated the LOD documentation
2007-02-27 21:31 +0000 [r6286] robert:
* Added osgTerrain into default build of wrappers
2007-02-27 21:18 +0000 [r6284-6285] robert:
* Further clean up for refernces to osgTerrain/DataSet
* Removed osgdem as its now part of the VirtualPlanetBuilder
2007-02-27 21:12 +0000 [r6283] robert:
* Moved include/osgTerrain/DataSet/.cpp, gdal plugin and osgdem out
into the VirtualPlaneBuilder project. Updated examples to remove
DataSet/GDAL dependency. Updated wrappers
2007-02-27 14:09 +0000 [r6282] robert:
* Ammend the references to ReentrantMutex and ReadWriteMutex to
related to their move to OpenThreads
2007-02-27 13:16 +0000 [r6281] robert:
* Moved osgProducer and osgproducerviewer out into their own
repository. Clean up the source for remaining references to
2007-02-27 11:51 +0000 [r6280] robert:
* Added --label and --subscript options to allow us to create
custom logos
2007-02-26 14:36 +0000 [r6278] robert:
* Fixed auto rotate to screen so that it handles scales in to the
parental path
2007-02-26 13:01 +0000 [r6277] robert:
* Completed changes to osgManipulator to make it more flexible
w.r.t viewer usage, and ported osgmanipulator example across of
2007-02-26 11:23 +0000 [r6276] robert:
* Removed ReentrantMutex
2007-02-25 20:05 +0000 [r6275] robert:
* Further work on add serialization support for osgViewer
2007-02-25 19:59 +0000 [r6274] robert:
* Added new osgViewer plugin to help with serializing in/out of
viewer configurtions
2007-02-24 19:54 +0000 [r6273] robert:
* Set propset in .dsp to fix eol to CRLF
2007-02-24 19:51 +0000 [r6272] robert:
* Set svn::eol style to CRLF
2007-02-24 09:04 +0000 [r6271] robert:
* Added makefile
2007-02-23 21:06 +0000 [r6270] robert:
* Used Mike Wittman suggestion from setting CRLF on .dsp files
2007-02-23 16:31 +0000 [r6267] robert:
* Moved Block, ReentrantMutex and ReadWriteMutex into OpenThreads.
2007-02-23 12:14 +0000 [r6265] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-02-23 11:53 +0000 [r6262-6264] robert:
* Added bool View::Slave::_useMastersSceneData to help manage HUD's
and RTT cameras that are embedded in the Viewer's View
* Added new --Viewer and --CompositeViewer for implementation of
* Clean up the handling of views without camera manipulators, and
cameras that don't allow camera focus
2007-02-22 16:42 +0000 [r6261] robert:
* Implement basic full dome correction with projecto pointing
upwards and at center of dome.
2007-02-22 11:17 +0000 [r6260] robert:
* Moved distortion mesh creation out into seperate function
2007-02-22 10:56 +0000 [r6259] robert:
* Removed the compile objects in init in the
SceneView::setDefaults() setup.
2007-02-22 10:31 +0000 [r6258] robert:
* Fixed calculation of inverted coordindates
2007-02-22 09:16 +0000 [r6257] robert:
* Added STATIC_OBJECT_DETECTION optimizer pass to OpenFlight plugin
2007-02-21 21:20 +0000 [r6256] robert:
* From Brede Johansen, Thanks for the model it helped to understand
the problem. In Creator the "Last Frame Duration" is performed on
the last frame of the last loop iteration, I tried to use it for
the last frame of every loop iteration. As you already have
explained we need a custom Sequence node. In the osgSim nodekit
we already have a couple of specialized nodes for the OpenFlight
format. We need an osgSim::GroupAnimation but I don't have the
time right now to take this challenge. Until then I have modified
my last attempt to work with the current osg::Sequence node by
ignoring the "Last Frame Duration".
2007-02-21 20:47 +0000 [r6255] robert:
* Removed debugging info
2007-02-21 20:38 +0000 [r6254] robert:
* Added the default setting of the SceneView's camera onto the
RenderStage to allow SceneView to automatically support FBO,
PBuffers, image and texture copies and Camera post draw callbacks
2007-02-21 19:41 +0000 [r6252-6253] robert:
* Added ability to discount Camera's that arn't appropriate for
event focus
* Wired up RTT cubemap cameras and simple distortion mesh.
2007-02-21 19:06 +0000 [r6251] robert:
* Added Camera::s/getAllowsEventFocus() method to allow osgViewer
to have non interfactive cameras such as RTT ones
2007-02-21 15:15 +0000 [r6250] robert:
* Wojciech Lewandowski: "TexGenNode::TexGenNode( TexGen * texGen )
constructor does not initialize ReferenceFrame. I am not sure
maybe this was the intent but first constructor does it so I
don't see a reson why third one shouldn't."
2007-02-21 14:17 +0000 [r6249] robert:
* Removed debug messages
2007-02-21 13:48 +0000 [r6248] robert:
* Removed the exclusion of CullSettings from the genwrapper.conf,
and then changed the CullStack RefMatrix& methods to RefMatrix*
as the RefMatrix& versions caused the wrappers to fail.
2007-02-21 11:46 +0000 [r6247] robert:
2007-02-20 21:06 +0000 [r6245] robert:
* Further work on dome RTT
2007-02-20 20:56 +0000 [r6244] robert:
* Fixed inheritance check for copying clear colour to slave cameras
2007-02-20 16:46 +0000 [r6243] robert:
* Added inhertCullSettings before SceneView::cull() calls
2007-02-20 11:44 +0000 [r6242] robert:
* Added beginings of full dome correction support, starting with 6
slave camera configuration.
2007-02-20 09:48 +0000 [r6240-6241] robert:
* Added missing \ to end osgGA entry
* Added osgViewer and osgShadow to the wrapper build directories
2007-02-19 20:57 +0000 [r6239] robert:
* Added g/setUpdateVistor method
2007-02-19 16:59 +0000 [r6238] robert:
* Added command line arguments descriptions
2007-02-19 16:45 +0000 [r6237] robert:
* Added -1, -2 and -3 model creation options to osgshadow example.
2007-02-19 15:42 +0000 [r6236] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-02-19 15:26 +0000 [r6235] robert:
* Added support for ShadowTexture and ShadowMap to osgshadow
2007-02-19 14:21 +0000 [r6233-6234] robert:
* Added option to use osgShadow::ShadowMap technique
* Implemented basic ShadowMap technique
2007-02-19 12:13 +0000 [r6232] robert:
* Moved CameraCullCallback into ShadowTechnique scope to make it
more resusable between various Techniques
2007-02-18 15:24 +0000 [r6231] robert:
* Wired up the texgen to complete the first iteration of
ShadowTexture effect
2007-02-18 14:21 +0000 [r6230] robert:
* From Andre Garneau: * Fix for the aspect ratio not being properly
set when screens have different aspect ratios. * Minor fix for
makeCurrentImplementation being called directly instead of
makeCurrent() causing the owning thread pointer not being tracked
* Fix for osglauncher so that it sets its update text regions to
DYNAMIC to prevent multi-threading issues.
2007-02-17 17:16 +0000 [r6229] robert:
* Added basic set up of the RTT camera.
2007-02-17 14:37 +0000 [r6228] robert:
* From Paul Martz, "Add GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE to list of acceptable
texture modes"
2007-02-16 17:45 +0000 [r6227] robert:
* Fixed genwrapper so that it handles .svn directories, updated
2007-02-16 17:35 +0000 [r6225-6226] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Added new osg::ComputeBoundsVisitor
2007-02-16 16:37 +0000 [r6224] robert:
* Added pushViewport/popViewport to CullVisitor::apply(Camera&)
2007-02-16 15:29 +0000 [r6223] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-02-16 15:17 +0000 [r6222] robert:
* From Roland Smeenk, "ClipNode contains a method getClipPlaneList
that should actually be called setClipPlaneList."
2007-02-16 15:14 +0000 [r6221] robert:
* Fixed typo
2007-02-16 13:33 +0000 [r6220] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "I added a bool to GraphicsContext::Traits to
indicate wether to use the multithreaded-opengl-engine on os x or
not. I set its default to false, perhaps other os x users can
test this setting with their data/apps, to see if we can enable
it by default. I changed also the borderless-window-type, so
expos?works correctly."
2007-02-16 13:17 +0000 [r6219] robert:
* Removed debugging readImageFile, and done further work on RTT
2007-02-16 10:20 +0000 [r6216-6217] robert:
* Fleshed out a bit more of the ShadowTexture implementation
* Added osgShadow::ShadowTexture set up
2007-02-16 06:39 +0000 [r6215] robert:
* Added enabling of the stencil buffer when setting up ShadowVolume
2007-02-16 06:11 +0000 [r6214] robert:
* From Eric Wing, updates to XCode projects and introduction of two
SDL OSX files to the osgsimpleviewerSDL example
2007-02-16 05:46 +0000 [r6213] robert:
* Fixed typo that was breaking the build
2007-02-15 22:28 +0000 [r6212] robert:
* Added support for using the new osgShadow plugin as a psuedo
loader such that: osgviewer cow.osg.shadow Or to ShadowVolume
rechnique specifically: osgviewer
2007-02-15 17:31 +0000 [r6211] robert:
* Added .osg support for osgShadow NodeKit
2007-02-15 17:25 +0000 [r6210] robert:
* Added support for using the scenes light source setting to set up
the ShadowVolume's effect light parameters
2007-02-15 15:06 +0000 [r6208-6209] robert:
* Addd an #ifdef _WIN32 to force SingleThreaded usage under Windows
when no threading model is specified.
* From Mike Wittman, "The template-argument-list errors look to be
due to a lack of spaces in the typeof macro. Here's a new
Reflection header which should fix those problems. For
consistency I think that's the best solution."
2007-02-15 14:53 +0000 [r6207] robert:
* Reorganised the text comments so that they are shorter length,
and hopefully will avoid VS2003's silly text string limits when
compiling osgIntrospection wrappers
2007-02-15 14:47 +0000 [r6206] robert:
* Twaaked comments
2007-02-15 14:04 +0000 [r6205] robert:
* From André Garneau, Win32 build fixes
2007-02-15 12:24 +0000 [r6204] robert:
* Added context sharing support.
2007-02-15 12:11 +0000 [r6203] robert:
* Fixed handling of warp pointer for when its called at startup and
the event queue isn't yet initialized the window range.
2007-02-15 10:25 +0000 [r6202] robert:
* Removed inappropriate Stats:: prefix
2007-02-15 09:31 +0000 [r6201] robert:
* Fixed warnings
2007-02-15 09:17 +0000 [r6200] robert:
* Added extra spaces between <> template declarations
2007-02-15 08:29 +0000 [r6198-6199] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Removed setFrameStamp
2007-02-15 01:45 +0000 [r6197] robert:
* Added checks into Viewer set up of Camera stats so that stats are
reused if already present. Added use of ref_ptr<osg::Stats> into
StatsHandler's callbacks
2007-02-15 01:23 +0000 [r6196] robert:
* Improved the update of the shadow volume.
2007-02-15 00:53 +0000 [r6195] robert:
* Removed extrandous Stats:: prefix
2007-02-14 20:44 +0000 [r6194] robert:
* Added support for osg::State::DynamicObjectCount into the RTT
2007-02-14 20:14 +0000 [r6193] robert:
* Added support for sharing context to GraphicsWindowX11
2007-02-14 17:28 +0000 [r6192] robert:
* Added getState()->setGraphicsContext(this); to the various
GrpahicsWindow implementations
2007-02-14 16:29 +0000 [r6191] robert:
* Renenabled the toggling on the CullPerCameraDrawPerContext
threading model in the thread event handler.
2007-02-14 16:24 +0000 [r6190] robert:
* Added use of Mutex into osg::Stats to better handle
multi-threaded usage
2007-02-14 16:16 +0000 [r6189] robert:
* Changed the initialized osg Drager:::PointerInfo::hitIter to
prevent compile problems under Windows
2007-02-14 15:25 +0000 [r6188] robert:
* From Michael Platings, "I was getting a 0 byte memory leak
reported when loading 3ds files, so I've changed line 196 from:
to: viewport->layout.viewL= views ?
