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2007-10-01 09:41 +0000 [r7522] robert:
* Changed requestWarpPointer to use _eventDislay to avoid crash in
osghanglide example due to async usage.
2007-10-01 08:50 +0000 [r7521] robert:
* Removed log2 and replaced the places where is was used with a new
Image::computeNumberOfMipmapLevels method.
2007-09-30 20:16 +0000 [r7520] shuber:
* updated XCode-projects
2007-09-30 19:56 +0000 [r7519] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-09-30 19:53 +0000 [r7518] robert:
* From Paul Martz, "here's the osgDB::Registry changes to add
Options to the read*File() interface. As we discussed, this
preserves the old interface for backwards compatibility. osgconv
also changed to use the new Registry::writeNode() interface. No
other applications or examples were affected."
2007-09-30 19:39 +0000 [r7517] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-09-30 19:27 +0000 [r7516] robert:
* Added support for CompositeViewer to WindowSizeHandler,
ThreadingHandler, RecordCameraPathManipulator and HelpHandler.
2007-09-30 19:15 +0000 [r7515] robert:
* Changed HelpHandler so it supports use with CompositeViewer and
2007-09-30 18:43 +0000 [r7513-7514] robert:
* Added hdwriter to CMake build
* From David Spilling, "Please find attached an extension of the
Radiance HDR (RGBE) image reader to support writing. The options
are intended to match the existing read options. By default it
will only write RGB32F format; if the "RAW" option is selected,
it will output 8 bit RGBA as "raw" RGBE. Note also that the
writer inserts a flipVertical(); although the RGBE format,
according to spec, should support top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top
ordering, no software I've found, including that from the formats
originator, actually respects this."
2007-09-30 18:33 +0000 [r7512] robert:
* From Jan Peciva, "I am submitting improved Inventor (iv) writer.
List of changes: - added support for Billboards and LOD -
improved Material handling "
2007-09-30 16:24 +0000 [r7511] shuber:
* updated xcode-projects
2007-09-30 15:24 +0000 [r7510] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-09-30 15:07 +0000 [r7508-7509] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* From Dan Minor, "osgText::Text does not currently have a
getAxisAlignment method. The attached code adds this, along with
a member variable to keep track of the setting. It is based on
the latest subversion version, and was tested by creating a new
text object with the same axis alignment as an existing one (e.g.
new_text->setAxisAlignment(old_text->getAxisAlignment()); )."
From Robert Osfield, " I originally didn't add a
getAxisAlignment() as all setAxisAlignment does is set the
Rotation member variable, and potentially one could apply user
defined Rotation setting after the setAxisAlignment() which would
bring it out of sync with the setAxisAlignment. Rather than
reject your submission on the ground of potentially getting out
of sync and therefore misleading users I've added a
USED_DEFINED_ROTATION to AxisAlignment enum, and set this in the
serRotation and then override this setting of _axisAlignment in
the setAxisAlingment method. I've also removed the lazy updating
optimization you've added to the top of setAxisAlignment to avoid
potential problems as well."
2007-09-30 11:37 +0000 [r7507] robert:
* Moved ViewerBase class out into its own header and source file.
Improved the support for stats collection in
2007-09-29 16:46 +0000 [r7506] robert:
* Refactor Viewer/CompositeViewer so the both inherit from the a
ViewerBase class
2007-09-29 11:41 +0000 [r7505] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, add basic support for CompositeViewer in
2007-09-29 11:12 +0000 [r7504] robert:
* From Mattias Linde, "Nice, this almost gets the job done, one way
communication into the plugin is possible. I've done some
additional small modification regarding constness in ReaderWriter
and added mutable on _pluginData so passing data back would be
possible too. Have updated the collada plugin
(ReaderWriterDAE.cpp) to use the map to handle options and have
attached the changes. The stuff in daeReader.h and daeWriter.h
are just cosmetic changes to get rid of a warning."
2007-09-28 13:42 +0000 [r7503] robert:
* Fixed SphericalDisplay set up codes to properly manage display
2007-09-28 13:38 +0000 [r7501-7502] robert:
* From Mathias Froehlich, "I had a chance to look into the remote
display problems. The screen resolution was queried for the wrong
* From Mattias Linde, "I've attached a modified ReaderWriter header
which has some additions to osgDB::ReaderWriter::Options to
handle PluginData."
2007-09-28 08:53 +0000 [r7499-7500] robert:
* Andre Garneau, three fixes in one submissions: "This is a fix for
the issue reported by Anders a week ago (see \u201c[osg-users]
BUG?: mouse coordinate changes after window move\u201d discussion
thread on Sept. 20). The issue was that the initial
implementation added a few months back was not converting the
window coordinates to client-area coordinates resulting in a
slight offset each time a decorated window was moved (caused by
the window border). This was also causing windows to move out of
their assigned screen." and "Attached is a fix for the taskbar
repaint issue that occurs when a graphics window is toggled from
full-screen mode to windowed mode (as identified by Gert van
Maren a couple of weeks ago). Also included is a fix derived from
the \u201cEvents from the past\u201d discussion thread that took
place on July 11."
* Added record path manipulator
2007-09-27 13:49 +0000 [r7498] robert:
* Changed across to using a GraphicsOperation as the base class for
the RealizeOperation.
2007-09-27 12:47 +0000 [r7497] robert:
* From Adrian Egli, "update the PSSM, i did some bug fixes and
added new features to move the camera virtual against the view
direction by applaying a simple distance factor (a), which is
calculated camera eye - camera center distance. and we can move
the "light camera" against the light direction (b). (a) some
objects behind the camera can cast shadow (b) object aboive the
camera can cast shadow then i fixed the shadow map orientation,
now screen x coordinate alinged which improve the quality"
2007-09-27 12:15 +0000 [r7496] robert:
* From Mathias Froehlich, compile fix for HP-UX without large file
2007-09-27 10:47 +0000 [r7495] robert:
* From Mathias Froehlich, "Some more file that needs some
adjustment because of missing member templates in suns stl."
2007-09-27 10:42 +0000 [r7494] robert:
* Changed copy constrcutor to a default constrcutor and std::copy
to avoid problems with dodge Sun compiler.
2007-09-27 10:22 +0000 [r7492] robert:
* Added support for selecting internal texture format via the
internalFormat <numbits> entry in the .osg file
2007-09-26 16:17 +0000 [r7491] shuber:
* updated XCode project-files
2007-09-26 14:44 +0000 [r7490] robert:
* From Jean-Sebastien Guay, "Attached you will find an expanded
FindOpenVRML.cmake file, as well as a fixed CMakeLists.txt file
for the VRML plugin ."
2007-09-26 14:31 +0000 [r7489] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-09-26 14:02 +0000 [r7488] robert:
* Added IntensityMap reading in .view files
2007-09-26 11:32 +0000 [r7486] robert:
* Tweaked the wrapping of osgViewer::Scene to fix build problems
2007-09-26 10:58 +0000 [r7485] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "attached you'll find a first implementation
for the obj-plugin to write obj-files. It is not feature complete
but usable. Known issues: * not all materials are handled
correctly (especially when using osg::StateAttribute::OVERRIDE),
not all properties are supported * could not test point and
lines, all of my programs which are capable to read obj-files
only import triangle-meshes. * only simple texture-handling"
2007-09-26 10:46 +0000 [r7484] robert:
* Added suprression of the reflection of osgViewer::Scene to avoid
build issues associated with the class.
2007-09-26 09:59 +0000 [r7483] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-09-26 09:50 +0000 [r7482] robert:
* From David Callu, adding support for GraphicsWindowX11 window
inhertance and setWindowName() method.
2007-09-25 19:14 +0000 [r7481] robert:
* Added support for intensityMap and fix naming of --panoramic-sd
and --3d-sd command line arguments
2007-09-25 17:02 +0000 [r7479-7480] robert:
* Added --flip argument docs.
* Added --flip option to allow one to flip the source data about
the x axis.
2007-09-25 15:01 +0000 [r7477] robert:
* Removed all dome distortion correction code as this is now part
of the core osgViewer. Added viewer mode where movies are made
fullscreen. One can use the old interactive camera mode by using
--interactive parameter on the command line.
2007-09-25 13:51 +0000 [r7475] robert:
* Preliminary PanoramicSphericalScreen support
2007-09-25 12:34 +0000 [r7473] robert:
* Added --major/minor/path-number support
2007-09-25 11:26 +0000 [r7472] robert:
* Fixed version number
2007-09-25 10:18 +0000 [r7471] robert:
* Added thread unit test to test the create, start and destruction
of threads
2007-09-24 16:34 +0000 [r7466] robert:
* Updated Version and AUTHORS for 2.1.12 dev release
2007-09-24 16:30 +0000 [r7464-7465] robert:
* Renamed packaging directory to pkgconfig
* Updated ChangeLog for release
2007-09-24 16:25 +0000 [r7463] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-09-24 15:24 +0000 [r7462] robert:
* From Adrian Egli, further work on PSSM implementation.
2007-09-24 10:36 +0000 [r7460] robert:
* From Alberto Luaces, fixed typo of valid() in warning message
2007-09-24 10:31 +0000 [r7459] robert:
* Changed iterator name to avoid warning
2007-09-24 09:39 +0000 [r7458] robert:
* From Mirko Viviani, "attacched you'll find the updated xcode
project for OpenSceneGraph 2.1.11. The one supplied in the
archive does not build due to some missing file references."
2007-09-24 09:35 +0000 [r7457] robert:
* From Jose Delport: "have been using the new
I change the overlay subgraph dynamically and when I remove all
the subgraph nodes that is inside the current main camera FOV
(others outside still exist), the overlay texture does not update
because of the early return in the traversal. I then get a kind
of ghost texture moving around the terrain. The attached file
fixed the problem for me, but I'm not sure if it is the best way
to address the problem."
2007-09-24 09:26 +0000 [r7456] robert:
* From Art Tevs, "Following two lines has to be included into the
Image.cpp in the computeNumComponents(...) method:
case(GL_RGBA16F_ARB): return 4; case(GL_RGBA32F_ARB): return 4;"
2007-09-24 09:05 +0000 [r7455] robert:
* Made ReaderWriter and ReaderWriter::Options use thread safe ref
2007-09-22 17:39 +0000 [r7454] robert:
* Improved the handling of OSG_CONFIG_FILE support.
2007-09-22 16:50 +0000 [r7453] robert:
* From David Callu, added getOrCreateScene method, made contractors
protected. From Robert Osfield, made getOrCreateScene protected
and made View a friend of Scene to all it to construct Scene
objects itself.
2007-09-22 16:46 +0000 [r7452] robert:
* From Adrian Egli, update to ParallelSplitShadowMap.
2007-09-22 13:06 +0000 [r7451] robert:
* Added EXPORT
2007-09-21 19:43 +0000 [r7450] robert:
* From David Callu, added findSlaveIndexForCamera method
2007-09-21 19:04 +0000 [r7449] robert:
* Added return
2007-09-21 15:34 +0000 [r7448] robert:
* Added support for basic viewer configuration files
2007-09-21 13:30 +0000 [r7447] robert:
* Further steps towards reading coniguration files.