(Lib3dsView*)calloc(sizeof(Lib3dsView),views) : 0;"
2007-02-14 14:58 +0000 [r6187] robert:
* Changed the report of lack of WGL_SWAP_METHOD_ARB so that it is
INFO rather than WARN.
2007-02-14 14:53 +0000 [r6186] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "attached you'll find an update for the
XCode-project. I added the osgShadow as a framework and
osgManipulator as a framework, (and the corresponding examples) I
removed (hopefully) all references to osg-/Producer where
necessary, and some minor stuff."
2007-02-14 14:36 +0000 [r6185] robert:
* Added OSG_RUN_FRAME_COUNT env var which enables a limited run of
specified frame numbers when Viewer::run is called.
2007-02-14 13:18 +0000 [r6184] robert:
* Introduced new osg::Object::DataVariance type of UNSPECIFIED, and
changed the deafult values of DataVariance to UNSPECIFIED to all
2007-02-14 12:42 +0000 [r6182-6183] robert:
* Set the DataVariance of updating text to DYNAMIC
* From Jean-Sebastien Guay, fixed path.
2007-02-14 12:00 +0000 [r6181] robert:
* Removed debugging run method.
2007-02-14 11:24 +0000 [r6180] robert:
* Added computeDataVariance method into osg::Object and
implementations in Drawable and StateSet, and calling of
osgUtil::StaticObjectDetectionVisitor in osgViewer::Viewer
2007-02-14 11:21 +0000 [r6179] robert:
* From Mike Wittman, added spaces into < > macros
2007-02-13 22:39 +0000 [r6178] robert:
* Fixed warning
2007-02-13 22:24 +0000 [r6176-6177] robert:
* Fixed warnings
* Fixed warning
2007-02-13 22:16 +0000 [r6175] robert:
* Fixed warnings.
2007-02-13 20:32 +0000 [r6171] robert:
* Added -losgText to example that used osgViewer but didn't
previously include -losgText
2007-02-13 17:39 +0000 [r6170] robert:
* Changed the DeleteHandler so by default it doesn't cache objects
2007-02-13 16:03 +0000 [r6169] robert:
* Added OSG_THREADING environmental variable to
2007-02-13 15:57 +0000 [r6168] robert:
* Reduced the RTT texture size to 256x256 to make setup quicker
2007-02-13 15:24 +0000 [r6167] robert:
* From John Shue, "Modified OpenSceneGraph/Make/makedefs to add
-pipe gcc command line option to FreeBSD build."
2007-02-13 14:42 +0000 [r6166] robert:
* Added support for ColorMask to .ive plugin
2007-02-13 14:19 +0000 [r6165] robert:
* From Brede Johansen, "Geometry.cpp Make sure number of normals
match number of vertices when lit or vertex-normal pairs are
separated when geometries are merged by the optimizer.
Ancillary.cpp Improved support for multitexture effect field and
use texture environment from .attr file. PaletteRecords.cpp Use
search path when looking for shader files. PrimaryRecords.cpp
Added preset uniforms "TextureUnit0", "TextureUnit1",
"TextureUnit2" and "TextureUnit3" for GLSL shaders."
2007-02-13 13:58 +0000 [r6164] robert:
* From Eric Wing, "Here are some updates for osgsimpleviewerCocoa.
New features and enhancements: - Shared OpenGL contexts -
Multithreaded OpenGL Engine support - Localizable string support
- Offscreen rendering (to framebuffer object) for: - Copy/Paste
(to image) support - Drag-and-drop (as source image) support -
Print to Printer/PDF - Dock minimization picture - More robust
initializer handling - Fix to better handle hardware surfaces in
NSScrollViews/NSSplitViews - Use of respondsToSelector and
instancesRespondToSelector to demonstrate runtime feature
checking to provide access to newer features while still
compiling on and supporting legacy versions The new file
"Localizable.strings" needs to be placed inside the English.lproj
2007-02-13 13:47 +0000 [r6163] robert:
* Added support for osg::Stencil into .ive
2007-02-13 12:17 +0000 [r6162] robert:
* From Ulrich Hertlein, added support for osg::BlendColor to .ive
2007-02-13 12:11 +0000 [r6161] robert:
* Added support for osg::BlendColor to .osg plugin
2007-02-13 11:32 +0000 [r6160] robert:
* Added setDataVariance(DYNAMIC) to the scores text entires to
prevent the DrawThreadPerContext for crashing due to double
buffering of dynamic data.
2007-02-13 09:38 +0000 [r6159] robert:
* Changed the BlendFunction StateSet to DYNAMIC
2007-02-13 09:33 +0000 [r6158] robert:
* From Mike Wittman, support for reference parameters
2007-02-13 09:27 +0000 [r6157] robert:
* Added setDataVariance(DYNAMIC) to _inputText to prevent problems
when running in DrawThreadPerContext threading model.
2007-02-12 18:02 +0000 [r6155-6156] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* From Mike Wittman, "Here is the next in the series of changes I'm
making to OSG introspection to support the attributes needed for
C# bindings. This change adds virtual/pure virtual attributes to
MethodInfo and an explicit attribute to ConstructorInfo using the
implementation strategy that David Callu recommended a few months
back (thanks David!). This change updates both genwrapper and
osgIntrospection, and assumes the osgIntrospection reference
support that's still pending in your submission queue."
2007-02-12 17:14 +0000 [r6154] robert:
* From Mike Wittman, "These changes add support for reflection of
reference and const reference type representations via
osgIntrospection::Type. This covers just the static type
information; the dynamic behavior via
Type::createInstance/Type::InvokeMethod should not be affected."
2007-02-12 15:59 +0000 [r6153] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-02-12 13:51 +0000 [r6152] robert:
* Added automatic scaling and translation of help to make sure it
always fits on screen
2007-02-12 13:39 +0000 [r6151] robert:
* Added osgViewer::HelpHandler
2007-02-11 22:01 +0000 [r6150] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-02-11 21:24 +0000 [r6149] robert:
* Incresed the resolution of the trackball dragger geometry
2007-02-11 21:12 +0000 [r6148] robert:
* Changed osgManipulator::Dragger::handle(..) method to use a
nested PointerInfo class to encapsulate the pixel coords,
SceneView and picking operations in prep for making the code more
general purpose, and less reliant on classes like
osgUtil::SceneView and osgUtil::IntersectVisitor.
2007-02-11 15:42 +0000 [r6146-6147] robert:
* Added osgText to dependency of osgmanipualator example.
* Fixed Producer lib entry
2007-02-11 12:23 +0000 [r6144-6145] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Changed the osg::Shape related projectors so that they used
pointers rather than references.
2007-02-11 10:33 +0000 [r6143] robert:
* From Vivek Rajan, new osgManipulator library, with a few minor
tweaks and rename for osgDragger to osgManipulator for build by
Robert Osfield. Vivek's email to osg-submissions: "I'm happy to
release the osgdragger nodekit to the OSG community. I
implemented the nodekit for my company, Fugro-Jason Inc., and
they have kindly agreed to open source it. The nodekit contains a
few draggers but it should be easy to build new draggers on top
of it. The design of the nodekit is based on a SIGGRAPH 2002
course - "Design and Implementation of Direct Manipulation in
3D". You can find the course notes at Reading pages 20 - 29
of the course notes should give you a fair understanding of how
the nodekit works. The source code also contains an example of
how to use the draggers."
2007-02-10 18:01 +0000 [r6142] robert:
* From Vivek Rajan, MatrixDecomposition implementaion, adapted by
Robert Osfield to be part of osg::Matrixf and osg::Matrixd
2007-02-09 21:31 +0000 [r6141] robert:
* Cleaned up osgshadow example so that it now relies upon osgShadow
for its shadow implementation
2007-02-09 16:31 +0000 [r6140] robert:
* From Carlo Camporesi, "In attach there is a little bug fix to net
plugin. The modify allow the plugin to accept url with port
number in this way: http://"address ":"portnumber"/ "
2007-02-09 16:27 +0000 [r6139] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-02-09 16:03 +0000 [r6138] robert:
* Moved the basic ShadowVolume code into osgShadow
2007-02-09 14:54 +0000 [r6137] robert:
* From Yefei He, " I wrote a class derived from CopyOp that
preserves the multi-parent structure of scene graphs. I only
considered the case of DEEP_COPY_NODES, but it is sufficient for
me. It is not the most elegant way -- I used a map to list all
the already cloned nodes with multiple parents, to be looked up
whenever such a node is revisited. The good part is, it works."
From Robert Osfield, fixed build problems under Linux 64 due to
use of int's to store Node* in internal maps used in above custom
CopyOp. Added ref_ptr<> usage to main to prevent memory leaks
2007-02-09 14:35 +0000 [r6136] robert:
* From Joakim Simmonsson, fixed inconsistent newlines
2007-02-09 14:21 +0000 [r6135] robert:
* From Paul Martz, "Make DelaunayTriangulator less verbose - It was
outputting a non-warning with notify level set to WARN; changed
it to INFO to make it less verbose."
2007-02-09 13:51 +0000 [r6134] robert:
* Changed GraphicsWindowX11 so that it creates two Display*
connextions to the Xserver, one for the graphics thread, one for
the main thread that querries events
2007-02-09 13:36 +0000 [r6133] robert:
* Added #if #else #endif blocks to Viewer::realize() and run() for
the purposes of testing
2007-02-09 12:08 +0000 [r6132] robert:
* Removed debug message
2007-02-08 22:36 +0000 [r6131] robert:
* From André Garneau, "Attached is a fix for the hang occuring on
Win32 when the thread model is changed. The issue was caused by
the mutex in the ViewerDoubleBufferRenderingOperation being
released even though they were not owned. This was causing the
underlying critical section object lock count values becoming
negative; the next time the lock was acquired it would block
because of that."
2007-02-08 22:31 +0000 [r6130] robert:
* From Brian Keener, fixes for Cygwin filename handling
2007-02-08 20:30 +0000 [r6129] robert:
* From Charles Cole, "The program database filename was changed for
the osgviewer application such as to not conflict with the
program database file generated by the core osgViewer library.
This change allows for both the application and library to be
used in debugging mode within Visual Studio. This change has been
tested with Visual Studio 2005 (VS8)."
2007-02-08 20:27 +0000 [r6128] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-02-08 19:34 +0000 [r6127] robert:
* Further work on osgShadow::ShadowTechnique API
2007-02-08 17:23 +0000 [r6126] robert:
* Flesh out more of basic ShadowTechnique and ShadowedScene API.
2007-02-08 15:47 +0000 [r6125] robert:
* Fixed the FlattenStaticTransform visitor so that it excludes
subgraphs that contain PagedLOD nodes
2007-02-08 15:01 +0000 [r6123-6124] robert:
* Cleaned up readString
* Fixed return in readString.
2007-02-08 12:47 +0000 [r6122] robert:
* Added the threading model to stats
2007-02-08 12:24 +0000 [r6119-6121] robert:
* Added threading model option to command line parameters
* Added check in setThreadingModel so that it only sets up
threading if the viewer is realized
* Fixed setThreadModel method so that is doesn't try to set up
threading unless the viewer is realized
2007-02-08 12:14 +0000 [r6118] robert:
* Updated the handling of closing of windows
2007-02-08 11:30 +0000 [r6117] robert:
* Added better clean up of paramters on X display in
2007-02-08 11:26 +0000 [r6115-6116] robert:
* From Stefan Eilemann, addd more extensive XErrorHandler output
* Added setting of the DatabasePager's affinity.
2007-02-08 10:46 +0000 [r6114] robert:
* From Donn Mielcarek, "We generated some bad ive files in our
database. In some of the files, the function readInt() would
return a 0 size. While linux will happily continue on, creating 0
sized arrays, Windows immediately blows up, with sparks sometimes
flying out the side of the machine! I added a simple check for
zero size in each of the functions that allocates arrays based on
the size variable, and I thought I'd pass it along. Now the
program will not die if it encounters an ive file with bad data."
2007-02-07 21:56 +0000 [r6113] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-02-07 21:48 +0000 [r6112] robert:
* Changed the setting of need to traverse during the update
traverse so it is only enabled when animation is switched on.