2007-09-21 09:02 +0000 [r7446] robert:
* From Luc Frauciel, "A few improvements to osgstereoimage: - When
using a large numbrer of files, the command line was too long;
Added a -files option that allow to store filenames in a file
(one file per line) - Added some more intuitive key bindings for
controls (left, right, + , -) - Set the texture wrapping to
CLAMP_TO_EDGE (it's cleaner now) "
2007-09-20 10:14 +0000 [r7444-7445] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* From Anders Backman, added bias and texture size methods. From
Robert Osfield, tweaks to the above for method parameters and
2007-09-19 16:53 +0000 [r7443] robert:
* Added supoort for OSG_WRITE_OUT_DEFAULT_VALUES env var
2007-09-19 15:29 +0000 [r7442] robert:
* Added support for bool in ArgumentParser::Parameter. Added
support for using Input::read(...) methods using
ArgumentParser::Paramter to adapter to multiple paramter types.
2007-09-19 11:56 +0000 [r7441] robert:
* From Adrian Egli, ParallelSplitShadowMap implmentation. Changes
by Robert Osfield - CMakeLists.txt and name change to
2007-09-19 10:14 +0000 [r7440] robert:
* Changed the simplifier so that it produces deterministic results,
no longer using memory pointers for sorting.
2007-09-19 09:00 +0000 [r7439] robert:
* Removed check for shaders/overlay_perspective_main.vert
2007-09-18 16:00 +0000 [r7438] robert:
* Commented out herror() as its not called anywhere in the code.
2007-09-17 09:33 +0000 [r7436] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog, AUTHORS and README for 2.1.11 release
2007-09-17 09:26 +0000 [r7435] robert:
* Updated version numbers for 2.1.11 dev release
2007-09-16 17:48 +0000 [r7431-7434] robert:
* Fixed Locator::setTransform method so it takes a const Matrixd&,
and improved the setting of Locator in the gdal plugin.
* Setting for new option for hinting whether to write out default
* Added option for controlling whether output code should write out
default values
* Fixed warning
2007-09-16 07:55 +0000 [r7429] robert:
* From Loic Dachary, pkg_config files
2007-09-15 17:40 +0000 [r7428] robert:
* Introduced the use of a ReentrantMutex to avoid problems with
2007-09-15 17:36 +0000 [r7427] robert:
* From David Spilling, "Given no replies to my recent "does anybody
use the DDS writer" query, I was emboldened to submit this very
small patch. The bitmasks for RGBA and RGB have been modified in
the writer portion of the code (line 765 onwards). This is now
consistent with what the DDS plugin reads. In terms of testing,
note that many 3rd party applications erroneously ignore the
bitmasks in the file, and assume a BGRA order."
2007-09-14 11:26 +0000 [r7426] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-09-14 11:06 +0000 [r7425] robert:
* From Andy Skinner, added support for ot-soversion-OpenThreads.dll
dll naming under Windows
2007-09-14 11:02 +0000 [r7421-7423] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Added TemplateRegisterDotOsgWrapperProxy.
* Ran conversion of tabs to four spaces
2007-09-14 10:44 +0000 [r7420] robert:
* Introduce
methods to help make it easier to get event handles to ingore
events that have already been handled.
2007-09-14 10:26 +0000 [r7419] robert:
* From Ole-Morten Duesund, added IgnoreUsedEventsMask.
2007-09-14 10:00 +0000 [r7418] robert:
* Added _hudText->setDataVariance(osg::Object::DYNAMIC); to prevent
from the text being updated at the same time as being rendered.
2007-09-13 11:00 +0000 [r7416] robert:
* Fix for build error during aggressive warning build
2007-09-13 10:42 +0000 [r7415] robert:
* Fixed warning in wrappers
2007-09-13 10:38 +0000 [r7414] robert:
* Fixed warnigns
2007-09-13 10:33 +0000 [r7412-7413] robert:
* Updated wrappers and READEME
* From Paul Martsz, changed the Texture clamping mode to
2007-09-13 10:21 +0000 [r7410-7411] robert:
* From Blake Williams, warning fixes
* Add static_cast to fix warning.
2007-09-13 10:16 +0000 [r7408-7409] robert:
* Removed unncessary typedefs
* Fixed warnings of casting void* by refactoring the type and
extensiosn setup.
2007-09-13 10:10 +0000 [r7407] robert:
* Fixed uint/int comparison warning.
2007-09-13 09:30 +0000 [r7406] robert:
* Created two PixelBufferX11::closeImplementation() one the real
implementation and a second non op one for GLX <1.3.
2007-09-12 17:01 +0000 [r7404-7405] robert:
* Added preliminary handling of cases where GLX version < 1.3
* Removed debug messages
2007-09-12 16:28 +0000 [r7403] robert:
* Moved the linking of OpenThreads from osgversion/CMakeLists.txt
into applications/CMakeLists.txt
2007-09-12 16:20 +0000 [r7402] robert:
* Rejigged the casting to avoid warnings under Windows
2007-09-12 10:43 +0000 [r7400] robert:
* Updated version, ChangeLog and AUTHORS file for 2.1.10 release
2007-09-12 10:04 +0000 [r7399] robert:
* From Jan Peciva, build fix
2007-09-11 20:54 +0000 [r7397] robert:
* Added log2(int) and log2(uint) methods
2007-09-11 20:24 +0000 [r7396] robert:
* Removed int version of log2 to avoid possible errors in assuming
log2(10) should ~= log2(10.0)
2007-09-11 17:10 +0000 [r7394-7395] robert:
* Added OpenThreads to target libraries
* From Art Tevs, Added log2 function.
2007-09-11 16:59 +0000 [r7392-7393] robert:
* From Art Tevs, build fix.
* Replaced allocateMipmap code with warning message as mipmaps
aren't support for TextureRectangle.
2007-09-11 13:47 +0000 [r7391] robert:
* Removed the output num_children from Group .osg output and
removed the output of "DataVaraince UNSPECIFIED" as this is
redundent considering the default value is UNSPECIFIED.
2007-09-11 13:42 +0000 [r7389-7390] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* From Mathias Froenlich, "have a problem with the SunOS CC. It
does not like that the prototype of ClipNode::setStateSetModes()
differs from implementation of that function in the constness of
the second parameter. On SunOS it compiles fine, but I get link
errors when the variant that is declared in the header is
referenced. The attached src/osg/ClipNode.cpp file removes the
const qualifier from the implementation to match exactly the
prototype in the header file. The file is based on revision 7386
as of today. "
2007-09-11 13:34 +0000 [r7387-7388] robert:
* From Art Trevs, "File Changes: - GL2Extensions, Program and
Program.cpp Features: - Support for fragment output binding.
(e.g. You can now specify in the fragment shader varying out vec3
fragOut; fragOut = vec3(1,0,1); to write to the fragOut variable.
In your program you call glBindFragDataLocation(program, 1,
"fragOut") to bind the fragOut variable with the MRT 1 -
Program::getFragDataBindingList "
* Seperated out GeometryTechnique .osg support.
2007-09-11 12:28 +0000 [r7386] robert:
* Changed the isTextureIntegerSupported method so that it no longer
has the EXT entry in it for forward compatability reasons.
2007-09-11 12:04 +0000 [r7385] robert:
* From Art Trevs, "Features of the patch are: - Implementation of
integer textures as in EXT_texture_integer - setBorderColor(Vec4)
changed to setBorderColor(Vec4d) to pass double values as border
color. (Probably we have to provide an overloading function to
still support Vec4f ?) - new method
Texture::getInternalFormatType() added. Gives information if the
internal format normalized, float, signed integer or unsigned
integer. Can help people to write better code ;-) " Futher
changes to this submission by Robert Osfield, changed the dirty
mipmap flag into a buffer_value<> vector to ensure safe handling
of multiple contexts.
2007-09-11 10:16 +0000 [r7384] robert:
* From Rafa Giatan, "Changed int to GLsizei in the input parameter
of the method osg::Texture2DArray::applyTexImage2DArray_subload
inside Texture2DArray (lines 214 and 257), Otherwise it gives a
compile error on MacOSX."
2007-09-11 10:10 +0000 [r7383] robert:
* From Mike Wittman and Robert Osfield, added support for
SO_VERSION number in runtime version info. Added checks for
OpenThreads version.
2007-09-10 16:06 +0000 [r7380] robert:
* Maded versioning under Windows the default.
2007-09-10 15:19 +0000 [r7379] robert:
* Intoduced a new setGLExtensions template method to do a copy of
void* pointer to local function pointer to avoid compiler
warnings related to case void*. Moved various OSG classes across
to using setGLExtensions instead of getGLExtensions, and changed
them to use typedef declarations in the headers rather than casts
in the .cpp. Updated wrappers
2007-09-08 07:21 +0000 [r7378] robert:
* Flesh out a bit more of the view IO support
2007-09-08 07:04 +0000 [r7377] robert:
* Fixed typo
2007-09-07 15:03 +0000 [r7375] robert:
* From David Callu, warning fixes
2007-09-07 13:54 +0000 [r7374] robert:
* Removed warning type not support by gcc 4.1.x
2007-09-07 13:37 +0000 [r7373] robert:
* Updated wrappers for new Texture2DArray class
2007-09-07 13:25 +0000 [r7372] robert:
* Moved defined from Texture2DArray into Texture
2007-09-07 11:21 +0000 [r7371] robert:
* From Art Tevs, "A new texture class Texture2DArray derived from
Texture extends the osg to support the new EXT_texture_array
extensions. Texture arrays provides a feature for people
interesting in GPGPU programming. Faetures and changes: - Full
support for layered 2D textures. - New uniform types were added
(sampler2DArray) - FrameBufferObject implementation were changed
to support attaching of 2D array textures to the framebuffer -
StateSet was slightly changed to support texture arrays. NOTE:
array textures can not be used in fixed function pipeline. Thus
using the layered texture as a statemode for a Drawable produce
invalid enumerant OpenGL errors. - Image class was extended to
support handling of array textures Tests: I have used this class
as a new feature of my application. It works for me without
problems (Note: Texture arrays were introduced only for shading
languages and not for fixed function pipelines!!!). RTT with
Texture2DArray works, as I have tested them as texture targets
for a camera with 6 layers/faces (i.e. replacement for cube
maps). I am using the array textures in shader programming. Array
textures can be attached to the FBO and used as input and as
2007-09-07 10:50 +0000 [r7370] robert:
* From Daniel Sjolie, "I patched the zip plugin to make use of my
favorite zip/pack-application for windows if it is installed in
the standard location..."
2007-09-07 10:15 +0000 [r7369] robert:
* From Guillaume Millet, "Please find in attachment a small
improvement to the pfb plugin CmakeLists.txt and to the
FindPerformer.cmake module. Under Windows libs are: libpf.lib (we
need to add the lib prefix) and libpfdu-util.lib (libpfdu and
libpfutil are compiled into one lib) We need to add PFROOT to the
search path for libs and includes (default environment variable
for Performer path) And at last we need to put PFROOT/include and
PFROOT/include/Performer as include dir for compiling."
2007-09-07 09:53 +0000 [r7368] robert:
* From Maria Ten, fix lat/long usage.
2007-09-07 09:49 +0000 [r7367] robert:
* From Mattias Linde, "Have made the updates now. Added a std::map
for easy lookup if a visual node is targeted by a rigid body
which is the reason why the .h-file was changed too. So now
there'll be Group as often as possible, otherwise
2007-09-06 08:23 +0000 [r7366] robert:
* Added osg lib
2007-09-05 17:12 +0000 [r7365] robert:
* From David Callu, improved consistency of Version strings and add
version support for osgIntrospection and osgManipulator.
2007-09-05 17:03 +0000 [r7364] robert:
* Changed tabs to four spaces to make merges more straight forward
2007-09-05 16:47 +0000 [r7363] robert:
* Added automatic removal of .qt extension that allows one to
automatically select the quicktime plugin.
2007-09-05 16:36 +0000 [r7362] robert:
* Added setting of locator source
2007-09-05 14:15 +0000 [r7361] robert:
* Added option to Locator to help specify here the locator value
was defined from. Update wrappers and Gdal plugin to use this new
2007-09-04 14:00 +0000 [r7360] robert:
* Improved Terrain IO
2007-09-04 12:38 +0000 [r7359] robert:
* Added mutex to DefaultFont::instance().
2007-09-04 12:32 +0000 [r7358] robert:
* Added mutex into osgText::Font::GlphTexture to marshel adding to
and reading from glyph list
2007-09-04 09:00 +0000 [r7357] robert:
* Rearrange _stateset member variable to avoid compile warning
2007-09-03 16:04 +0000 [r7354-7355] robert:
* Updated AUTHORS and README to 2.1.9 dev release
* Updated ChangeLog
2007-09-03 15:47 +0000 [r7353] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-09-03 15:43 +0000 [r7352] robert:
* From Sherman Wilcox, added extension checking support for
compressed texture subloading.
2007-09-03 15:22 +0000 [r7351] robert:
* From Jan Peciva, build fix
2007-09-03 14:05 +0000 [r7350] robert:
* Updated version number for 2.1.9 dev release
2007-09-03 13:59 +0000 [r7349] robert:
* From Jan Peciva, improvement to the FindInventor.
2007-09-03 13:52 +0000 [r7348] robert:
* From Jan Peciva, Added write support into Inventor plugin. Note
from Robert Osfield. A couple of lines of code in
ConvertToInventor.cpp would not compile under g++ 4.1.2, so
rather than hold back the dev release till this is resolved I've
optional compiled out the problem section. The #define
DISABLE_PROBLEM_COMPILE_SECTIONS is used to compile out the
problem section, this define is add via the CMakeLists.txt file.
2007-09-03 12:27 +0000 [r7346] robert:
* Added osgdepthpeeling example
2007-09-03 10:12 +0000 [r7345] robert:
* From Ralf Kern, "the attached color mapped TIFF file klink1_l.tif
is incorrectly read as GL_LUMINANCE data instead of GL_RGB data.
You can easily check with "osgViewer --image klink1_l.tif". The
bug is in ReaderWriterTIFF.cpp function simage_tiff_load, where
numComponents_ret is incorrectly set to 1 instead of 3 for color
mapped data."
2007-09-03 10:04 +0000 [r7344] robert:
* From Almalric Alexandre, "I've noticed that all osgViewerMFC
example from osg 2.x.x are flickering when resizing 3D view, to
avoid this only add OnEraseBkgnd callback in CMFC_OSG_MDIView
class and do nothing in it. Just like the WxWidget example.
Attached the modified version of MFC_OSG_MDIView.cpp and
MFC_OSG_MDIView.h." Note from Robert Osfield, submission came
with wrong header file, so have had to guess at what it should
be, fingers crossed it worn't break windows build... :-)
2007-09-03 09:56 +0000 [r7342-7343] robert:
* From Laurens Voerman, "I hit a bug when making a copy of a
PagedLOD node, the copy has lost it's _databasePath and can no
longer load it's childen. " Added
_databasePath(plod._databasePath), in the copy copy construcutor.
* Fixed spacing.
2007-09-03 09:50 +0000 [r7341] robert:
* From Sherman Wilcox, "I modified texturerectangle.cpp to address
this issue. I used a DXT5 DDS file to test the change."
2007-09-03 09:47 +0000 [r7340] robert:
* Updated wrapper
2007-09-03 09:43 +0000 [r7339] robert:
* Added default contructors to Operation
2007-09-02 22:31 +0000 [r7338] robert:
* Fixed cancel loop.
2007-09-01 16:56 +0000 [r7337] robert:
* Added convinience methods for setting up 3d spherical displays.
2007-09-01 15:24 +0000 [r7336] robert:
* Changed Font's mutex to become a static mutex shared between all
instances of Font. This ensures single threaded access of the
freetype plugin.
2007-08-31 20:30 +0000 [r7335] robert:
* Changed mutex reference to a mutex pointer to avoid problems with
2007-08-31 20:21 +0000 [r7334] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-08-31 20:16 +0000 [r7332-7333] robert:
* To solve creations with multi-threaded creation of text, added
mutex to Font, and use of this mutex in Text, and added mutex to
the reading of fonts.
* Added mutex locking add addParents/removeParents in Drawable,
Node and StateSet.
2007-08-31 18:56 +0000 [r7331] robert:
* Added mutex to protect the readFontFile calls
2007-08-31 16:59 +0000 [r7329] robert:
* Added support for running multiple text generation threads
2007-08-31 16:05 +0000 [r7328] robert:
* Changed RenderLeaf and StateGraph so that they use ref_ptr<> by
default for Drawable and StateSet.
2007-08-31 15:49 +0000 [r7327] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, fixed Windows install of wrappers
2007-08-31 12:14 +0000 [r7326] robert:
* Added export for Windows build
2007-08-31 11:04 +0000 [r7325] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, added support for Win32 versioning/new buid
2007-08-30 19:26 +0000 [r7324] robert:
* Further work on osgTerrain::Locator and GDAL plugin
2007-08-30 12:18 +0000 [r7323] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, add osgText to geo plugin build
2007-08-30 10:41 +0000 [r7322] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, introduction of versioning of dll's and
placement of dll and plugins into bin directory during build.
2007-08-30 10:17 +0000 [r7320-7321] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Further refinement of ProxyLayer API
2007-08-29 16:29 +0000 [r7317] robert:
* Further work on new ProxyLayer
2007-08-29 12:18 +0000 [r7316] robert:
* Added ProxyLayer support into osgTerrain plugin
2007-08-29 11:51 +0000 [r7315] robert:
* Added support for post fixing filenames with .gdal to force use
of gdal plugin.
2007-08-29 10:52 +0000 [r7314] robert:
* Added preliminary ProxLayer and DataSetLayer in GDAL plugin to
aid integration of GDAL reading into osgTerrain.
2007-08-28 16:12 +0000 [r7313] robert:
* Changed the error code reporting to use hex to match up with
freetype headers
2007-08-28 15:35 +0000 [r7311-7312] robert:
* Improved formatting.
* Removed the OSG_INCLUDE
2007-08-28 15:31 +0000 [r7310] robert:
* Tweeked settings
2007-08-28 14:02 +0000 [r7309] robert:
* Added multi-threaded test path
2007-08-27 16:59 +0000 [r7308] robert:
* Replaced CartesianLocator and EllipsoidLocator by a single
general purpose Locator class
2007-08-27 13:33 +0000 [r7307] robert:
* From Brandon Hamm, changed WxWindows example to use double
2007-08-27 13:29 +0000 [r7306] robert:
* Added support for controlling the draw order on Cameras on each
GraphcisContext via the Camera::setRenderOrder parameters
2007-08-27 10:37 +0000 [r7304] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog and AUTHORS file for release
2007-08-27 10:29 +0000 [r7302-7303] robert:
* Updated date on READEME
* Updated version numbers for 2.1.8 dev release
2007-08-27 10:00 +0000 [r7301] robert:
* Cleaned up the getRotate implementation selection using #defines,
and made the COMPILE_getRotate_David_Spillings_Mk1 the default.
2007-08-27 09:51 +0000 [r7300] robert:
* From David Spilling, tweaked quat tests to reproduce getRotate
2007-08-26 10:27 +0000 [r7299] robert:
* From Jan Ciger, warning fixes
2007-08-26 10:24 +0000 [r7298] robert:
* From Jean-Sebastien Guay, fixed comment
2007-08-26 10:19 +0000 [r7297] robert:
* Added dynamic_cast<GraphicsWindow> and extra doc commented just
to force the use of symbol from osgViewer so that it links
properly and pulls in the platform specific GraphcisWindow*
2007-08-26 09:59 +0000 [r7296] robert:
* Change char* to const char* to fix warnings
2007-08-26 09:46 +0000 [r7294-7295] robert:
* Updated wrappers, and change Renderer so that private: to
* Updated links
2007-08-24 19:16 +0000 [r7292-7293] robert:
* Changed debug comments to output to notify level and tweaked the
handling of the .terrain file.
* Added support for reading a .osg style data from a file string
when trailed by a .osgs extension i.e. osgviewer
"osgTerrain::Terrain { ElevationLayer { CartesianLocator 0 0
1000000 1000000 Image ps_height_512.tif } ColorLayer {
CartesianLocator 0 0 1000000 1000000 Image ps_texture_1k.tif }
2007-08-24 18:48 +0000 [r7291] robert:
* Added writing out of Terrain, Layer and Locators, and reading in
of .terrain string.
2007-08-24 16:16 +0000 [r7290] robert:
* Set the debug out to info notification level
2007-08-24 16:12 +0000 [r7288-7289] robert:
* Added better handling of OSG_TEXT_INCREMENTAL_SUBLOADING env var.
* Added default disabling of incremental subload for ATI cards.
2007-08-24 14:00 +0000 [r7287] robert:
* Added support for setting DatabasePager thread priority via
2007-08-24 13:33 +0000 [r7286] robert:
* Cleaned up the thread priority management in DatabasePager and
added support for paging stats.
2007-08-24 10:58 +0000 [r7285] robert:
* Added setting of block into the ThreadSafeQueue's contructor.
2007-08-24 09:45 +0000 [r7284] robert:
* Disable the escape sets done on the viewer
2007-08-24 09:42 +0000 [r7283] robert:
* From Mario Valle, osgviewerWX: "To make the example compile using
a wx build non UNICODE based. Tested on Linux with wxGTK 2.8.4"
osgviewerFOX: "Added removeChore() call in the FOX_OSG_MDIView
destructor to get rid of a Trace/BPT trap error on exit on Linux.
BTW this is suggested also in the FOX documentation."