2007-02-07 21:16 +0000 [r6110] robert:
* Disabled the toggling to ThreadModel
2007-02-07 16:32 +0000 [r6109] robert:
* Added new Transform::ReferenceType enum
ABSOLUTE_RF_INHERIT_VIEWPOINT to support internal RTT cameras
that wish to use the main cameras view/eye point for LOD and
other distance based tests.
2007-02-07 16:27 +0000 [r6108] robert:
* Set the DataVariance to DYNAIMC for the StateSet of with the
dynamically updating Uniform
2007-02-07 14:53 +0000 [r6107] robert:
* Fixed bug in AutoTransform::accept() that was related to the
accept() method checking the nodemask as it should.
2007-02-06 20:03 +0000 [r6106] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "thomas kirk schrieb: > I put this at the end
of realizeImplementation; someone with better knowledge > of
Carbon programming may see a more appropriate place for the call.
I moved your code into the ctor of the
OSXCarbonWindowingSystemInterface so it get called only once. Can
you test it again, if it works on your side? I also disabled
multithreaded-rendering because it slowed down the rendering on
my machine by a factor of 3. Perhaps we can make it optional to
test it on other machines. I had some problems implementing
pbuffer-support for os x and stopped it for now until I have more
time to investigate the issues. "
2007-02-06 17:34 +0000 [r6105] robert:
* From André Garneau, "Attached is an improved Win32 keyboard
handler that should now map key events similarly to the X11
implementation: * Key event handler now reports left or right
SHIFT, CTRL and ALT key variants on key press and release
2007-02-06 17:01 +0000 [r6103-6104] robert:
* From Stefan Eileman, fixes for OSX gmake build to allow AGL or
X11 implementation of osgViewer
* Updated wrappers
2007-02-06 16:23 +0000 [r6102] robert:
* Re-enabled processor affinity
2007-02-06 14:38 +0000 [r6101] robert:
* Added new Viewer threading model options
2007-02-06 14:20 +0000 [r6099-6100] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Clean up getDrawable() method
2007-02-06 13:44 +0000 [r6098] robert:
* Fixed Suse9.3 build problem due to different handling Quat copy
2007-02-06 11:03 +0000 [r6097] robert:
* Further work on support for ThreadPerCamera, and improved the
efficiency of SingleThraeded
2007-02-05 14:56 +0000 [r6095] robert:
* Tweak API and updated wrappers to get wrappers to build
2007-02-05 13:44 +0000 [r6094] robert:
* Added Camera's s/getCameraThread() and updated wrappers
2007-02-05 12:13 +0000 [r6093] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-02-05 11:48 +0000 [r6092] robert:
* From Gordon Tomlinson, "I have attached the 3 files we had to
change to fix a proble we were seeing with using Symbol Fonts //
GT: fix for symbol fonts (i.e. the Webdings font) as the wrong
character are being // returned, for symbol fonts in windows
(FT_ENCONDING_MS_SYMBOL in freetype) the correct // values are
from 0xF000 to 0xF0FF not from 0x000 to 0x00FF (0 to 255) as you
would expect. // becuase Microsoft uses a private field for its
symbol fonts ........ "
2007-02-05 11:14 +0000 [r6091] robert:
* From Brede Johansen, "I have made some changes to support light
sources in the new OpenFlight loader."
2007-02-05 10:48 +0000 [r6090] robert:
* From Brede Johansen, added OSG_EXPORT to DeleteHandler for
windows build
2007-02-05 10:44 +0000 [r6089] robert:
* From Paul Martz, "Here's my changes to Registry to allow
extension alias mapping via a config file. I also attached a
sample file that tests the parsing, but this is just FYI and not
for inclusion in CVS. To set up extension aliases using a config
file, an app calls:
passing in the file name as the parameter. (Of course this should
be done before loading any files whose names depend on the
mapping.) osgDB will search for the file using OSG_FILE_PATH. The
file should contain a line for each mapping, with the "map"
extension first, followed by a space or tab, then the plugin
identifier. For example, a file containing this line: flt
OpenFlight would map the ".flt" extension to the OpenFlight
2007-02-02 22:30 +0000 [r6088] robert:
* Convert GraphicsThread/GraphicsOperation to more generic
OperationsThread/Operation. This paves the way to running cull
traversals in seperate threads. Updated wrappers
2007-02-02 16:51 +0000 [r6087] robert:
* From Eric Sokolowski, added support for the new Text line spacing
parameter to the .osg and .ive formats.
2007-02-02 12:41 +0000 [r6086] robert:
* Added a concrete osg::DeleteHandler implementation which provides
support for retain objects for several frames before deleting
them. Also added RenderStageCache into CullVistor.cpp that is
used for handling RTT osg::Camera's that are being used in double
buffered SceneView usage.
2007-02-01 11:07 +0000 [r6084-6085] robert:
* Improved the toggling on/off of thrading modes
* Moved the init traversal from cull() to the draw() to prevent
graphics context calls being made during the cull traversal -
something that breaks the ThreadPerCamera model in osgViewer
2007-01-31 22:24 +0000 [r6083] robert:
* Further work on new threading model.
2007-01-31 11:12 +0000 [r6082] robert:
* Removed old #if #else #end block
2007-01-30 17:38 +0000 [r6081] robert:
* Refactored the ViewerRenderingOperation so that the timer querry
code is in a separate ViewerQuerySupport class
2007-01-30 17:12 +0000 [r6080] robert:
* Added display listing of ShadowVolume
2007-01-30 15:37 +0000 [r6079] robert:
* Added automatic aspect ratio adjustmeent to
View::setUpViewAcrossAllScreens() and setUpViewOnSingleScreen.
2007-01-30 14:47 +0000 [r6078] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-01-30 14:32 +0000 [r6077] robert:
* From Eric Sokolwsky, "osgText is a useful node kit, but when
longer paragraphs are displayed on the screen, it looks more
aesthetically pleasing to have a larger gap between lines than is
given by default. I added a new parameter, lineSpacing, in the
Text class to allow the line spacing to be adjustable by the
application. The default value is 0 meaning there is no extra
spacing given. The value should be given as a percentage of the
character height. A good value for longer paragraphs is 0.25
(25%) or more."
2007-01-30 14:18 +0000 [r6076] robert:
* From Bryan Thrall, "The osgDB::ReaderWriter and
osgDB::ReaderWriter::Options classes have copy constructors that
take a const osg::CopyOp rather than a osg::CopyOp&, forcing an
unnecessary copy. The attached header fixes this, based off OSG
1.2. Also fixed duplicate "or" openArchive()'s comment."
2007-01-30 13:48 +0000 [r6075] robert:
* Added support for compute average stats attributes in inverse
space to improve the quality of frame rate reporting.
2007-01-30 12:09 +0000 [r6074] robert:
* Disabled the alternating directions of drawing of state sorted
render leaves as it was interferring with anaglyphic stereo used
in the osgstereimage example.
2007-01-30 11:47 +0000 [r6073] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-01-30 11:40 +0000 [r6072] robert:
* Added Stats::collectStats(string,bool) controls,
getAveragedAttribute methods into osg::Stats class, and related
support into osgViewer::Viewer and osgViewer::StatsHandler. Added
lazy updating of text in StatsHandler HUD to minimize the impact
of slow text updating on observed frame rates.
2007-01-30 09:55 +0000 [r6071] robert:
* Added support for per frame alternating the direction that
SORT_BY_STATE bins are rendered. The alternation makes it more
likely that OpenGL objects will still be in video ram.
2007-01-29 22:59 +0000 [r6070] robert:
* Made _useMainThreadForRenderingalTraversal(false)
2007-01-29 22:44 +0000 [r6069] robert:
* Began work on providing support for threading camera cull
traversals in parallel with the previous frames draw traversal.
Changes range from osg::State, through osgUtil::RenderBin,
through to osgViewer
2007-01-28 17:32 +0000 [r6068] robert:
* Added very simple relaxing of traits by dividing required red,
green, blue, alpha and depth by 2.
2007-01-28 17:12 +0000 [r6066-6067] robert:
* Added use of Viewe Realize graphics operation.
* Added set/getRealizeOperation() to Viewer and CompositeViewer
2007-01-28 09:53 +0000 [r6065] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-01-28 09:30 +0000 [r6064] robert:
* From Vlad Danciu, fixed leaf depth sort functor
2007-01-28 09:17 +0000 [r6063] robert:
* From Mike Wittman, "This file removes the virtual destructor of
osgText::String. It seemed wrong that osgText::String should have
a vtable since it is treated like a value type, and any
subclasses containing additional data would effectively be
subject to slicing during standard usage. This stuck out as an
anomaly when classifying the OSG types for C# bindings."
2007-01-27 17:57 +0000 [r6062] robert:
* Added osg::PolygonMode to local StateSet to protect it from being
affected by stateset manipulator.
2007-01-27 17:52 +0000 [r6061] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-01-27 14:27 +0000 [r6059-6060] robert:
* Added access methods to PositionStateContainer
* Added light source.
2007-01-27 12:54 +0000 [r6057-6058] robert:
* Further work on shadow CullCallback
* Added _sorted flag into RenderBin to prevent a bin being sorted
twice in one frame
2007-01-27 11:13 +0000 [r6056] robert:
* Changed osgUtil::RenderBin and osg::State to allow nesting of
StateSet's associated with RenderBin's.
2007-01-26 21:22 +0000 [r6055] robert:
* Further work on building the rendering back end from the intial
traversal of the scene graph
2007-01-26 16:08 +0000 [r6054] robert:
* Added Program pointer to help with uniform apply.
2007-01-26 09:44 +0000 [r6053] robert:
* Added custom callback to capture RenderBins
2007-01-25 12:16 +0000 [r6052] robert:
* #ifdef'd out the artifical simulation time code
2007-01-25 12:02 +0000 [r6051] robert:
* Added osg::FrameStamp::set/getSimulationTime(). Added setting of
osg_SimulationTime and osg_DeltaSimulationTime to the uniforms
set by SceneView Added frame(double simulationTime) and
advance(double simulationTime) parameters to
osgViewer::SimpleViewer, Vewer and CompositeViewer. Updated
various examples and Nodes to use SimulationTime where
2007-01-25 10:02 +0000 [r6050] robert:
* From Gordon Tomlinson, fixes to
2007-01-24 12:59 +0000 [r6049] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-01-24 12:35 +0000 [r6048] robert:
* From Martin Spott, "To enable osgviewer to link on Solaris added
-lmtsk as SunOS/SunStudio implements some threading stuff in
2007-01-24 12:28 +0000 [r6047] robert:
* Added support for GUIEventAdapter::setHandled
2007-01-24 12:21 +0000 [r6046] robert:
* Added setHandled/getHandled to osgGA::GUIEventAdapter
2007-01-24 11:18 +0000 [r6045] robert:
* Added ability to generate various cube faces for testing and
switch handler to toggle between different models.
2007-01-24 10:02 +0000 [r6044] robert:
* From André Garneau, " * Setup proper pixel format for ATI boards
(removal of WGL_SWAP_METHOD_ARB specification from the requested
pixel format since unsupported by the ATI driver) * Fix to create
sample OpenGL window on the proper display device. This is the
temporary window used to choose the desired pixel format. In the
previous version, this window was always created on the primary
display device, even though it had potentially different pixel
formats compared to the target display device containing the
window to be created. * Implementation of
WindowingSystemInterface::setScreenResolution() method *
Implementation of
WindowingSystemInterface::setScreenRefreshRate() method *
Implementation of GraphicsWindow::requestWarpPointer() method *
Implementation of GraphicsWindow::useCursor() method and
associated trait support. This can be used in two ways; first,
when the graphics trait requested indicates that no cursor should
be present, a new cursor-less window class is used to create the
window. When a cursor-enabled window creation is requested,
another window class is used. After creation of a window, it is
also possible to toggle the cursor state by using the
GraphicsWindow::useCursor method. * The way the mouse behaves is
now compatible with the behaviour seen on X11; i.e. when pressing
a mouse button, the window where the pointer is located will
capture the mouse input and release it only after the button has
been released. This results in all mouse movement events being
dispatched to the window where the button was pressed initially
until it is released. This improves the interaction with graphics
windows. * Preparation work has been done to support the ability
of moving a window from one screen to another screen and
recreating its rendering context when this happens. This has been
tested with a mix of NVIDIA and ATI cards and works properly. For
the moment being, this feature is commented out due to changes in
the core OSG libraries that have been done but need to be
submitted later this week for approval by Robert. Upcoming
features * Support for moving windows from one screen to another
screen seamlessly * Ability to set the window (i.e. the
application itself creates the rendering window and passes it to
the GraphicsWindowWin32 class) * Other miscellaneous items"
2007-01-23 17:42 +0000 [r6043] robert:
* Added cube test model.