2007-08-23 16:56 +0000 [r7282] robert:
* Made plugin build names lowercase
2007-08-23 16:33 +0000 [r7281] robert:
* Changed the plugin name to openflight instead of OpenFlight to
avoid problems with osgDB looking for just lower case plugin
2007-08-23 15:36 +0000 [r7279] robert:
* Updated for 2.1.7 dev release
2007-08-23 14:35 +0000 [r7278] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, fix for crash on exit
2007-08-23 14:31 +0000 [r7277] robert:
* From Galen Faidley," Please find attached the modifications to
get the new checkerboard stereo format to work. It's a good thing
I tested these on a TV before submitting them since I did indeed
have a bug. One thing I did not test was to see how this would
work in windowed mode. Does the interlaced stereo code have
support for 'absolute' positions? For example a given pixel on
the screen is always shown in a given eye no matter where the
graphics context is placed? "
2007-08-23 14:10 +0000 [r7276] robert:
* From Jean-Sebastien Guay,"As discussed yesterday on the osg-users
list, I have altered src/osgDB/FileUtils.cpp to implement the
official Windows DLL search order as described on the page . As
mentioned, the search order is now: 1. The directory from which
the application loaded. 2. The system directory.
(C:\Windows\System32 by default, gotten using the
GetSystemDirectory function) 3. The 16-bit system directory.
(C:\Windows\System by default, gotten by adding "\System" to the
path gotten in the next step...) 4. The Windows directory.
(C:\Windows by default, gotten using the GetWindowsDirectory
function) 5. The current directory. (".") 6. The directories that
are listed in the PATH environment variable. (as before) The
first four directories are obtained using Win32 API calls, so
they should work correctly even on non-standard Windows installs.
The changes are well commented and should be clear, even to
someone not familiar with the Win32 API. I have tested in a few
scenarios and it works as expected. Serge Lages has also tested
the changes and confirmed they worked as described. I have not
had any other reports though (positive or negative). I also fixed
the issue with a trailing semicolon on the PATH adding an empty
string to the end of the search paths, as this was an
inconsistent side effect rather than a desirable effect. This
change will take effect on other platforms as well, but since it
tests for an empty string in the last item added to the search
paths, it should have no adverse effect. "
2007-08-23 11:06 +0000 [r7275] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-08-23 11:00 +0000 [r7274] robert:
* Addd control for serializing draw dispatch.
2007-08-22 19:31 +0000 [r7273] robert:
* From Jean-Sebastien Guay, "After a bit more testing, it was still
not 100% robust, so this fix will bring the change in line with
what is done on other OSes (Linux) and works in all tested cases.
For reference, this was tested with: osgviewer <file>.wrl (file
in current directory) osgviewer <dir>\<file>.wrl (file in child
directory, relative) osgviewer .\<dir>\<file>.wrl (file in child
directory, specify current) osgviewer <drive>:\<dir>\<file>.wrl
(absolute path) "
2007-08-22 19:26 +0000 [r7272] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-08-22 17:18 +0000 [r7270-7271] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Refactored the implementation of cull/draw for
DrawThreadPerContex and CullThreadPerCameraDrawThreadPerContex
and added an experimental draw serialization.
2007-08-22 14:32 +0000 [r7269] ewing:
* Documentation updates.
2007-08-22 12:33 +0000 [r7268] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-08-22 12:21 +0000 [r7267] robert:
* Cleaned up the thread setup and fixed the
CullThreadPerCameraDrawThreadPerContext path
2007-08-22 12:14 +0000 [r7266] robert:
* Added thread safe ref/unref by default.
2007-08-22 11:04 +0000 [r7265] ewing:
* Fixes to DMG script to reflect removal of GDAL and external
OpenThreads. Support for OpenSceneGraph-Data repo aside
OpenSceneGraph repo. Added background image support to DMG.
Pre-laid-out .DS_Store included.
2007-08-22 10:56 +0000 [r7264] ewing:
* Removed missing shadow examples from Xcode project.
2007-08-22 10:34 +0000 [r7263] robert:
* Set main scene graph elements to use thread safe ref/unref by
2007-08-22 09:50 +0000 [r7256-7262] robert:
* Cleaned up copy constructor and switched on thread safe
* Added debug ENFORCE_THREADSAFE paths into osg::Referenced, these
are off by default.
* Simplified the thread set up.
* Added thread safe ref/unref
* Added debug message to destructor
* Added setting of thread safe ref/unref.
* Added default setting of use of thread safe ref/unref.
2007-08-22 09:05 +0000 [r7255] robert:
* Changed ReadFileCallback and WriteFileCallback to use virtual
2007-08-21 09:32 +0000 [r7254] robert:
* Added missing clear() implementation
2007-08-20 13:09 +0000 [r7253] robert:
* Fixed the install path of plugins under Windows.
2007-08-20 10:15 +0000 [r7250-7251] robert:
* Updated README date
* Updated AUTHORS file for 2.1.6 release
2007-08-20 10:06 +0000 [r7249] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog
2007-08-20 09:28 +0000 [r7247-7248] robert:
* Updated version number for 2.1.6 release and updated wrappers
* Removed Makefile as this is autogenerated.
2007-08-19 19:22 +0000 [r7246] robert:
* From Antione Hue and Robert Osfield, moved prepend in front of
lib entry.
2007-08-17 16:10 +0000 [r7245] robert:
* Fixed zfar setting
2007-08-17 09:37 +0000 [r7244] robert:
* Changed ++_modifedCount cases to dirty().
2007-08-16 18:49 +0000 [r7243] robert:
* Changed the tolower of the file extension into the plugin name
construction code. Added support for CompositeLayer.
2007-08-16 15:29 +0000 [r7242] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-08-16 14:13 +0000 [r7241] robert:
* From Maria Ten, "I divide the init method of the
geometrytechnique in submethods to made more easy the inheritance
between the user and osg-class. This is a first step to add more
functions in osgTerrain. Maybe the subdivision of the method have
to be in the terraintechnique because is the base class of
GeometryTechnique. If Robert or anyone think that this is better
i change this class too."
2007-08-15 15:11 +0000 [r7240] robert:
* From Jan Ciger, "I am attaching a little hack from Jean-Sebastien
Guay which allows absolute paths to work on Windows."
2007-08-15 15:07 +0000 [r7239] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "the softshadowmap-implementation does not
compile on os x, to be more precise, the shader does not compile
on os x because of some type-conflicts ala "can not convert from
const int to const float" So I changed the offending lines to
force the type of the vars. It works now on OS X (albeit very
slowly, 3fps on a 7300), perhaps you find the changes useful.
Note: perhaps there is a better way in shaders to cast/convert
from int to float and viceversa."
2007-08-15 15:03 +0000 [r7238] robert:
* From Brede Johansen, "The attached file updates the framestamp
and traversal number of the updatevisitor in osgViewer::Viewer.
The bug prevented DOF animations because osgSim::DOFTransform
checks the traversal number before doing any updates."
2007-08-14 17:13 +0000 [r7237] robert:
* Changed the plugin name to lower case to be consistent with the
way that osgDB::Registry searches for only lower case plugin
2007-08-14 17:04 +0000 [r7236] robert:
* Added string to keyword map parser.
2007-08-14 13:08 +0000 [r7235] shuber:
* From Stephan Huber: updating the XCode-project-files
2007-08-14 12:47 +0000 [r7234] robert:
* Added Ben van Basten to list of authors.
2007-08-14 08:41 +0000 [r7233] robert:
* Replaced uint with unsigned int
2007-08-13 14:02 +0000 [r7232] robert:
* Removed osgdepthshadow and osgshadowtexture from build list
2007-08-13 11:59 +0000 [r7230] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog, AUTHORS and README files
2007-08-13 11:45 +0000 [r7229] robert:
* Updated version for 2.1.5 dev release
2007-08-13 10:31 +0000 [r7228] robert:
* From Luc Frauciel, "I've done 2 main modifications : 1) added
texture->setResizeNonPowerOfTwoHint(false); when loading an
image. It speeds up by 10 the loading of large images. 2) added a
--disk option : only a filelist is read, images are only loaded
when needed. It allows to handle very large set of very large
images that would not fit in memory. Nothing change when the
option is not set."
2007-08-13 10:27 +0000 [r7227] robert:
* From Jan Ciger, "I am attaching an improved version of the
OpenVRML plugin. It still uses OpenVRML 0.14.3 and is without the
Boost dependency. The changes: - - Fixed loading of textures and
normals when no corresponding indices are specified. It uses
vertex indices now, compliant with the VRML spec. - - Added
colour per vertex support. - - Added group node support. - -
Changed the code to use osg::ref_ptr instead of naked pointers to
avoid memory leaks. - - Fixed breakage for loading files
specified by relative path."
2007-08-13 10:20 +0000 [r7225-7226] robert:
* From J.P. Delport, fix of GDAL location search
* From Brad Christiansen, "I added the ability to set the render
target implementaion on the osgSim::OverlayNode. The attached
changes were made against the 2.0 release."
2007-08-13 09:13 +0000 [r7224] robert:
* Added gdal/gdal.h to header search path, and gdal1.4.1 to the lib
search path.
2007-08-12 13:30 +0000 [r7223] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-08-12 13:18 +0000 [r7221-7222] robert:
* Added getStart()/getEnd()
* From Jean-Sebastien Guay, "adds
osgUtil::LineSegmentIntersector::setStart(osg::Vec3d) and
2007-08-12 13:10 +0000 [r7220] robert:
* Removed now redundent osgshadowtexture and osgdepthshadow
2007-08-12 12:15 +0000 [r7217-7219] robert:
* Added support for SoftShadowMap into osgshadow example
* Added fix for typo of name in submission
* From Bruno Hebelin, "I have adapted to osgShadow the soft shadow
map technique described in "Efficient Soft-Edged Shadows Using
Pixel Shader Branching" by Yury Uralsky, Chapter 17 of GPU Gems 2
(Matt Pharr ed. Addison-Wesley). Here is my code in attachment:
basically, it works in the same way as osgShadow/ShadowMap (core
code is copied from it) but implements a specific GLSL shader for
the soft rendering of penumbra. I have tested it under Linux with
a NVidia graphic card, but there should be no dependency on
platform nor on the graphics driver (as far as they support GLSL
2). Screenshots attached show the current results (frame rate
bound to v-sync, but the shader takes actually not much time)."
2007-08-11 17:44 +0000 [r7216] robert:
* Added preprending of osgPlugins-version to plugin names
2007-08-11 14:49 +0000 [r7215] robert:
* Added DisplaySetting::s/getCompileContextHint() and use of this
hint in osgViewer::Viewer/CompositeViewer. Removed the
CustomViewer in osgterrain example as the above now removes the
need for it.
2007-08-11 12:43 +0000 [r7214] robert:
* Refactored the use of the MasterOperation so that it now gets
attached to the Viewer via the new Viewer::addUpdateOperation()
method, rather than need a custom Viewer::updateTraversal().
2007-08-11 10:28 +0000 [r7213] robert:
* Added support for an update OperationQueue to Viewer and
CompositeViewer to allow asyncrnous adding of operations to be
added to the view to be done during syncronous updateTraversal().
This feature can be used for doing things like merging subgraphs
that have been loaded in a background thread.
2007-08-10 17:44 +0000 [r7212] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-08-10 10:58 +0000 [r7210-7211] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Added View::setDatabasePager(..)
2007-08-10 10:52 +0000 [r7209] robert:
* Refactored the way the Scene is used in Viewer and
CompositeViewer to ensure that only on Scene exists per scene
2007-08-09 08:19 +0000 [r7208] robert:
* Compile fix
2007-08-09 08:15 +0000 [r7207] robert:
* Removed now redundent ReaderWriterTerrain.cpp
2007-08-08 09:12 +0000 [r7206] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-08-08 08:10 +0000 [r7205] robert:
* Added new statc prototype() and create() methods to CullVisitor
and DatabasePager to allow overriding of the default
2007-08-08 05:59 +0000 [r7204] robert:
* Removed unneeeded includes
2007-08-07 22:56 +0000 [r7203] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-08-07 22:31 +0000 [r7202] robert:
* Updated CMakeLists.txt to reflect renaming of TerrainNode.
2007-08-07 19:53 +0000 [r7201] robert:
* Renamed osgTerrain::TerrainNode to osgTerrain::Terrain and
introduced basic .osg read support for osgTerrain::Terrain.
2007-08-07 15:51 +0000 [r7200] robert:
* Removed TerrainNode.cpp from CMakeLists.txt
2007-08-07 15:30 +0000 [r7199] robert:
* Added preliminary shell of osgTerrain plugin
2007-08-07 14:49 +0000 [r7198] robert:
* From Luc Fruciel, "Gdal plugins reads lots of information that is
not taken into account in ReadHeigthField for example. Attached a
modification that read the HeigthField position and X,Yintervals.
I also removed the limitation to 1024*1024 to 4096*4096, because
when you are preprocessing your data with OSG, it can be useful
to read large images/heigthfields. Is there a reason (other than
hardware limitations for textures) for this limit ?"
2007-08-07 10:37 +0000 [r7197] robert:
* Re-introduceed GDAL plugin
2007-08-07 10:33 +0000 [r7195-7196] robert:
* Re-introduced GDAL plugin.
* Added preliminary code to allow build specification of glu
tesscallback with ... parameter
2007-08-07 08:18 +0000 [r7194] robert:
* From Andy Skinner, The attached file adds #include <stdlib.h> to
GraphicsContext.cpp, so that it compiles with the solaris
compiler we use.
2007-08-06 11:52 +0000 [r7191-7192] robert:
* Updated README
* Updated ChangeLog, and AUTHORS file for release
2007-08-06 11:24 +0000 [r7190] robert:
* Updated version numbers for release
2007-08-06 09:28 +0000 [r7189] robert:
* Changed debug message to INFO level
2007-08-05 17:06 +0000 [r7188] robert:
* Added support for enabling the stencil buffer when horizontal and
vertical split stereo are used.
2007-08-05 14:59 +0000 [r7187] robert:
* From Tim More, "This patch causes GraphicsWindowX11 to not send
key release events when a key press / release is caused by
auto-repeat. This is consistent with Windows and Mac behavior, as
well as other toolkits such as SDL."
2007-08-05 14:51 +0000 [r7186] robert:
* From Andy Skinner, fixes for avoiding warnings about mixing c and
c++ versions of c libs.
2007-08-04 17:04 +0000 [r7185] robert:
* Disable the selection of CullPerCameraDrawPerContext until I am
able to fix this threading model
2007-08-04 10:30 +0000 [r7184] robert:
* From John Shue, "Recent changes to sockstream.cpp and
sockinet.cpp to better deal with various operating system
differences between socklen_t and int have broken the FreeBSD
build. Change was to add __FreeBSD__ to the list of defines that
are checked."
2007-08-03 16:08 +0000 [r7183] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-08-03 14:50 +0000 [r7182] robert:
* Added perlimnary support for reading the DISPLAY variable.
2007-08-02 16:23 +0000 [r7181] robert:
* Changed the projection matrix resize policy.
2007-08-02 12:36 +0000 [r7180] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, XCode updates for the new Renderer class
2007-08-02 12:27 +0000 [r7179] robert:
* Added return 0;
2007-08-02 11:02 +0000 [r7178] robert:
* Introduce new osgViewer::Renderer class for implementing of the
rendering of cameras in viewers
2007-08-02 08:50 +0000 [r7177] robert:
* Added save and restoring of the cull mask to Camera handling code
2007-07-31 17:28 +0000 [r7176] robert:
* From Andy Skinner,adding c includes to avoid problems with mixing
c and c++ versions of c functions.
2007-07-30 16:02 +0000 [r7174] robert:
* Updated AUTHORS file for release
2007-07-30 15:56 +0000 [r7173] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog for release
2007-07-30 15:25 +0000 [r7172] robert:
* Updated version number for 2.1.3 dev release
2007-07-30 10:52 +0000 [r7171] robert:
* Ported across Viewer's to use osgUtil::GLObjectOperation, added
second option in GLObjectOperation to handle cases when no
subgraph is registered, in these case the code now compile all
Camera subgraphs.
2007-07-28 10:44 +0000 [r7170] robert:
* From Andy Skinner, adding C includes to avoid issues when mixing
C and C++ standard includes
2007-07-28 10:28 +0000 [r7169] robert:
* Introduce Camera::s/getRenderer().
2007-07-27 17:16 +0000 [r7167-7168] robert:
* From David Callu, "After the mail of Emmanuel Roche to convert a
void * in a known pointer (for example osg::Geode *), I has
searched an elegant way to introduce this feature. I just add
ReinterpretCastConverter in the Reflector to convert void* in T*
and T* in void* files joint :
OpenSceneGraph/include/osgIntrospection/Reflector // modified
file OpenSceneGraph/src/osgIntrospection/Reflector.cpp //
modified file "
* From Bryan Thrall, added copying of boundingbox callback to copy
2007-07-27 17:07 +0000 [r7166] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, added reset of _currentContext when graphics
context is closed.
2007-07-27 16:48 +0000 [r7165] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "attached you'll find a fix for the dead
locks when closing a window under OS X."
2007-07-27 15:26 +0000 [r7164] robert:
* Updated svn::externals
2007-07-26 19:31 +0000 [r7163] robert:
* From Thibault Genessay, "Attached is an unitialized variable fix
I spotted with Purify. The _currentCursor (of type HCURSOR)
member of the graphics window was not properly initialized,
causing potential problems if setCursor() was called before
anything else set it."
2007-07-25 10:12 +0000 [r7162] robert:
* From Parag Chaudhur, "In daeRMaterials.cpp in the COLLADA plugin,
in the processTexture function, Lines 519-522 of the source file:
The "delete [] path" appears before the "osg::notify", causing
the data pointed to by "filename" to be deleted before access
causing an access violation. ... I have put a comment on line 521
where I have moved the "delete []path" below. "
2007-07-24 14:52 +0000 [r7158] robert:
* Updated AUTHORS
2007-07-24 14:47 +0000 [r7157] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog
2007-07-24 14:43 +0000 [r7156] robert:
* Updated version for dev release
2007-07-24 14:30 +0000 [r7155] robert:
* Fixed warning
2007-07-24 14:02 +0000 [r7154] robert:
* From Alexandre Amalric, Fox example From Robert Osfield, CMake
build support for FOX example
2007-07-23 20:37 +0000 [r7152] robert:
* From Michael Hartman, "Here is an update for the closing issue
with the example osgviewerMFC where the MFC rendering thread
would not exit before the application and the thread would be
left running in the background and the user would have to use
TaskManager to kill the process. Changes: MFC_OSG.cpp: Removed
pixelformatdesciptor from the class initialization. Used
setInheritedWindowPixelFormat to true so it will setup the
pixelformat for the window. Added class destructor code.
MFC_OSG.h: Removed the ref_ptr on osgViewer::Viewer
MFC_OSG_MDIViewer.cpp: Changed the OnDestroy function code. Added
WaitforSingleObject with thread handle for the MFC render handle.
MFC_OSG_MDIView.h: Added class variable for MFC Render Thread
Handle for use with the WaitforSingleObject. "
2007-07-23 20:10 +0000 [r7150-7151] robert:
* From Andy Skinner, addition of standard c library includes to
avoid issues with using STLport on some platforms.
* Converted tabs to four spaces
2007-07-23 18:19 +0000 [r7149] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-07-23 18:13 +0000 [r7148] robert:
* From Mathias Froehlich, compile fix for OSX.
2007-07-23 16:42 +0000 [r7147] robert:
* Added FlushDeletedGLObjectsOperation.
2007-07-22 20:33 +0000 [r7146] robert:
* Added support for using the CompileContext to do GL object
2007-07-21 20:11 +0000 [r7144] robert:
* Converted usleep call to OpenThreads::Thread::microSleep() to
avoid VS build problems
2007-07-19 18:59 +0000 [r7143] robert:
* Added reset it to set block correctly before use.
2007-07-19 17:02 +0000 [r7142] robert:
* Improved the filtering of changes to master file to prevent using
reading from files that are still under going changes.
2007-07-19 16:42 +0000 [r7141] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-07-19 15:24 +0000 [r7140] robert:
* Added osg::RefBlockCount subclassed from the new
OpenThreads::BlockCount and used it into osgterrain example
2007-07-19 12:09 +0000 [r7138] robert:
* Added support for using multiple load threads as a thread pool
used by the MasterOperation
2007-07-18 16:48 +0000 [r7137] robert:
* Added setting of ThreadSafeRefUnref to true.
2007-07-18 16:17 +0000 [r7135-7136] robert:
* Refactored the viewer setup code to use a CustomViewer subclass
of Viewer which wraps up the set up of compile contexts and
merging of changes.
* Commented out debug messages
2007-07-18 14:54 +0000 [r7134] robert:
* Added call to State::initializeExtensionsProcs() to prevent
crashes before these variables are initialized.
2007-07-18 09:05 +0000 [r7133] robert:
* Added missing export symbol.
2007-07-17 17:36 +0000 [r7132] robert:
* Added traverse method implementation into GeometryTechnique.
2007-07-17 16:18 +0000 [r7131] robert:
* Merged the new master operation/operation thread code with older
standard terrain set up code.
2007-07-17 10:54 +0000 [r7130] robert:
* Fixed GraphcicsContext::getMaxContextID so it properly returns
the current max contextID. Fixed the osgviewer's compile context
code to account for the above fix. Added compile context support
into osgterrain example.
2007-07-17 09:15 +0000 [r7129] robert:
* Fixed typo
2007-07-16 21:39 +0000 [r7128] robert:
* Work in progress on support for dynamically reading a master file
in a background thread
2007-07-16 17:40 +0000 [r7127] robert:
* Added MasterOperation to do file querry and loading and
background thread.
2007-07-16 15:47 +0000 [r7126] robert:
* Added custom colour support to TransferFunction setup.