2007-01-23 17:29 +0000 [r6042] robert:
* changed build order so that osgText gets built before osgViewer
2007-01-23 16:32 +0000 [r6041] robert:
* Fixed tabbing
2007-01-23 16:28 +0000 [r6038-6040] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Commented out the default saving of models
* Added osg::StateSet* parameter to constructor to make it more
convinient to set up the StateSetManipulator and moved the
initialization of locally cached states into the handle method to
ensure a representative version of the StateSet is captured
2007-01-23 16:02 +0000 [r6037] robert:
2007-01-23 15:51 +0000 [r6036] robert:
* Added single screen option
2007-01-23 14:43 +0000 [r6035] robert:
* Added command line help
2007-01-23 14:10 +0000 [r6034] robert:
* Added delete selected object using delete and back space key, and
added save option
2007-01-23 13:54 +0000 [r6033] robert:
* Adde osgText dependency to osgViewer
2007-01-23 13:28 +0000 [r6032] robert:
* Made stats bars transparent and improved positioning
2007-01-23 13:16 +0000 [r6031] robert:
* Made two sided stencil the default
2007-01-23 12:10 +0000 [r6030] robert:
* Added stats and range of keyboard mouse handling to osgshadow
2007-01-23 11:56 +0000 [r6029] robert:
* Added ability to customize the keys used to control stats
2007-01-23 11:01 +0000 [r6028] robert:
* Moved StatsHandler into its own seperate header/source in
2007-01-23 10:38 +0000 [r6027] robert:
* Added ticks to stats display
2007-01-22 21:16 +0000 [r6026] robert:
* Further work on GPU stats
2007-01-22 17:39 +0000 [r6025] robert:
* Further work on stats
2007-01-22 13:13 +0000 [r6024] robert:
* Added camera stats
2007-01-22 11:22 +0000 [r6023] robert:
* Improvements to stats
2007-01-22 09:28 +0000 [r6022] robert:
* From Mathias Fröhlich, "Attached is a small change that makes the
txf loader render the same resulting text than an other well
known txf loader. That means drawing them one on top of the other
I can only see differences due to different mipmapping ... That
is it introduces an additional gap of 0.1*height between the
glyphs. There is an additional mapping between upper and
lowercase characters if one of them is not available in the txf
file. And we have an artificial blank character that is very
often missing in txf files."
2007-01-21 20:41 +0000 [r6021] robert:
* Further work on stats
2007-01-21 18:46 +0000 [r6020] robert:
* Added osgproducerviewer, in the form of orignal Producer based
osgviewer, leaving the new osgViewer based osgviewer focused on
just osgViewer functionality.
2007-01-21 18:34 +0000 [r6019] robert:
* Changed the camera with focus code to only accept cameras with
valid views as ones that can recieve focus.
2007-01-21 18:24 +0000 [r6018] robert:
* Initial on screen stats support
2007-01-21 11:18 +0000 [r6017] robert:
* Removed gl includes
2007-01-20 09:48 +0000 [r6016] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-01-20 09:44 +0000 [r6015] robert:
* Fixed the output of texture files
2007-01-20 09:03 +0000 [r6014] robert:
* Added OSG_EXPORT to Stats to fix Windows build
2007-01-19 20:25 +0000 [r6013] robert:
* Added stats for update, event and rendering traversals
2007-01-19 19:53 +0000 [r6012] robert:
* Added new osg::Stats class for collecting frame stats of
different sorts. Added s/getStats() to osg::View and osg::Camera.
Added population of View::getStats() with frame stats in
osgViewer/Viewer. Added Basic StatsHandler to osgviewer example.
2007-01-19 14:41 +0000 [r6011] robert:
* Added EXT_timer_query support
2007-01-18 22:32 +0000 [r6010] robert:
* Added osg::StencilTwoSided state attribute to wrap up the
stencil_two_sided extension. Added path in osgShadow work for
using StencilTwoSided to accelerate shadow volume rendering.
2007-01-18 17:00 +0000 [r6009] robert:
* Added support for stencil GL_INCR_WRAP and GL_DECR_WRAP
2007-01-18 09:56 +0000 [r6008] robert:
* From André Garneau, "Attached is a fix in the GraphicsWindowWin32
class to allow the following usage pattern to work properly;
create window, delete window, create window, etc. In all the
tests I made I was always creating-deleting and then shutting
down the application so this pattern was untested. The
osgtexture3d & osgsimulation examples were also using this
pattern so would not work. They are working fine now."
2007-01-18 09:03 +0000 [r6007] robert:
* Build fix for Win32
2007-01-17 21:11 +0000 [r6006] robert:
* Added extra methods WindowSystemInterface for controlling frame
rate and resolution, and adde useCursor flag.
2007-01-17 15:59 +0000 [r6005] robert:
* From Joakim Simonsson, added osgDB::concateFile and
osgDB::getRealPath. Tweaks by Robert Osfield - Moved methods to
FileNameUtils, added unix implementation of getRealPath add
extern and OSGDB_EXPORT to function declarations.
2007-01-17 14:40 +0000 [r6004] robert:
* From André Garneau, threading bug fixes - moving scoped statics
out of scope to be global statics
2007-01-17 14:21 +0000 [r6003] robert:
* From André Garneau, Implementation osg GraphicsWindowWin32
2007-01-16 22:10 +0000 [r6002] robert:
* Updaed wrappers
2007-01-16 22:00 +0000 [r6001] robert:
* Removed the automatic registration of
2007-01-16 21:40 +0000 [r6000] robert:
* Fixed compile warning
2007-01-16 19:18 +0000 [r5999] robert:
* Cleaned up CompositeViewer interface and added event traversal of
2007-01-16 17:10 +0000 [r5997-5998] robert:
* Added PickHandler to osgmultiplecameras examples
* Added debug messages
2007-01-16 16:02 +0000 [r5995-5996] robert:
* Reverted the FlightManipulator usage
* Further work on CompositeViewer
2007-01-16 15:05 +0000 [r5994] robert:
* Added mouseWarped call into View::requestWarpPointer
2007-01-16 14:15 +0000 [r5992-5993] robert:
* Further work on event handling in CompositeViewer
* Added extra view combinations too commandline
2007-01-16 08:56 +0000 [r5991] robert:
* Work on CompositeViewer and related calsses to implement viewers
with multiple views
2007-01-15 16:12 +0000 [r5990] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-01-15 16:09 +0000 [r5989] robert:
* Improved handling of intersection computations on datasets with
multiple cameras
2007-01-15 14:46 +0000 [r5988] robert:
* Added FramStamp into osgViewer::Viewer and added ability to
handle setSceneData during during the application running.
2007-01-15 11:44 +0000 [r5987] robert:
* Added terrain manipulator.
2007-01-15 10:11 +0000 [r5986] robert:
* From Brede Johansen, "The OpenFlight loader already have a
caching mechanism for externals. The cache works for nested
externals but is cleared before the master flight file is
returned. I implemented texture caching using the same
2007-01-15 09:56 +0000 [r5985] robert:
* From Paul Martz and Geoff Michel, Paul updated Geoff's bug fixes
to DelaunaryTraingulator.cpp to reflect recent tessellator
spelling changes
2007-01-15 09:30 +0000 [r5984] robert:
* Added setting of the update visitors' traversal number
2007-01-15 09:14 +0000 [r5983] robert:
* Reverted the experimental shader code
2007-01-14 20:23 +0000 [r5982] robert:
* Added releaseContext to end of GraphicsThread::run()
2007-01-12 22:07 +0000 [r5981] robert:
* From Riccardo Corsi, "this should be the final version of the
qt-plugin ported to windows and cleaned up to avoid crashes on
exit. Stephan and I tested it on Mac and Win. Just a couple of
notes: * the plugin is able to load both regular 2D images and
movie stream. There is a #define QT_HANDLE_IMAGES_ALSO mechanism
to indicate whether to use it for images or not. This is defined
by default on Mac only, to avoid conflicts with the standard
windows plugins. See comments on QTUtils.h * de-initialization of
quicktime before exit is now left to an observer, which calls
exitQuicktime() when last media loaded with the plugin is
released. This prevent a crash on exit without need of any extra
call external to the plugin."
2007-01-12 22:01 +0000 [r5980] robert:
* Added explicit to ParticleEffect constructors
2007-01-12 21:44 +0000 [r5979] robert:
* From Tom Jolley, "There was some unnecessary creation and
deletion of Particle objects in
include/osgParticle/ParticleSystem. I replaced
Particle(ptemplate? *ptemplate: _def_ptemp) with ptemplate?
*ptemplate: _def_ptemp in a couple of places. This should make
particle creation and reuse go a little faster without all that
memory allocation and copying."
2007-01-12 21:33 +0000 [r5978] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "New features: + Multi-display-support +
automatic hiding of the menubar/dock if one of the windows
intersects the menubar/dock Bugfixes: + event-handling was done
by the first opened window, other windows did not receive events
-- fixed + mouse-coordinates were absolute, now they are relative
to the window. known bugs: + windows with decoration and in
fullscreen-size are moved by the system a little bit, so that the
titlebar is accessible/visible. So if you want real
fullscreen-windows, don't decorate the window :) I updated the
XCode-project-file so all ported examples are linked against
2007-01-12 21:05 +0000 [r5977] robert:
* Added Viewer::setEndBarrierPosition method, change
Viewer::setKeySetsDone(int) to setKeyEventSetDone(int), added
support for toggling threading model and end barrier position
into osgviewer
2007-01-12 19:09 +0000 [r5976] robert:
* Moved the signalBeginFrame to the start of the rendering
2007-01-12 15:08 +0000 [r5975] robert:
* Added support for animation path manipulator to osgViewer path
2007-01-12 14:45 +0000 [r5974] robert:
* Add manually sync of the EventQueue's startTick with the
2007-01-12 12:10 +0000 [r5973] robert:
* Added a default StateSet to osg::View's master Camera. Wired up
osgViewer::Viewer so that the master Camera's StateSet is passed
to osgUtil::SceneView to use as its global StateSet.
2007-01-12 11:38 +0000 [r5972] robert:
* Added osgGA Trackball, Flight and Drive camera manipulators, and
StateSetManipulator to the osgViewer path in osgviewer
2007-01-12 10:28 +0000 [r5969-5971] robert:
* Implement a GraphicsOperation to test extension availability
* Fixed comment
* Added osgViewer path into osgviewer, old osgProducer version
remains accessible via --osgProducer command line option
2007-01-11 17:15 +0000 [r5968] robert:
* Ported osgmotionblurr across to osgViewer
2007-01-11 17:00 +0000 [r5966-5967] robert:
* Added setting of DisplaySettings
* Added stencil buffer setting
2007-01-11 15:54 +0000 [r5964-5965] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Added #include <iostream>
2007-01-11 15:48 +0000 [r5963] robert:
* Removed examples: osgcameragroup osgsimpleviewerProducer
2007-01-11 15:19 +0000 [r5962] robert:
* Ported following examples to osgViewer: osgteapot osgtessellate
osgtext osgtexture1D osgtexture2D osgtexture3D
osgtexturerectangle osgvertexprogram osgvolume osgwindows
osgsimple osgkeyboardmouse
2007-01-11 14:53 +0000 [r5961] robert:
* Fixed the setWindowSize so that it sets the input range to
0,0,width,height rather than x,y,x+width,y+height as mouse
coordinates move relative to the window, not the screens origin.
2007-01-11 12:06 +0000 [r5960] robert:
* Added DisplaySettings support into osgViewer::Viewer
2007-01-11 11:47 +0000 [r5959] robert:
* Ported follow examples to osgViewer: osgshape osgsimplifier
osgsimulation osgslice osgspacewarp osgspheresegment osgspotlight
2007-01-11 10:35 +0000 [r5958] robert:
* Added support for setThreadSafeRefUnref into TexGenNode
2007-01-11 10:21 +0000 [r5957] robert:
* Added setThreadSafeRefUnref, resizeGLObjectBuffers and
releaseGLObjects to OverlayNode
2007-01-10 21:05 +0000 [r5956] robert:
* Ported following examples to osgViewer: osgshaders
osgshaderterrain osgshadow osgshadowtexture
2007-01-10 14:56 +0000 [r5955] robert:
* Ported osgconv and osgdem across to osgViewer
2007-01-10 13:52 +0000 [r5954] robert:
* Ported following examples to osgViewer: osgparticleeffects
osgphotoalbum osgpick osgpoints osgpointsprite osgprecipitation
osgprerender osgprerendercubemap osgreflect osgscalarbar
osgscribe osgsequence osgplanets
2007-01-10 10:40 +0000 [r5953] robert:
* Added support for vertex ratios into LineSegmentIntersector.
2007-01-10 10:09 +0000 [r5952] robert:
* Added View::computeIntersection implementation for a node withing
a scene graph.
2007-01-09 17:35 +0000 [r5951] robert:
* Added View::computeIntersections methods
2007-01-09 14:35 +0000 [r5950] robert:
* From Jan Ciger, Tolga Abaci, Bruno Herbelin : OpenVRML 0.14.3
based .wrl/VRML plugin
2007-01-09 11:42 +0000 [r5949] robert:
* From Geoff Michel, "New delaunay triangulator attached. I hadn't
realised that the erase() method was not erase (first, last) but
erase (first, one after the last one you want deleted). This made
a big difference; however some of the edges of the terrain were
not included as edges in the terrain so I increased the size of
the supertriangle, which works but reduces accuracy due to the
larger range of coordinates in the supertriangle. (A larger
supertriangle forces the triangles using supertriangle vertices
to be long and thin, making the triangulation fit the convex hull
of the terrain.) The loss of accuracy should not affect 'normal'
users with terrains that are roughly square (say up to 100:1
aspect ratio) and where the Z range is comparable to the X-Y
range. Retested with Pauls data, amalric's strange polygon
constraint and the standard test constraints. I also added 2
tests for routines with a NULL argument passed to them (no-one
would usually pass a NULL pointer to these routines unless - as I
did in testing- you remove some of the constraints but still pass
their pointer to the routine). And I removed 3 tests for
triangles which are already removed when generating the geometry.
NB Paul - the previous delaunay triangulator fails under VS8 IF
it has any constraints as it attempts to use some vertices that
have already been deleted when applying the constraints to edges.
Under VS6 and less rigorous compilers it works as the deleted
vertices are still in the points stl::Vector; however any added
vertices would replace one of the supertriangle vertices with
non-disastrous but wrong results." Note, merged with latest name
changes in CVS.
2007-01-09 10:06 +0000 [r5948] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, GraphicsWindowCarbon implementation
2007-01-09 09:16 +0000 [r5946-5947] robert:
* Changed osgparticle's osgProducer dependency to osgViewer
* Fixed typo
2007-01-08 22:54 +0000 [r5945] robert:
* Build fixes
2007-01-08 22:44 +0000 [r5944] robert:
* Removed reference to Producer
2007-01-08 22:40 +0000 [r5943] robert:
* Removed debug messages
2007-01-08 21:57 +0000 [r5941-5942] robert:
* Fixed comment
* Added genwrapper.conf to OSG CVS
2007-01-08 21:29 +0000 [r5940] robert:
* From Paul Martz, speeling fixes for Tessellator/Tessellation.
2007-01-08 21:19 +0000 [r5939] robert:
* Tessellator name changes
2007-01-08 20:46 +0000 [r5938] robert:
* Improved resizeGLObjectBuffers support
2007-01-08 20:40 +0000 [r5937] robert:
* Improved the handling a releaseGLObjects() and add
setThreadSafeRefUnref and resizeGLObjectsBuffers methods
2007-01-08 19:58 +0000 [r5936] robert:
* Added releaseContextImplementation method
2007-01-08 19:33 +0000 [r5935] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-01-08 19:29 +0000 [r5934] robert:
* Changed the return types of makeCurrent to bool, and added a bool
GraphicsContext::releaseContext method along with implementations
in osgViewer.
2007-01-08 16:20 +0000 [r5933] robert:
* Added GraphicsContext::ResizedCallback and
GraphicsContext::resizedImplementation. Added message on non
implementation of GraphicsContext::valid(). Added prelimary
GraphicsContext clean up support.
2007-01-08 14:12 +0000 [r5932] robert:
* Added Tessellator
2007-01-08 13:28 +0000 [r5931] robert:
* Fixed spelling of Tessellator in comment
2007-01-08 12:04 +0000 [r5930] robert:
* From Mathias Fröhlich, txf plugin for reading .txf textured
texture files.
2007-01-08 11:37 +0000 [r5929] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-01-08 11:23 +0000 [r5928] robert:
* From Paul Martz and Robert Osfield, renamed
include/osgUtil/Tesselator and associated classes/references to
Tessellator etc.
2007-01-08 10:00 +0000 [r5927] robert:
* Ported following examples to osgViewer: osggeodemo osggeometry
osghud osgimpostor osgkeyboard osglauncher osglight osglightpoint
osglogicop osglogo osgmovie osgmultiplecameras osgmultitexture
osgoccluder osgparametric osgparticle
2007-01-07 20:52 +0000 [r5926] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, updated Xcode projects for changes to
examples ported over to osgViewer
2007-01-07 17:29 +0000 [r5925] robert:
* From André Garneau, added export to StatsVisitor
2007-01-07 10:00 +0000 [r5924] robert:
* Added setThreadSafeRefUnref to LightSource
2007-01-06 21:35 +0000 [r5923] robert:
* Ported osgcopy, osgcubemap, osgdelaunay, osgdepthpartion,
osgdistortion, osgfadetext, osgforest and osgfxbrowser to
2007-01-06 21:06 +0000 [r5922] robert:
* Added View::setUpViewOnSingleScreen(uint) method to help set up
view on a single full screen window
2007-01-05 21:23 +0000 [r5921] robert:
* Add trackball manipulator usage
2007-01-05 21:19 +0000 [r5920] robert:
* Ported osgcluster to osgViewer.
2007-01-05 20:28 +0000 [r5919] robert:
* Fixed genwrapper to add include of osg/Camera.
2007-01-05 17:21 +0000 [r5918] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-01-05 16:48 +0000 [r5916-5917] robert:
* Simplified the nameing of updateTraversal etc methods
* Cleaned up graphics window setup and added clear graphics window
to single window, multiple camera setup.
2007-01-05 16:24 +0000 [r5915] robert:
* Ported osgcegui across to osgViewer
2007-01-05 16:19 +0000 [r5914] robert:
* Ported osgcallback to osgViewer
2007-01-05 16:13 +0000 [r5913] robert:
* Ported osgbluemarble to osgViewer
2007-01-05 16:00 +0000 [r5912] robert:
* Ported osgblendequation across to osgViewer
2007-01-05 15:54 +0000 [r5910-5911] robert:
* Ported osgbillboard over to osgViewer
* Simplified the osganimate and osgautotransform mains, removing
most or all of the argument parser code.
2007-01-05 15:32 +0000 [r5908-5909] robert:
* Fixed aspect ratio.
* Cleaned up the GraphicsWindow setup
2007-01-05 15:24 +0000 [r5907] robert:
* Added GraphicsContext support for clearing the graphis context.
The clearing is off by default (ClearMask is 0), but can be
switched on when ClearMask is non zero. GraphicsContext::clear()
is called after each swap buffers
2007-01-05 14:57 +0000 [r5905-5906] robert:
* Replace osgProducer reference by osgViewer
* Moved osgautotransform across to osgViewer
2007-01-05 14:50 +0000 [r5903-5904] robert:
* Converted osganimate projects across to osgViewer
* Converted osganimate example to osgViewer
2007-01-05 13:16 +0000 [r5901-5902] robert:
* Added int return type of Viewer::run().
* Made the custom window set up a runtime option
2007-01-05 13:06 +0000 [r5900] robert:
* Tweaked comments
2007-01-05 13:01 +0000 [r5899] robert:
* Added a workaround for computing the time of an event.
2007-01-05 12:22 +0000 [r5898] robert:
* Removed commented out checkEvents calls
2007-01-05 10:59 +0000 [r5897] robert:
* Added Viewer::isRealized() and run() methods to make it easier to
set up and run a viewer, taking care of realized() calls if not
already done, and assigning trackball manipulator if not already
2007-01-05 09:55 +0000 [r5896] robert:
* Removed inappropriate comment about normal orientation.
2007-01-04 21:58 +0000 [r5895] robert:
* Changed compile paths into runtime selected paths using command
line parameters
2007-01-04 21:51 +0000 [r5893-5894] robert:
* Removed now redundent calls to set up view
* Moved the set of GraphicsContext RenderingOperations into Viewer.
2007-01-04 21:35 +0000 [r5892] robert:
* In Viewer::realize() added default fallback of calling
setUpViewAcrossAllScreens() when no windows have previously been
set up.
2007-01-04 21:28 +0000 [r5891] robert:
* Added Viewer::setKeySetsDone(int) to allow developers to specify
which key should set done and cause the main loop to exit.
2007-01-04 21:18 +0000 [r5889-5890] robert:
* Removed the setting of thread safe ref/unref and max number of
graphics contexts as this is now done automatically by
* Changed debug messages to INFO
2007-01-04 21:14 +0000 [r5888] robert:
* Changed the ReadWriteMutex to use standard OpenThreads::Mutex to
fix crashes in osgcatch.
2007-01-04 20:50 +0000 [r5886-5887] robert:
* Added mutex to lock of ReentrantMutex
* Fixed compile warning
2007-01-04 16:49 +0000 [r5884-5885] robert:
* Made Refernced::setThreadSafeReferenceCounting(bool) a virtual
then overrode this in various scene graph classes to ensure that
the scene graph gets updated as well as the objects that the
initialial call is made from.
* Fixed warnings
2007-01-04 14:34 +0000 [r5883] robert:
* Added glXDestryContext to help clean up OpenGL.
2007-01-04 14:11 +0000 [r5882] robert:
* Added Object::resizeGLObjectBuffers(uint) method to help improve
the ability to change the number of active graphics contexts on
the fly during an applications life.
2007-01-04 11:49 +0000 [r5881] robert:
* Added support for starting and stopping osgViewer::Viewer
threading and automatic handling of windows being closed.
2007-01-03 23:00 +0000 [r5880] robert:
* Added catch of window close
2007-01-03 19:11 +0000 [r5879] robert:
* From Paul Martz, added export to fix Windows build
2007-01-03 17:26 +0000 [r5877-5878] robert:
* Added setting of default backgroud colour of View's master colour
to be consistent with the previous default colour used by
* Removed setting of master camera colour
2007-01-03 16:32 +0000 [r5875] robert:
* Changed the View's master camera projection matrix setting so
that it is consistent with osgProducer::Viewer default setting.
2007-01-03 16:06 +0000 [r5874] robert:
* Improved the robustness of thread start and cancellation
2007-01-02 20:26 +0000 [r5873] robert:
* Fixed the COPY_OP( Array, DEEP_COPY_ARRAYS); entry.
2007-01-02 17:39 +0000 [r5872] robert:
* Added support for different threading models in osgViewer::Viewer
2007-01-02 13:02 +0000 [r5871] robert:
* Shifted the setting of thread safe ref/unref to earlier in the
main to ensure that the Viewer's view is set up thread safe.
2007-01-02 12:50 +0000 [r5870] robert:
* Added support for getting all windows and hiding the cursor
2007-01-02 12:19 +0000 [r5869] robert:
* Switched off lighting in osgcatch.