2007-07-16 15:13 +0000 [r7125] robert:
* Improvements to the .terrain file support
2007-07-16 12:37 +0000 [r7124] robert:
* First steps at provide a .terrain file format to experiment with
file definitions of terrain subgraphs
2007-07-14 17:16 +0000 [r7123] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-07-14 17:07 +0000 [r7122] robert:
* Added support into osg::RenderInfo for a stack of Cameras that
allow querries of which camera is currently active to be querried
from within the draw traversal.
2007-07-14 09:17 +0000 [r7121] robert:
* Changed BarrierOperation so that it isn't limited to jut working
within GraphicsContexts.
2007-07-13 19:24 +0000 [r7119-7120] robert:
* Converted Operations to GraphicsOperations where apporpriate.
* Removed all the plugins BUILD_OSG_* options as these just get in
the way of browsing standard CMake options.
2007-07-13 17:25 +0000 [r7118] robert:
* Introduce GraphicsOperation subclass from osg::Operation, and
osgUtil::GLObjectOperation for compiling subgraphs.
2007-07-13 11:49 +0000 [r7117] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-07-13 11:42 +0000 [r7115-7116] robert:
* From Mathias Froehlich, "This patch removes the X11/Xmu/WinUtil.h
header from GraphicsWindowX11.cpp. That one is not used and
appears not to be present on every platform we compile on."
* From Mathias Froehlich, "This change makes the net plugin compile
on hp-ux. It tries to unify some partly ugly ifdefs in the socket
classes. The change is also tested on a solaris 8, irix 6.5 and
suse 9.0 machine."
2007-07-13 11:31 +0000 [r7114] robert:
* Added setCurrentEventState method
2007-07-13 11:22 +0000 [r7113] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-07-13 11:17 +0000 [r7112] robert:
* Introduced new GUIEventAdatper singleton for sharing the current
state between multiple GraphicsWindows, this singleton is
accessable via GUIEventEvent::getAccumulatedEventState(). Added
use of this new singleton in GraphicsWindow* implementations.
Added WindowSizeHandler to osgkeyboard to help with debugging of
event state between windows.
2007-07-12 20:12 +0000 [r7110-7111] robert:
* Removed redundent TerrainGeometry classes, and adding double
buffer of internal data within GeometryTechinque in prep for
support multi-threaded set up and rendering of terrain.
* Fixed spelling of cartesian.
2007-07-12 16:37 +0000 [r7109] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, updates to Xcode projects
2007-07-12 15:54 +0000 [r7108] robert:
* Renamed include/osg/OperationsThread to OperationThread. Created
a new GraphicsThread subclass from OperationThread which allows
the GraphicsContext specific calls to be moved out of the base
OperationThread class. Updated the rest of the OSG to respect
these changes.
2007-07-12 12:15 +0000 [r7107] robert:
* Renamed OperationsThread to OperationThread and add two way link
between OperationQueue and OperationThread
2007-07-12 09:03 +0000 [r7106] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, Update to Packaging files for Xcode build
2007-07-12 08:29 +0000 [r7105] robert:
* Added better description of TransferFunction.
2007-07-11 16:06 +0000 [r7102-7103] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Fixed typo
2007-07-11 15:51 +0000 [r7100-7101] robert:
* From Paul Melis, fixes to spelling mistakes/typos.
* Updated version number in prep for 2.1.1 dev release
2007-07-11 15:30 +0000 [r7099] robert:
* From Andre Garneau, minor warning fixes
2007-07-11 14:16 +0000 [r7098] robert:
* Added support for --sky-light and headlight with local position
at 0,0,0
2007-07-11 13:48 +0000 [r7097] robert:
* Added setting of the Scene's FrameStamp on each
CompositeViewer::updateTraversal() call to fix animation path
2007-07-11 09:00 +0000 [r7096] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, update of Xcode projects to meet the latest
SVN revision
2007-07-10 19:29 +0000 [r7095] robert:
* Added OperationsThread
2007-07-10 17:36 +0000 [r7093-7094] robert:
* Added test code path which stress tests new thread pool support
in OperationsThread
* Wired up OperationsThread to use the new OperationQueue and
thereby support thread pooling where multiple OperationsThreads
share a single OperationsQueue
2007-07-09 19:04 +0000 [r7092] robert:
* Separated OperationsThread out from the GraphicsThread header and
introduced new OperationQueue class.
2007-07-09 15:02 +0000 [r7091] robert:
* Fixed unitialized variables.
2007-07-09 11:37 +0000 [r7088] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog, osgversion and AUTHORS.txt for 2.1 dev release
2007-07-09 11:05 +0000 [r7085-7087] robert:
* Updated version number for 2.1.0 dev release
* Added OpertionQueue
* Added OperationQueue class for future work on support thread
pools that share a single OpeationQueue.
2007-07-09 10:48 +0000 [r7083-7084] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Improved the consistency of setting of rotation and auto rotate
modes in setAxisAlingment method
2007-07-09 10:12 +0000 [r7082] robert:
* Fixed missinged intialization of the _threadsRunning variable.
2007-07-07 16:05 +0000 [r7081] robert:
* From Jean-Sebastien Guay and Jan Ciger, added search path can
improved handling of backslashes/forward slashes
2007-07-06 20:00 +0000 [r7080] robert:
* Updared wrappers
2007-07-06 16:54 +0000 [r7079] robert:
* Added include of DeleteHandler
2007-07-06 16:47 +0000 [r7078] robert:
* Added dirty count support to osgTerrain::Layer clases. Added
LayerHandler to osgterrain example that modifies the layers in
response to pressing the 's' and 'q' keys
2007-07-06 14:07 +0000 [r7077] robert:
* From Jea-Sebastien Guay and Robert Osfield, build fixes for
2007-07-06 13:54 +0000 [r7076] robert:
* From Rudolf Wiedemann, "I need to link OpenSceneGraph statically
to my application, so I completed the new registration of the
plugin-readerwriters ("REGISTER_OSGPLUGIN") according to your
osgstaticviewer-example (see attachment, based on today's svn)."
2007-07-06 13:33 +0000 [r7075] robert:
* From Brede Johansen, "Attached is a fix that returns a default
color (white) if an invalid index to the color palette is used."
2007-07-06 13:08 +0000 [r7074] robert:
* Added include/osg/GLObjects + .cpp which provide
osg::flush*DeletedGLObjects() methods. Added and cleaned up
DeleteHandler calls in osgViewer to help avoid crashes on exit.
Changed DatabasePager across to dynamically checcking
osg::getCompileContext(..) Updated wrappers.
2007-07-06 09:06 +0000 [r7073] robert:
* Added #include<algorithm>
2007-07-05 18:41 +0000 [r7072] robert:
* Updated wrappers.
2007-07-05 18:33 +0000 [r7068-7071] robert:
* Added support for managing a CompileContext. Rearranged the
DeleteHandler::flushAll call.
* Added debug messages to catch key modified state
* Improved the computation of the side vector
* Improved the mapping of update and cull traversal
2007-07-05 10:57 +0000 [r7067] robert:
* From Adndre Garneau, "Attached is a fix to prevent a cursor being
shown in graphics windows when traits specify that none should be
used (a recent change forced a left-pointer cursor as the
default). "
2007-07-05 10:51 +0000 [r7066] robert:
* Commented out "fix" that explictly sets the key modifier state as
this change actually broke the key modifier state management.
2007-07-03 17:32 +0000 [r7065] robert:
* From Thibault Genessay, "You'll find attached a fix for the
comments of the osgwindows example. It fixes a typo in the
comments which is quite disturbing for newbies trying to learn
using the source (twice 'left' instead of 'left' and 'right').
I've also added a little offset to the windows' positions so that
their decoration falls inside the desktop and we can manipulate
them - it looks a bit less "made out of wood"."
2007-07-03 13:26 +0000 [r7064] robert:
* Added checking of GUIEventAdpter::getHandled().
2007-07-03 10:00 +0000 [r7063] robert:
* From Roger James, added GL_NORMALIZE mode to scaled models
2007-07-02 13:17 +0000 [r7061-7062] robert:
* Changed the way that computeNearFar is computed to avoid
inconsistencies when in stereo mode
* Updated wrappers
2007-07-02 12:43 +0000 [r7060] robert:
* From Csaba Halasz, support reading "monochrome" option string and
use of monocrhome FreetType support
2007-07-02 12:30 +0000 [r7059] robert:
* From Csaba Halasz and Robert Osfield, support for passing in
ReaderWriter::Options object into readFontFile
2007-06-30 16:19 +0000 [r7058] robert:
* From Mike Connell, "This is a tiny fix for win32. The current
code takes the mouse cursor position and adds it to the window
(left,top) position, and sends the mouse cursor there. But this
doesn't take into account the window decoration. The new code
converts the given (x,y) coordinates from the client area
coordinate system to the screen instead using ClientToScreen. I
think this is the natural windows way to do it. Tested on XP with
osgviewer " Note from Robet Osfield, made a few changes to layout
to make it more consistent with the rest of the OSG and used #if
0 instead if (0) blocks.
2007-06-30 15:40 +0000 [r7057] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "attached you'll find a small fix for the
3ds-plugin, so 3ds-files exported from cinema 4d are imported
correctly. It's not cinema's fault, because the 3ds-files show up
correctly in 3dStudio Max."
2007-06-30 14:30 +0000 [r7053-7056] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Added s/getUsage() method
* Added balancing of stack size on entry/exit from rendering nested
* Added debug path that creates the viewer on the heap.
2007-06-30 14:21 +0000 [r7052] robert:
* From David Callu, " Found in the join file the fix for the bug
found by Rafa. Problem : osgIntrospection::Value grp(new
osg::Group); osgIntrospection::ValueList vlcall;
vlcall.push_back(osgIntrospection::Value("toto")); const
osgIntrospection::MethodInfo *m =
grp->getType.getCompatibleMethod("setName", vlcall, true); if (m)
{ m->invoke(grp, vlcall); // ** SEGFAULT here } Algorithm
explanation : The "invoke" method try to convert "grp", which
reflect an "osg::Group*", in a "osgIntrospection::Value", which
reflect a "osg::Node*". This because the "setName(const char *)"
method found by "grp->getType.getCompatibleMethod" is an
"osg::Object" type method. When osgIntrospection do this
conversion it try : - to found a "osgIntrospection::Converter" to
convert from "osg::Group*" to "osg::Node*" - to found a chain of
"osgIntrospection::Converter" to convert from "osg::Group*" to
"one or many type" to "osg::Node*" - to converte an Enum to int
or unsigned int - to convert the value in its "value string
representation", then converte this string in the destination
value Else it throw a "TypeConversionException". Bug : 1) When
osgIntrospection try to found a chain of
"osgIntrospection::Converter" It could do any downcast or (Type
to SuperType) or upcast (SuperType to Type). This mean the the
chain could be : osg::Group to osg::Transform to osg::Camera to
osg::CullSettings to osg::CullStack to
osg::CollectOccludersVisitor to osg::NodeVisitor to
osg::Referenced to osg::Object During the convertion with this
chain, A METTRE failed and the pointer in "grp" is set NULL. But
the "grp" is always a valid "osgIntrospection::Value" and so,
osgIntrospection accept the conversion. Then it try to use this
pointer to call the "setName" function. And Bing SEGFAULT. 2) In
"bool Reflection::accum_conv_path( ... )" the convection path
isn't accumulate in the recursive loop. this cause multi request
of a conversion path, and a slowdown in the conversion algorithm.
3) Use of the last conversion way in a conversion from pointer to
pointer this mean you can do this : "osg::Node*" to " value
string representation" to "osg::Material*" What a bad thing !!!
Solution : 1) Introduce the concept of dynamic_cast and
static_cast. now, to do a conversion, osgIntrospection does this
: - to found a "osgIntrospection::Converter" to convert from
"osg::Group*" to "osg::Node*" - to found a chain of
"osgIntrospection::Converter" to convert from "osg::Group*" to
"one or many type" to "osg::Node*" only with static_cast,
downcast (Type to SuperType) - to found, if the source and the
destination are two pointer, a chain of
"osgIntrospection::Converter" to convert from "osg::Group*" to
"one or many type" to "osg::Node*" only with dynamic_cast, upcast
(SuperType to Type) - to convert an Enum to int or to unsigned
int - to convert the value in its "value string representation",
then convert this string in the destination value Else it throw a
"TypeConversionException". Add the "enum CastType" to distinguish
the static_cast or dynamic_cast converter. Add file
OpenSceneGraph/include/osgIntrospection/CastType 2) add a line to
accumulate converter in converter Path. 3) add a line to check if
source and destination are pointer. "
2007-06-30 09:27 +0000 [r7051] robert:
* From Sherman Wilcox, added check for Drawable cull callbck into
2007-06-30 07:09 +0000 [r7050] robert:
* Removed the old references to files now removed
2007-06-29 17:01 +0000 [r7049] robert:
* Added Point::Extension::isPointSpriteCoordOriginSupported()
2007-06-29 16:37 +0000 [r7048] robert:
* From Sherman Wilcox, added serach for freetype234
2007-06-29 16:10 +0000 [r7045-7047] robert:
* From Paul Martz, "Attached is src/osg/CMakeLists.txt. Adding
TemplatePrimitiveFunctor to the source code list for the project.
This makes this header file show up in the VS IDE as part of this
project, and therefore facilitates IDE searching of
project-related files, as well as making other tasks easier."
* Fixed indenting to use 4 spaces instead of tabs
* From Jan Ciger, "I am attaching a fix for the COLLADA plugin on
non-windows systems. The COLLADA modules STLDatabase,
LIBXMLPlugin and stdErrPlugin are statically included in the main
COLLADA library on Linux and shouldn't be linked separately -
those libraries do not exist in the default Linux build and the
compilation will fail. Second issue - the current version of the
COLLADA plugin (both current HEAD in Subversion and the one in
stable 2.0) do not work right with the stable COLLADA DOM 1.4.1.
I am getting the following error: "
2007-06-29 16:00 +0000 [r7044] robert:
* From Roger James, bug fix to counting of number geode with
2007-06-28 20:56 +0000 [r7043] robert:
* From Brad Colbert, get/setVolume methods
2007-06-28 14:19 +0000 [r7042] robert:
* From Brad Colbert with ammendments by Robert Osfield, add
set/getVolume support
2007-06-28 12:59 +0000 [r7041] robert:
* From Trajce Nikolov, fixes to pbuffer setup
2007-06-28 09:51 +0000 [r7040] robert:
* From Nikolaus Hanekamp, added support for osg::Multisample
2007-06-27 20:44 +0000 [r7039] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "attached you'll find a first implementation
of pbuffer-support for os x. I used osgprerender --pbuffer to
test the carbon-implementation, for now it works :) "
2007-06-27 20:36 +0000 [r7037-7038] robert:
* From Paul Melis, "Here is a list of fixes to misspelled APIs.
Unfortunately, more than one of these are public APIs and
therefore will break linkage to existing shared libraries." Note
from Robert Osfield, updated wrappers.
* Added temporary reset of the RenderLeaf pointer for any internal
calls to other graphics contexts.
2007-06-27 19:51 +0000 [r7036] ewing:
* Minor build fixes. Changed/fixed GraphicsWindowCarbon to go into
api/Carbon instead of just api/
2007-06-27 17:01 +0000 [r7034] robert:
* From Andy Skinner, fixed return value.
2007-06-27 11:14 +0000 [r7033] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-27 10:37 +0000 [r7032] robert:
* From Rajce Nickolov, improvements to PixelBufferWin32 and
2007-06-27 10:12 +0000 [r7031] robert:
* Added texture format into Traits.
2007-06-27 09:44 +0000 [r7030] robert:
* Fixed target setting bug in PixelBuffer RTT set up.
2007-06-26 17:12 +0000 [r7029] robert:
* Added missing cmake macros
2007-06-26 11:31 +0000 [r7028] robert:
* Reverted to using non silhouette computation.
2007-06-25 13:48 +0000 [r7027] robert:
* Changed the RTT Camera so that it doesn't automatically recompute
the near and far planes
2007-06-25 11:32 +0000 [r7026] robert:
* From Trajce Nickolov, improvements to PixelBufferWin32.
2007-06-25 08:35 +0000 [r7025] robert:
* Set the eol style on CMake .txt files to native
2007-06-24 10:55 +0000 [r7024] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-24 10:18 +0000 [r7023] robert:
* From Trajce Nikolov, PixelBufferWin32 implementation
2007-06-23 21:55 +0000 [r7021-7022] robert:
* Simplified decoration code and added support for reading
* Set the Traits::supportsResize flag to true in default
2007-06-23 11:24 +0000 [r7019-7020] robert:
* Reorder the setProjectionMatrix.. mathod
* Added setting of the Camera's projection matrix to fit the
windowing aspect ratio.
2007-06-22 14:48 +0000 [r7017-7018] robert:
* Added optional set up of pbuffers for background compilation of
the OpenGL objects when database paging.
* Added ability to compile OpenGL objects via pbuffers in the
2007-06-21 16:14 +0000 [r7016] robert:
* Added explicit setting of updateText to have DYNAMIC data
2007-06-21 11:20 +0000 [r7014] robert:
* From Trajce Nikolov, windows build fixes
2007-06-20 12:34 +0000 [r7013] robert:
* Added dummy init method
2007-06-20 12:29 +0000 [r7012] robert:
* Added placeholder for PixelBufferWin32
2007-06-20 12:01 +0000 [r7008-7011] robert:
* Corrected graphics context creation message
* Added code of support for contouring shaders
* Updated wrappers
* Completed implementation of PixelBufferX11.
2007-06-19 17:12 +0000 [r7007] robert:
* Added beginnings of osgViewer::PixelBufferX11
2007-06-19 16:19 +0000 [r7006] robert:
* Added passing of arguments into constructor.
2007-06-19 09:16 +0000 [r7005] robert:
2007-06-18 12:10 +0000 [r7003] robert:
* Added use of GLSL filters
2007-06-15 17:47 +0000 [r7002] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, Updates to Packages
2007-06-15 16:17 +0000 [r6999] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog
2007-06-15 16:08 +0000 [r6998] robert:
* Fixed namespace
2007-06-15 14:57 +0000 [r6997] robert:
* Added default values for ambientBias
2007-06-15 14:26 +0000 [r6996] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, Update to Packaging
2007-06-15 14:02 +0000 [r6995] robert:
* Removed now redundent file
2007-06-15 13:43 +0000 [r6994] robert:
* For Win32 added BUILD_MFC_EXAMPLE option, default to OFF to try
and avoid issues with users without MFC installed. --This line,
2007-06-15 13:12 +0000 [r6993] robert:
* Fixed handling of cases when no matrix is attached to
2007-06-15 12:59 +0000 [r6991] robert:
* Added ShadowMap::s/getAmbientBias, updated NEWS and wrappers
2007-06-15 12:48 +0000 [r6990] robert:
* Updated README.
2007-06-15 12:41 +0000 [r6989] robert:
* Changed the version format.
2007-06-15 10:15 +0000 [r6987-6988] robert:
* Updated version numbers for 2.0 release
* Added handling of when mouse delta is too high, indicating a
inconsitency in the the events. These changes prevent irratic
high speed spinning when releasing the mouse point in a different
screen from when the mouse event started.
2007-06-15 09:29 +0000 [r6986] robert:
* Fixed null pointer derefence bug
2007-06-15 08:36 +0000 [r6985] robert:
* Addded missing namespace
2007-06-14 22:22 +0000 [r6984] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, Packaging Update
2007-06-14 21:03 +0000 [r6983] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-14 20:58 +0000 [r6981] robert:
* Included shaders directly into source, added support for toggle
lighting on/off
2007-06-14 20:49 +0000 [r6979-6980] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, Packaging Updates
* From Martin Lavery, Packaging Updates
2007-06-14 20:22 +0000 [r6978] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, Install script for the Xcode build
2007-06-14 19:17 +0000 [r6977] robert:
* Fixed typo
2007-06-14 16:09 +0000 [r6975] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, Fix to packaging
2007-06-14 15:51 +0000 [r6974] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, addition of Packaging directory
2007-06-13 21:15 +0000 [r6971] robert:
* Updated wrapers, changelog, README and AUTHORS files for 1.9.9
2007-06-13 21:00 +0000 [r6970] robert:
* Updated wrappers and Version numbers for 1.9.9 release
2007-06-13 20:56 +0000 [r6969] robert:
* From Paul Mellis, "Here's an updated README.txt with a few
spelling and grammer mistakes fixed. I changed the wording
slightly here and there. Hope you don't mind me fiddling with
this one... "
2007-06-13 20:52 +0000 [r6968] robert:
* Added ability to set the keyboard bindings in the
2007-06-13 20:34 +0000 [r6967] robert:
* From Jeremy Moles & Robert Osfield, Added support for playback of
animation paths using 'Z' key
2007-06-13 19:54 +0000 [r6965-6966] robert:
* Added clear()
* Added new shader support
2007-06-13 19:44 +0000 [r6964] robert:
* From John Shue, fixed typo in CMakeLists.txt
2007-06-13 15:32 +0000 [r6962] robert:
* Added passing of arugments into viewer constructor
2007-06-13 14:42 +0000 [r6961] robert:
* Removed SunOS hack as it didn't work..
2007-06-13 14:05 +0000 [r6960] robert:
* Wired up new shaders
2007-06-13 13:41 +0000 [r6958] robert:
* Added better handling of 0,0,0 values
2007-06-13 11:09 +0000 [r6957] robert:
* Added OSG_SCREEN and OSG_WINDOW env var checking in the
2007-06-13 10:45 +0000 [r6956] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-13 10:38 +0000 [r6955] robert:
* Added osgViewer::View::setUpViewInWindow(...) method and command
line option into osgViewer::Viewer to allow you to specify the
window dimentions and screen for the window on startup.
2007-06-13 10:31 +0000 [r6954] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, osgShadow plugin added to Xcode project.
2007-06-13 10:12 +0000 [r6953] robert:
* Fixed versioning
2007-06-13 09:56 +0000 [r6952] robert:
* Removed ParallelSplitShadowMap as its currently a non op.