2007-01-02 12:03 +0000 [r5868] robert:
* Changed default multi-screen setup to set up for a flat wall
2007-01-02 10:31 +0000 [r5867] robert:
* Fixed version function names and comment strings
2007-01-02 10:11 +0000 [r5866] robert:
* Added missing init() implementation
2007-01-02 09:54 +0000 [r5865] robert:
* Fixed path to osgViewer wrapper
2007-01-01 20:01 +0000 [r5864] robert:
* Added mouseWarped update
2007-01-01 18:20 +0000 [r5863] robert:
* Various work on osgViewer library, including warp point and
graphics window resize support
2006-12-28 08:21 +0000 [r5862] robert:
* Removed GraphicsWindowProxy
2006-12-28 08:16 +0000 [r5861] robert:
* Removed osgViewer::GraphicsWindowProxy as its was causing wrapper
compile problems and also no longer has a key role in osgViewer.
2006-12-27 23:32 +0000 [r5860] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2006-12-27 23:19 +0000 [r5858-5859] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Tweaks from using a ReadWriteMutex& to a ReadWriteMutex*
parameter to avoid problems with osgIntrospection generation.
2006-12-27 20:23 +0000 [r5857] robert:
* Improved handling of window input ranges for single window apps
2006-12-27 16:44 +0000 [r5856] robert:
* Removed old hack to disable multi-threaded cameras when particle
systems are present, this is no longer required as osgParticle
has now been made thread safe.
2006-12-27 16:40 +0000 [r5855] robert:
* Added an osgDB::ReadWriteMutex to help manage the ability to have
serialize write to objects but allow multiple threads to read at
once in a read only way.
2006-12-27 15:15 +0000 [r5854] robert:
* Updated to reflect changes to osgGA::EventQueue.
2006-12-27 15:05 +0000 [r5852-5853] robert:
* Replaced the osgProducer dependencies by osgViewer for osgcatch
and osghangglide examples
* Added GraphicsWindowWin32 and GraphicsWindowCocoa classes,
curently not implmented, but added as a placeholder for members
of the community to step forward and implement.
2006-12-26 20:26 +0000 [r5851] robert:
* Ported osghangglider example to usg osgViewer
2006-12-26 17:38 +0000 [r5847-5850] robert:
* Various tweaks to keep in sync with new changes to osg::Timer and
* Added new adapter methods to EventQueue to allow the time value
of the event to be specified.
* Aded new convinience methods to osg::Timer - s/getStartTick and
time_s(), time_m() etc to help get time reletive the new start
* Ported osgcatch to use osgViewer
2006-12-24 16:40 +0000 [r5846] robert:
* Unified the osg::GraphicsThread::Operation and
osg::GraphicsContext::Operation classes as
osg::GraphicsOperation. Unpdated parts of OSG depending upon
these. Added a virtaul bool valid() method to
osg::GraphicsContext to allow apps to test whether a valid
graphis context has been created or not.
2006-12-22 21:53 +0000 [r5844-5845] robert:
* Added support for sample and sampleBuffers to
osg::GraphicsContext::Traits and cleaned up the Traits naming
* Added mutexes to ParticleProcessor and ParticleSystemUpdater to
improve the thread safety of osgParticle
2006-12-22 17:46 +0000 [r5843] robert:
* Implemented perliminary multi-threading support in
2006-12-22 16:49 +0000 [r5841-5842] robert:
* Replaced osgProducer dependency by osgViewer
* Removed now redundent OSG_EXPORT to solve build problems under
2006-12-22 08:42 +0000 [r5840] robert:
* Removed Vec3.cpp and UnitTestFramework.cpp as these files now
live in examples/osgunittests
2006-12-21 17:23 +0000 [r5839] robert:
* Added basic support for DatabasePager into osgViewer::Viewer
2006-12-21 16:56 +0000 [r5838] robert:
* Moved rendering support into GraphisContext,
osgViewer::Viewer/View, and added frame stamp updating and update
traversal to osgViewer::Scene/Viewer. Updated osgcamera example
to use new Viewer API calls instead of using local rendering
2006-12-21 12:24 +0000 [r5837] robert:
* Cleaned up the includes in the GraphicsWindowX11 header
2006-12-21 12:19 +0000 [r5836] robert:
* Moved the implementation of GraphicsWindowX11 from the head into
the src/osgViewer directory.
2006-12-21 11:20 +0000 [r5835] robert:
* Improved the handling of moving the mouse pointer across screens,
and add grab focus support that honours where the mouse pointer
was originally.
2006-12-21 09:01 +0000 [r5834] robert:
* Removed erroneous double GraphicsContext::
2006-12-21 08:54 +0000 [r5833] robert:
* Fixed path
2006-12-20 21:13 +0000 [r5832] robert:
* Further work osgViewer::Viewer and related classes.
2006-12-19 17:40 +0000 [r5831] robert:
* From Roger James, "Here is the version of daeWMaterials.cpp with
fixes for case insensitive path names on Windows. Nobody has
complained to me about them since I posted them on the users list
last week."
2006-12-19 17:30 +0000 [r5830] robert:
* From Mathias Fröhlich, "I have a small update to the 'non convex
polygon detection' in the ac3d loader that is used to tell if
tesselation is required or if we will better leave a polygon as
is. It is still not perfect but catches some more cases."
2006-12-19 17:16 +0000 [r5829] robert:
* From Paul Martz, "minor code comment cleaup/rewording"
2006-12-19 17:06 +0000 [r5828] robert:
* Moved UnitTestFramework from core osg lib into osgunittests
2006-12-19 16:47 +0000 [r5825-5827] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Added Copyright notice
* Added support for traversal mask into ElevationSlice,
HeightAboveTerrain and LineOfSight classes
2006-12-19 16:12 +0000 [r5824] robert:
* Added osgViewer::Viewer / osgViewer::GraphicsWindowsX11 usage.
2006-12-19 16:00 +0000 [r5823] robert:
* Added initial GraphicsWindowX11 implementation, and fleshed out
more of the osgViewer and osg::GraphicsContext/osg::View
2006-12-17 20:49 +0000 [r5822] robert:
* Added support WindowingSystemInterface for querring the number of
screens, the screen size and creating GraphicsContexts.
2006-12-15 17:27 +0000 [r5821] robert:
* Added ViewPoint support into
NodeVistor/CullStack/CullVisitor/LOD/PagedLOD etc to facilate
management of LOD settings for RTT cameras.
2006-12-14 21:15 +0000 [r5820] robert:
* From Brede Johansen, "New option "cloneExternalReferences" for
OpenFlight plugin"
2006-12-14 16:13 +0000 [r5819] robert:
* From Orhun Birsoy, "In SimpleViewer::frameUpdateTraversal
function, orthographicCamera calculation has some typos. It
should read bool orthographicCamera = (pm(0,3)==0.0) &&
(pm(1,3)==0.0) && (pm(2,3)==0.0) && (pm(3,3)== 1.0); "
2006-12-14 14:44 +0000 [r5818] robert:
* From Andy Skinnder, warning fix
2006-12-13 21:15 +0000 [r5817] robert:
* Removed debug output files
2006-12-13 17:39 +0000 [r5816] robert:
* Commented out debug messages
2006-12-13 16:41 +0000 [r5815] robert:
* Further improvements to handling of multiple z values
2006-12-12 21:48 +0000 [r5814] robert:
* Improvements to handling of multiple z value regions
2006-12-07 22:20 +0000 [r5813] robert:
* Improved the filtering of overlapping and vertical line segments
2006-12-07 15:48 +0000 [r5812] robert:
* Fixed copyright notice
2006-12-07 10:16 +0000 [r5811] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, "In order to effectively use --image-ext and
to add -O "plugin options", some fix to osgdem.cpp and
osgTerrain/DataSet.cpp These mods should allow to build terrains
controlling jpeg compressed imagery embedded in ive files, using
something like: osgdemd --image-ext jpeg --RGB_24 -O
"JPEG_QUALITY 20 compressImageData" ......."
2006-12-07 10:09 +0000 [r5810] robert:
* From Geoff Michel, "I was getting triangulations with the
previous delaunay triangulator, but it seems I may have been
picking up the wrong coordinates or an old version of my test
file (that version is OK when no coordinates lie outside the
'terrain' zone). This version is much stricter about memory
handling and insertion of extra points."
2006-12-06 21:39 +0000 [r5809] robert:
* From Gerrick Bivins, fixed newly introduced texture setup bug.
2006-12-06 21:29 +0000 [r5808] robert:
* Improved the handling of overlapping line segments.
2006-12-06 15:18 +0000 [r5807] robert:
* From Riccardo Corsi, add VS6.0 project file for new quicktime
windows port
2006-12-06 14:17 +0000 [r5806] robert:
* From Rick Pingry, "n my application I am walking through the
scene graph looking for nodes of a specific name. I noticed there
were times when some of the nodes were not named what I had
expected. Upon reviewing the code, I noticed this was happening
when there was a forward reference to a parented object. The
existing code uses a map with object ID's. The original code only
applied the name to a node for a new ID only if the node did not
already exist in the map. The problem was that there was another
part of the code (when a parent was forward declared) that also
created the node with the ID in the map, but it did not know its
name. I simply made sure that the name was set regardless of
whether or not the node was already in the map. "
2006-12-05 22:10 +0000 [r5805] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2006-12-05 20:30 +0000 [r5804] robert:
* Checked in remaining element from Brede Johansen changes for
clmapToEdge reader option.
2006-12-05 17:30 +0000 [r5803] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "minor bugfixes for the quicktime-plugin"
2006-12-05 17:27 +0000 [r5802] robert:
* From Gerrick Bivins, "Changes: --merged with fixes for texture
coordinates(is this in CVS/SVN already)? --changed above
mentioned fix output level from osg::NOTIFY to osg::DEBUG_INFO
--added support for VRML97 ImageTextures. --changed pointers to
ref_pointers where possible. --added format (method separated by
"//////") for easier reading."
2006-12-05 17:10 +0000 [r5801] robert:
* From Roger James,"I have had another go at the windows specific
file name handling in daeWMaterials.cpp. I think I have arrived
at a temporary compromise. I have decided to just normalise the
drive letter part of file names for the time being and also
ensure that names of the format x:/xxxxx are treated as absolute
paths. This will cover a lot of cases. I have raised a bug
against collada which hopefully should resolve some others.
However there are some pathological cases which I have commented
on in the code, these will probably never work properly unless
there is a significant rewrite of the daeURI functionality.
Hopefully they are rare."
2006-12-05 16:45 +0000 [r5800] robert:
* From Rein Kadijk, "While displaying a certain scene, OsgEdit
crashed in ProxyNode::traverse() in file
OSG_OP_OT-1.2\OpenSceneGraph\src\osg\proxynode.cpp. It turned out
that nv.getDatabaseRequestHandler() returned NULL; using this
pointer to call one of DatabaseRequestHandler's methods is of
course illegal. I patched it by adding: if
(nv.getDatabaseRequestHandler())" From Robert Osfield, reordered
the addition of the nv.getDatabaseRequestHandler() check to allow
the default traverse() to be called when no database handling is
attached to the visitor.
2006-12-05 16:29 +0000 [r5799] robert:
* From Stephan Huber and Riccardo Corsi, port of QuickTime plugin
to Windows
2006-12-05 15:41 +0000 [r5798] robert:
* Added use of typedef to help clean up the readability a little
and replaced a copy list with a reference.
2006-12-05 15:31 +0000 [r5797] robert:
* From Sylvain Marie, "changed raw pointers to smart pointers in
the dxfBlock, dxfTables and dxfSection classes, so their members
data are correctly deleted. - changed some methods signatures to
pass arguments by reference instead of by value. The performance
and memory usage are enhanced (the reader was clogging the heap
when reading some large DXF files) The updated files have been
compiled and tested with a variety of DXF files on XP with
VS2003, but the changes should not disturb any other compiler."
2006-12-05 14:58 +0000 [r5796] robert:
* From Chris McGlone, "PlygonZ copy constructor: added allocation
and copying of zarray"
2006-12-05 14:50 +0000 [r5795] robert:
* From Bryan Thrall, "Currently, the DatabasePager always loads
requested Nodes using the default Registry Options object, but it
would be useful to be able to request loading with a different
Options object. The attached files allow you to do that (based
off the OSG 1.2 source). For example, I'm implementing a loader
that requires context information when it pages in subgraphs,
which becomes significantly complicated when multiple scenegraphs
are requesting subgraph loads with different contexts (the loader
needs to know which context to use, and the Registry Options
needs to be carefully managed so the context settings don't
clobber each other, especially in multithreaded situations).
Being able to pass an Options instance along with the Node
request resolves this problem."
2006-12-05 14:28 +0000 [r5794] robert:
* From Brede Johansen, "added a new reader option to replace the
texture wrap mode CLAMP with CLAMP_TO_EDGE."
2006-12-05 13:06 +0000 [r5793] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2006-12-05 12:58 +0000 [r5792] robert:
* Added more accurate computation of local height above sea level
in the plane intersections routines
2006-12-04 17:31 +0000 [r5791] robert:
* Improved the calculation of distance around the globe within the
ElevationSlice routine.
2006-12-04 12:36 +0000 [r5790] robert:
* Added preliminary support for generating distance, height lists
for ElevationSlice.
2006-12-03 12:52 +0000 [r5789] robert:
* Cleaned up debugging info.
2006-12-03 11:44 +0000 [r5788] robert:
* Added copying of plane to surface intersections in the
osgUtil::PlaneIntersector class, and update wrappers.
2006-12-03 11:09 +0000 [r5787] robert:
* Added osgSim to osgintersection dependency list.
2006-12-01 15:19 +0000 [r5786] robert:
* Added support for placing a base in the scene to shadow against
2006-11-30 18:42 +0000 [r5785] robert:
* Fixed typo and updated wrappers
2006-11-30 18:33 +0000 [r5784] robert:
* Improved the edge normal computation
2006-11-30 16:55 +0000 [r5783] robert:
* Checked in new .plists'
2006-11-30 16:30 +0000 [r5782] robert:
* Basic shadow volume alogirthm implemented in example.
2006-11-30 12:05 +0000 [r5780-5781] robert:
* Added dynamic updating of light position and multi-pass addition
of ambient and diffuse lighting
* Fixed shadow volume geometry handling of direcitonal lights
2006-11-30 10:29 +0000 [r5779] robert:
* Added movement of the light source to test performance of update
the shadow volumes
2006-11-29 22:00 +0000 [r5778] robert:
* Added handling of loops
2006-11-29 21:43 +0000 [r5777] robert:
* Added plane to triangle intersections and segment combining, work
still not complete though.
2006-11-29 20:10 +0000 [r5776] robert:
* From Per Fahlberg, added support for writing 16-bit rgb images
2006-11-29 14:33 +0000 [r5775] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2006-11-29 14:21 +0000 [r5774] robert:
* Further work on PlaneIntersector
2006-11-29 11:00 +0000 [r5773] robert:
* Added dummy virtual method implementations
2006-11-29 10:51 +0000 [r5772] robert:
* Cleaned up inheritance
2006-11-29 09:18 +0000 [r5771] robert:
* Ran unix2dos to get rid of unix line ending
2006-11-28 20:45 +0000 [r5770] robert:
* Still required for backwards compatibility
2006-11-28 20:37 +0000 [r5768-5769] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Fixed build errors in osgViewer
2006-11-28 19:25 +0000 [r5767] robert:
* From Zach Deedler, added missing IntersectionVisitor
2006-11-28 16:50 +0000 [r5765-5766] robert:
* Removed redundent wrapper
* Updated wrappers
2006-11-28 16:30 +0000 [r5764] robert:
* Moved osgUtil::PolytopeIntersector, osgUtil::PlaneIntersector and
osgUtil::LineSegmentIntersector out from
include/osgUtil/IntersecionVisitor into their own seperate files.
2006-11-28 16:00 +0000 [r5763] robert:
* Added support for float or double osg::Plane, and the default
osg::Plane to double. Performance tests on big models did not
indicate any performance penalty in using doubles over floats, so
the move to doubles should mainly impact precision improvements
for whole earth databases. Also made improvements to
osgUtil::PlaneIntersector and osgSim::ElevationSlice classes
2006-11-28 11:10 +0000 [r5762] robert:
* Fixed fade text memory consumption bug which was due to new
RenderInfo being created local to RenderStage and passed on to
rendering code which populated the RenderInfo UserData, but
without the restoring the new UserData to the main RenderInfo.
The local RenderInfo UserData is now passed back to the main
2006-11-28 10:31 +0000 [r5761] robert:
* Removed the now redundent dateUtils.h file.
2006-11-28 09:14 +0000 [r5760] robert:
* Added missing Camera.h and removed redundent CameraNode.h
2006-11-27 20:25 +0000 [r5759] robert:
* Added beginnings of osgUtil::PlaneIntersector and
2006-11-27 16:25 +0000 [r5758] robert:
* Added QWidget style constructor parameters
2006-11-27 14:52 +0000 [r5757] robert:
* Renamed osg::CameraNode to osg::Camera, cleaned up osg::View.
Added beginnings of new
osgViewer::Scene,View,Viewer,CompositeViewer and
GraphicsWindowProxy files.
2006-11-27 11:25 +0000 [r5756] robert:
* From Mauricio Hofmam, added support for reading images from all
osg::CameraNode attachments in RenderStage.
2006-11-27 09:23 +0000 [r5755] robert:
* From André Garneau, "The file submitted includes a fix to
properly support DDS textures compressed under the DXT-1 format
when they contain alpha information. Under this mode, each 4x4
texel block can selectively use an alpha component or none. When
alpha-enabled blocks are present, this is not reported in the
DDPF_ALPHAPIXELS bit in the pixel format flags causing the
reader-writer to report the file as a 3-components file
(GL_COMPRESSED_RGB_S3TC_DXT1_EXT). The fix requires looking at
each 4x4 texel block to detect the presence of 1-bit alpha
encoding. When such a block is found, the internal & pixel
formats are reported as GL_COMPRESSED_RGBA_S3TC_DXT1_EXT instead.
for more information."
2006-11-26 22:27 +0000 [r5754] robert:
* Removed check from objectDeleted(void*) method as this was not
catching cases where the registered ptr was different from the
deleted ptr - something that can happen with multiple
2006-11-26 14:17 +0000 [r5753] robert:
* Missed check of changes to the RemoveRedundentNodesVisitor
2006-11-24 21:19 +0000 [r5752] robert:
* Added extra checks to RemoveRedendentVisitor to catch Groups that
may only have one child, but also have StateSet's etc and thefore
not suitable for removal.
2006-11-24 21:10 +0000 [r5751] robert:
* Added isIdentity() method
2006-11-24 17:20 +0000 [r5750] robert:
* Improved handling of bounding polytope
2006-11-24 11:37 +0000 [r5749] robert:
* Added support for positional lights into
computeShadowVolumeGeometry code and cleaned up OccluderGeometry
2006-11-23 21:32 +0000 [r5748] robert:
* Improved the ShadowVolumeGeometry orientations.
2006-11-23 17:29 +0000 [r5747] robert:
* Add compute of tight bounding box to enable better placement of
the base plane.
2006-11-23 16:55 +0000 [r5746] robert:
* First cut at generating the ShadowVolumeGeometry
2006-11-23 11:22 +0000 [r5745] robert:
* Added basic silhoette detection
2006-11-22 21:11 +0000 [r5743-5744] robert:
* From Roger James, "fixes mostly related to texture handling."
* From Paul Martz, add OSG_FILE_PATH to end of setting of
OSG_FILE_PATH to preserve any previous settings
2006-11-22 20:52 +0000 [r5742] robert:
* From Paul de Repentigny, "When calling osgdem with argument
"--image-ext", the application just returns after loading the
proper ReaderWriter for the given extension." Fix was to remove
the erroenous return.
2006-11-22 20:47 +0000 [r5741] robert:
* From Sylvan Marie, "I attached my revised dxfEntity.cpp file from
the DXF plugin with the 2 following improvements: - When all
unsupported entities (SOLIDS, TEXT, ...) have been filtered out
from a block, dxfInsert::drawScene() was crashing because it
assumed that the block was not empty. It now returns silently so
the other blocks can still be imported. - The DXF reader assumed
all vertices were read first, then the face indices. But, from
the DXF "documentation" ( : "Polyface meshes
created with the PFACE command are always generated with all the
vertex coordinate entities first, followed by the face definition
entities. The code within AutoCAD that processes polyface meshes
requires this ordering. Programs that generate polyface meshes in
DXF should generate all the vertices then all the faces. However,
programs that read polyface meshes from DXF should be tolerant of
odd vertex and face ordering." So now the importer ignores the
posted number of vertices and face indices, and uses the size of
the lists instead."
2006-11-22 20:39 +0000 [r5740] robert:
* From Farshid Lashkari, Added missing initialization of the
_scaleByTextureRectangleSize variable in two of its constructors.
2006-11-22 15:38 +0000 [r5739] robert:
* Added removeNullTriangles() method to help removed triangles with
coincedent corners.
2006-11-22 09:10 +0000 [r5738] robert:
* Added new HeightAboveTerrain.cpp LineOfSight.cpp wrapper files
2006-11-21 16:59 +0000 [r5736-5737] robert:
* Added compute and visualization of triangle and vertex normals
* Replaced the setTextureUnit(0) call in State::reset() with code
that just sets the member variables without requiring a graphics
2006-11-21 16:16 +0000 [r5734-5735] robert:
* Added removeDuplicates function
* Reordered methods to make associated functions clearer.
2006-11-21 14:42 +0000 [r5733] robert:
* Renamed osgviewer-Info.plist to osgviewerApplication-Info.plist
to prevent svn naming collision problems under Windows due t
osgviewer/osgViewer case insentive file name collisions.
2006-11-20 21:48 +0000 [r5732] robert:
* Added nested files
2006-11-20 12:25 +0000 [r5731] robert:
* Added -losgFX
2006-11-20 10:12 +0000 [r5730] robert:
* Added missing LGPL section to LICENSE.txt
2006-11-17 20:45 +0000 [r5729] robert:
* Rearranged the #ifdef's to prevent compile problems under NVidia
2.1 OGL drivers
2006-11-17 16:25 +0000 [r5727-5728] robert:
* From Eric Wing, updates to Xcode projects
* From Eric Wing, new ogsimpleviewCocoa example.
2006-11-17 14:51 +0000 [r5726] robert:
* Added missing PointSprite files
2006-11-16 17:35 +0000 [r5725] robert:
* From Farshid Lashkari, "Attached is a patch that adds the new
coordOriginMode to the .osg reader/writer for PointSprites."
2006-11-16 16:42 +0000 [r5724] robert:
* From Frashid Lashkari, added support for PointSprites to .ive
2006-11-16 16:25 +0000 [r5723] robert:
* From Michael Platings, Fixed Geometry cloning of the texture
coordinates and vertex attributes.
2006-11-15 20:29 +0000 [r5721] robert:
* Added alpha test setting
2006-11-15 20:24 +0000 [r5719-5720] robert:
* Fixed comment
* Updated wrappers
2006-11-15 11:21 +0000 [r5718] robert:
* From Eric Wing, add version check for use of automatic resizeing
2006-11-15 10:08 +0000 [r5717] robert:
* From Mathias Froehlich, replaced assert with notify() error
2006-11-14 19:29 +0000 [r5716] robert:
* Added note about license or file, and link to specs.
2006-11-14 19:19 +0000 [r5714-5715] robert:
* Removed redundent osgac3.h file.
* From Mathias Fröhlich, fixed order of setting of texture image.
2006-11-14 17:24 +0000 [r5713] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2006-11-14 16:59 +0000 [r5712] robert:
* From Eric Wing, add use of the autodetection of windowing size
support in SDL-version 1.2.10 and later. From Robert Osfield,
made the above an optional compile as it breaks apps based on
previous version of SDL.
2006-11-14 16:37 +0000 [r5711] robert:
* From Mathias Froehlich, "Improovments: - does proper edge
detection with the crease angle given in the ac file - the reader
is much more verbose in case of broken files - no more static
variables - std::stream based - much faster, up to a factor of 50
for a polygonal test model - if the file contains polygonal
surfaces the loaded geometry is still polygonal as long as the
polygons are convex. Concave polygons are still tesselated.
Rationale: If the user needs triangular models he can throw away
that extra information with the osgUtil::Optimizer himself. But
the read step preserves as much extra information that is
contained in the file as possible. Also the polygonal models look
a bit smoother than the triangular ones. - a huge cleanup - the
basic parsing logic from the original ac3d developer is untouched
- the writer part is untouched The tarball contains a replacement
for the src/osgPlugins/ac3d directory that is based on the
current CVS (2006-11-13). I have tested that loader with a
osgconv /tmp/xx.ive on everyfoo. ac file I could find
(~200 from flightgear and the object database). I also run my
flightgear development with that loader -> here I see the models.
I run valgrind testcases on some selected models."
2006-11-14 15:06 +0000 [r5710] robert:
* Added osgViewer depdendency to osgintersection, osgGLUT* examples
2006-11-14 12:55 +0000 [r5709] robert:
* From Jason Beverage, "I ran though the sample data that Gert
provided earlier today and tracked down the problem. The xoffset
in readHeightField and readImage were being applied even in
projected coordinate systems. This patch should fix the issue."
2006-11-14 12:51 +0000 [r5707-5708] robert:
* Further migration to using RenderInfo
* From Stephan Huber, Follows is required to prevent unidented
cloning of shared arrays : "I added some calls to
isOperationPermissibleForObject() so I can permit the
flattten-pass with my specialized objects in my own code."
2006-11-14 12:29 +0000 [r5706] robert:
* From Farshid Lashkari, "This patch adds a CoordOriginMode to the
osg::PointSprite attribute. The mode needs to be changed to
LOWER_LEFT when rendering point sprites to pbuffers or FBOs,
otherwise the points will be transformed on the CPU."
2006-11-14 12:16 +0000 [r5705] robert:
* Added support for handling osg::ShapeDrawable style drawables in
2006-11-14 09:54 +0000 [r5704] robert:
* Added check against null SceneData to prevent crash with empty
2006-11-11 21:30 +0000 [r5703] robert:
* Further work on OccluderGeometry
2006-11-10 15:25 +0000 [r5702] robert:
* From John Kelso, add support for default frame time for children
of a Sequence node
2006-11-10 15:07 +0000 [r5701] robert:
* Further work on osgShadow::GeometryOccluder
2006-11-08 11:49 +0000 [r5700] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2006-11-08 10:00 +0000 [r5699] robert:
* From Eric Wing, updates to Xcode project for new osgViewer
2006-11-08 09:50 +0000 [r5698] robert:
* From Eric Wing, change osgGA::SimpleViewer to osgViewer::Viewer.
From Robert Osfield, added -losgViewer & -losgGA to makefiles.
2006-11-07 17:00 +0000 [r5696-5697] robert:
* Added better handling of writeNode operations that arn't
* Fixed the writeNode function so it was properly return
FILE_NOT_HANDLED, fixing a big with it writing out an empty .flt
2006-11-07 14:26 +0000 [r5695] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2006-11-07 13:48 +0000 [r5694] robert:
* Ben van Basten, "1 Bug fix in reuseParticle where originally an
old particle that was already killed would be killed again, but
instead should have been placed on the dead stack for future
reuse. 2 Getter/setter for _maxNumberOfParticlesToSkip that is
used for filtering of particles during draw. This enables you to
turn the filtering of by setting this value to zero. 3 Getter for
retrieval of the first particle in the trail. This allows you to
directly manipulate the trail from your application by walking
from the start particle towards the end of the trail." Submitted
on Ben's behalf by Roland Smeenk.
2006-11-07 13:43 +0000 [r5693] robert:
* Added initial cut of osgShadow::OccluderGeometry
2006-11-07 13:26 +0000 [r5692] robert:
* Changed debug output from NOTICE to INFO
2006-11-07 13:00 +0000 [r5691] robert:
* From Tery Welsh, added support for inheriting all CameraNode
CullSettings and then restoring the original values.
2006-11-07 12:08 +0000 [r5690] robert:
* Removed debug comment.
2006-11-07 12:02 +0000 [r5689] robert:
* From Mathias Froehlich, workaround fix for problematic run length
encoded RGB files. Robert Osfield ammend workaround to support
multi-byte colour channels.
2006-11-06 13:22 +0000 [r5688] robert:
* Thanks to Björn Hein for spotting mistakes in EventQueue.cpp and
StateSetManipulator, now fixed by Robert Osfield. Problems were:
"StateSetManipulator.cpp (rev 1.12, l. 85): cyclePolygonMode() is
called but no aa.requestRedraw() afterwards. Is this intended?
EventQueue.cpp (rev 1.8): in keyRelease & keyPressed KEY_Alt_R
was mapped to MODKEY_LEFT_ALT"
2006-11-03 14:07 +0000 [r5687] robert:
* Added osgViewer library to build list
2006-11-02 18:58 +0000 [r5686] robert:
* Added IntersectionVisitor to wrappers
2006-11-02 17:07 +0000 [r5684-5685] robert:
* Added IntersectionVisitor to osgUtil project
* Added convinience constructors to help support picking with the
new osgUtil::Intersector classes.
2006-11-02 15:50 +0000 [r5683] robert:
* Added basic PolytopeIntersector functionality based on checking
vertices against polytopes.
2006-11-02 15:40 +0000 [r5682] robert:
* Renamed osgviewer.dsp to osgviewerapplication.dsp and fixed
directory name of osgsimpleviewerProducer
2006-11-02 15:22 +0000 [r5681] robert:
* Fixed bug in Polytope::contains(const std::vector<Vec3>&
vertices) which resulted in false positives.
2006-11-02 12:32 +0000 [r5680] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2006-11-02 12:27 +0000 [r5679] robert:
* Moved SimpleViewer and GraphicsWindow into their own osgViewer
library, updated simpleviewer examples to reflect this change
2006-11-02 12:17 +0000 [r5678] robert:
* Added prelimnary work on PolytopeIntersector.
2006-11-01 17:18 +0000 [r5677] robert:
* Improved handling of projected coords in new intersection classes
2006-11-01 14:41 +0000 [r5676] robert:
* Added support for osgUtil::Intersectors being in WINDOW,
2006-10-31 12:59 +0000 [r5675] robert:
* Implemented HeightAboveTerrain and added usage into
2006-10-31 08:41 +0000 [r5674] robert:
* Added LineOfSight and HeightAboveTerrain classes
2006-10-30 20:29 +0000 [r5673] robert:
* Added osgSim::LineOfSight and osgSim::HeightAboveTerrain classes
2006-10-30 12:39 +0000 [r5672] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2006-10-30 12:28 +0000 [r5671] robert:
* From Per Fahlberg, "Attached is a fix to get the proper normals
on an md2 model, actually the way it was before would sometimes
lead to a crash since it was attaching the wrong array to the
2006-10-30 12:23 +0000 [r5670] robert:
* From Vladimir Shabanov, "The DDS plugin didn't correctly read
mipmapped A8L8 textures. I've attached a small fix for this.
Cause: uncompressed mipmap handling was done only for RGB pixel
format. Fix: added condition for handling alpha and luminance
formats too."
2006-10-30 12:19 +0000 [r5669] robert:
* From Michael Henheffer, "There's a problem with OverlayNodes
where the texture will not display if continuous updating is set
to false. The problem was being caused by the camera update call
never being made if continuous updating was not set to true. This
fix adds a flag that is set when dirtyOverlayTexture() is called
and checked in the update visitor section of the traversal to
determine if the camera should be updated. I tested the fix by
making some changes to the osgAnimate example program so it has
continuous updating off and calls dirtyOverlayTexture for each
frame. The overlay texture now displays properly."
2006-10-30 12:14 +0000 [r5668] robert:
* From Edgar Ellis, " method may not take the node into
consideration when computing its bound. In this case of:
switch->insertChild(0, child, false); switch->insertChild(1,
child, true); child will not be used in computeBound, but will be
drawn. Solution: Changed compute bound to loop over children
using an index instead of an iterator. This behaviour matches
that of the traverse method."
2006-10-30 12:05 +0000 [r5667] robert:
* From Michael Henheffer, "Bug: The reader would crash when trying
to load a .tif image that contained an 8-bit color map. The crash
occured at line 545: remap_row(currPtr, inbuf, w, red, green,
blue); Cause: The code was trying to write past the end of the
buffer while doing this remapping. The size of the buffer is
determined based on the value of 'format', which was 1 in this
case since bitspersample is 8(indicating a 8-bit color map). The
buffer should have been created 3 times as large since that 8-bit
value is indexing a 24-bit color. Fix: I've put in an if
statement to set format to 3 if 'photometric' indicates the tif
contains a palette as the output data will always be 24-bit color
data in this case."
2006-10-30 11:55 +0000 [r5666] robert:
* From Mathieu Marache, fixed osgsimpleviewerQt4 so that it uses
the correction options
2006-10-30 11:00 +0000 [r5665] robert:
* Added handling of geometry indices offset when merging geometries
with indices
2006-10-27 15:11 +0000 [r5664] robert:
* Added osgUtil::IntersectorGroup to handle groups of
2006-10-26 16:52 +0000 [r5663] robert:
* From Andrew Lorino and Robert Osfield, Improvements to the
handling of texture paths
2006-10-26 16:03 +0000 [r5661-5662] robert:
* Added beginings of new osgUtil::IntersectionVisitor and
osgintersection class
* Updatd wrappers
2006-10-24 16:24 +0000 [r5660] robert:
* Tweaked doxygen docs.
2006-10-24 09:45 +0000 [r5659] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2006-10-24 09:06 +0000 [r5658] robert:
* Added FadeText::setFadeSpeed and made internal data structures
2006-10-23 15:29 +0000 [r5657] robert:
* Changed the dependency list to use -losg -losgDB instead of
2006-10-21 21:06 +0000 [r5656] robert:
* Fixed OSX x86 endian issue in Quicktime movie plugin.
2006-10-17 15:17 +0000 [r5655] robert:
* From David Callu: " the main problem is the wrapper generation:
The PropertyInfo class use MethodInfo class to access to the
value. When the property are define with the I_Property* macro,
the MethodInfo use by the property to have access to the value
are instancied in the I_Property* macro, but there are already
instantied by the I_Method* macro before secondary problem: - the
function used by the property could no be customized in the
genwrapper.conf file - an array property can't insert a value -
the std::map reflector (and indexedProperty in general) haven't
remove method - about the help in wrapper ... why not ...
solution : To use the function define by the I_Method, I add a
MethodInfo variable in the I_Method0 macro old macro : #define
I_Method0(ret, fn) (\ params.clear(),\ addMethod(new
osgIntrospection::TypedMethodIn fo0<reflected_type, ret
>(qualifyName(#fn), &reflected_type::fn, params))) new macro :
#define I_Method0(ret, fn, signature, briefHelp, detailedHelp) \
params.clear(); \ osgIntrospection::MethodInfo* signature =
addMethod(new osgIntrospection::TypedMethodInfo0<reflected_type,
ret >(qualifyName(#fn), &reflected_type::fn, params, briefHelp,
detailedHelp)); sink(signature) the osgIntrospection::MethodInfo*
signature is used by the I_Property macro to define the
MethodInfo that it use so for I_Property macro : old macro :
#define I_PropertyWithReturnType(t, n, r) \ cap=addProperty(new
osgIntrospection::Reflection::getType(typeid(t)), #n, \
I_Method0(t, get##n), \ I_Method1(r, set##n, IN, t, value))) new
macro: #define I_SimpleProperty(t, n, get, set) \ get, \ set))
The genwrapper has been modified in this way. The method
signature is define by the prototype of the method For example,
the "const char* libraryName();" have "__C5_char_P1__libraryName"
for signature solution for secondary problem: The genwrapper
accept new tokens in the configuration to custumize the property.
The new PropertyInserter and the CustomPropertyInsertAttribute
class has been defined The PropertyRemover has been added to the
StdMapReflector The _briefHelp and _detailedHelp variable has
been added in PropertyInfo, MethodInfo and ContructorInfo class
modification: I have modify the genwrapper files
Configuration.cpp Configuration.h add some tokens to custumize
the property Doxyfile.template add the comment in the output xml
genwrapper.conf customize some property in osg::Geometry
RegistryBuilder.h RegistryBuilder.cpp add the process_help
function (to extract help from xml) TypeRegister.cpp
TypeRegister.h op