2007-06-13 08:56 +0000 [r6951] robert:
* Added -lrt in for SunOS build
2007-06-12 19:46 +0000 [r6950] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-12 18:58 +0000 [r6948-6949] robert:
* Added StatsHandler
* Refactored the dome correction code to support movie flipping.
2007-06-12 16:55 +0000 [r6947] robert:
* Added Image::g/setOrigin to help movie plugins tell applications
that the imagery is not the usual OpenGL BOTTOM_LEFT orientation,
but with the origin TOP_LEFT. This allows geometry setup code to
flip the t tex coord to render the movie the correct way up.
2007-06-12 15:57 +0000 [r6946] robert:
* Added in QT4 keyboard event adaption
2007-06-12 15:52 +0000 [r6945] robert:
* UPdated wrappers
2007-06-12 15:38 +0000 [r6944] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "while porting my own code to the new
osgViewer I discover more and more bugs in the
Carbon-implementation of GraphicsWindow, so here's another fix
for setWindowDecorationImplementation, now updates the
titlebar-height, and fixes some display-issues when switching the
decoration on/off. "
2007-06-12 15:32 +0000 [r6943] robert:
* Moved the className, libraryName and isSameAs into public.
2007-06-12 14:43 +0000 [r6942] robert:
* Changed _data to _movieData to avoid possible confusion
2007-06-12 14:20 +0000 [r6941] robert:
* From Martin Lavery and Robert Osfield, Updated examples to use a
variation of the MIT License
2007-06-12 11:31 +0000 [r6940] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, fix to Xcode Resources
2007-06-12 10:37 +0000 [r6939] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, Fix of OpenSceneGraph-Data linking
2007-06-12 10:19 +0000 [r6938] robert:
* Build fixes for QT4
2007-06-12 09:55 +0000 [r6937] robert:
* Changed the throw dection time to 0.02
2007-06-12 08:30 +0000 [r6934-6936] robert:
* Work in progress on perspective view dependant codes
* Added screen number, and flip support into dome correction codes.
* From Stephan Huber, "the computation of the windowtitlebar-height
was wrong, attached you'll find a fixed version for
GraphicsWindowCarbon.cpp "
2007-06-10 20:46 +0000 [r6933] robert:
* Added support for specifying external overlay file.
2007-06-10 20:12 +0000 [r6932] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-10 19:53 +0000 [r6931] robert:
* From Stephan Huber and Robert Osfield, Stephan: "attached you'll
find some modifications to the GraphicsWindow-class and their
platform-dependant implementations. The problem:
setWindowRectangle and setWindowDecoration do not update the
traits-object, so, if you call setWindowRectangle on a
not-realized-window it will open with another size when realized
later. getWindowRectangle reports possible wrong sizes if
setWindowRectangle called before. My solution: split the
implementation in two parts: GraphicsWindow::setWindowRectangle
will update its traits-object and call afterwards the virtual
method setWindowRectangleImplementation (which is implemented by
the derived platformspecific classess). For setWindowDecoration I
am useing a similar mechanism. I hope you'll find the submission
useful, the Win32 and X11 changes are not tested but should
work." Changes to this made by Robert are call of resized in
setWindowRectangle instead of setting of Traits, and use of a
bool return type.
2007-06-10 19:22 +0000 [r6930] robert:
* From Vladimir Shabanov, "osg::Image::isImageTranslucent() now
GL_UNSIGNED_INT_10_10_10_2, GL_UNSIGNED_INT_2_10_10_10_REV and
GL_HALF_FLOAT_NV pixel formats."
2007-06-10 19:18 +0000 [r6929] robert:
* From Vladimir Shabanov, "DDS plugin now works with these formats:
R3G3B2, R5G6B5, A1R5G5B5, X1R5G5B5, A4R4G4B4, X4R4G4B4, R8G8B8
(now without swaping of red and blue), A8R8G8B8 (also w/o
swapping), X8R8G8B8, A8B8G8R8, X8B8G8R8, A2R10G10B10,
A2B10G10R10, L4A4 (not work on my machine), L16A16, L16,
A16B16G16R16, A16B16G16R16F, Q16W16V16U16, R32F, R16F and
A32B32G32R32F. And these ones are correctly detected, but prints
"unsupported" using osg::notify(osg::WARN) and are not loaded:
A8R3G3B2, G16R16, G16R16F, G32R32F and CxV8U8. Also added
checking of not supported DDPF_BUMPDUDV (V8U8, V16U16, Q8W8U8L8,
A2W10U10V10 etc.) and DDPF_BUMPLUMINANCE (L6V5U5, X8L8V8U8, etc.)
pixel formats. Mipmap handling is slightly modified and now
support all additional formats. "
2007-06-10 18:17 +0000 [r6928] robert:
* From Olaf Flebbe, "support current zlib and libpng library names
for win32 3rdParty builds."
2007-06-10 09:51 +0000 [r6927] robert:
* Improved the set up of static build, added freetype plugin to
plugins that support static usage
2007-06-09 19:18 +0000 [r6926] robert:
* Added default file in case no file arguments are provided.
Changed to use standard ThreadingHandler by default.
2007-06-09 17:58 +0000 [r6925] robert:
* Improved the detection of throwing of the mouse.
2007-06-09 10:18 +0000 [r6924] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-09 10:07 +0000 [r6922-6923] robert:
* Removed the command line parameters form the examples that now
have a default file built into them.
* Added DisplaySettings to osg::Camera, and support into osg::View
for initializing the Camera to the DisplaySettings
ScreenWidth/Height/Distance. Added support for dual screen
horizontal split stereo.
2007-06-08 20:11 +0000 [r6921] robert:
* Added debug code path that prints out font details.
2007-06-08 16:47 +0000 [r6919] robert:
* From Eric Wing, interface files
2007-06-08 16:05 +0000 [r6917-6918] robert:
* Removed empty directory
* Removed empty directory
2007-06-08 15:37 +0000 [r6916] robert:
* From Martin Lavery and Robert Osfield, added fallbacks for when
now command line args are provided.
2007-06-08 15:29 +0000 [r6914] robert:
* Added fallback for when no command line args are provied.
2007-06-08 15:11 +0000 [r6913] robert:
* Added default file when no command line options are supplied.
2007-06-08 15:06 +0000 [r6911-6912] robert:
* Added fallback for when no command line args are passed in.
* From Martin Lavery, Linking of example Data files for the Xcode
2007-06-08 12:16 +0000 [r6908-6910] robert:
* Removed command line args for examples ported across to not need
* Added default command line arg
* Added default file load to avoid the need for command line
2007-06-08 11:04 +0000 [r6907] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "attached you'll find a new
GraphicsWindowCarbon-header and .cpp, the changes I made: + put a
warning in the console if a nonexistant screen is requested + add
getters for the aglcontext and pixelformat -- I need access to
them in my own code. "
2007-06-08 10:58 +0000 [r6906] robert:
* From Jason Daly, "We have a few OpenFlight files that used to
display properly with the old loader, but appear very, very wrong
with the new one. I traced the problem to the handling of the
palette override flags in the external reference records. The
current behavior for handling the palette override flags for
external references has different offsets for different
OpenFlight version (2 bytes for 14.2-15.1 and 4 bytes for 15.2
and later). However, I believe this behavior is incorrect. I know
that the original 14.2 OpenFlight spec (dated April 1995)
specifies 2 bytes between the filename and the override flags,
and the 15.4 and later specs specify 4 bytes. However, I also
found a 14.2.4 OpenFlight spec (dated January 1996) that changes
the specification to 4 bytes. Also, the databases in question
were created using an old IRIX version of MultiGen II, which
wrote OpenFlight 14.2 files natively. These files also have 4
bytes between the filename and flags. Furthermore, these
databases have always worked properly under earlier versions of
OSG, under Performer, and in every MultiGen product we've used.
This leads me to believe that the original 14.2 spec was
incorrect (the 14.2.4 spec corrected this error), and there
should be 4 bytes between the filename and flags for all
OpenFlight files version 14.2 and later. The attached fix
modifies the OpenFlight loader to behave in this way."
2007-06-08 10:43 +0000 [r6903-6905] robert:
* From Eric Wing, build fix
* From Eric Wing, build fix
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-08 10:22 +0000 [r6902] robert:
* From Jason Daly, "This changes the handling of textures in the
OpenFlight loader. Currently, if the texture attribute file
doesn't explicitly specify an internal format, the loader will
force it to use GL_RGB, which keeps translucent textures (eg.
GL_RGBA textures) from showing up properly. This patch changes
the default behavior to simply use the image's format instead of
forcing a particular format."
2007-06-08 10:16 +0000 [r6901] robert:
* From Eric Wing, "So, something strange happened to the repo and
some of this project's files got messed up, most notiably the Nib
and also the Localized strings file. I didn't notice the latter
until now so Martin is missing this file. Anyway, the attached
tar contains all new versions of all the necessary files. There
are cleanups and fixes to a lot of things. Martin did a good job
porting the thing to osg::Viewer so most of the code changes I
made address other areas. Two things I noticed in the new port
you might want to consider as feedback. First, there might be a
bug with osgViewer when the view size goes to 0. If you play with
the splitviews in this program and shrink the view until it is
closed, and then re-expand it, the model doesn't come back, not
even after a home() call. SimpleViewer didn't have this problem.
Second, a more minor thing, this program has a
take-screenshot--and-copy-to-clipboard feature via Cmd-C (or Menu
item). I achieve this by using osg::Camera to render to an FBO
and then copy the contents to Cocoa. To insert the camera, I
manipulate the scenegraph so I can get the camera node in and
out. I end up calling setSceneData at the end of eveything to
restore everything to the original state before I started mucking
with the scenegraph. This unfortunately, triggers a home() reset.
So in this particular case, it make Copy look like it's changing
the scene. The old SimpleViewer had the same problem, but I was
able to work around it by directly invoking the underlying
SceneView's setSceneData so the home() mechanism was bypassed.
The viewer design seems to protect this data more carefully so
the bypass trick won't work. My feedback is that maybe a flag or
extra parameter can be introduced so a reset is not triggered if
not desired. I have checked in a ton of Xcode fixes for the
entire build process in general so once this piece gets checked
in, hopefully everything will build cleanly."
2007-06-08 10:11 +0000 [r6900] robert:
* From Mike Wittman, "This change to genwrapper and
osgIntrospection gives access to the declaring file for a given
type via the new member function
osgIntrospection::Type::getDeclaringFile. This information is
useful in order to know what header to include when
auto-generating wrappers for a given type. During the C# wrapper
generator development I've been keeping the declaring file
configuration state up-to-date manually with changes to OSG, and
it's proven to require substantial effort. So it would be
extremely valuable to get this change in before 2.0 to reduce
maintenance during the lifetime of the release. It'll also be
equally useful to others looking to create wrapper generators
using osgIntrospection. This is a fairly simple change and was
tested with a fresh rebuild of the entire suite of osgWrapper
libraries, so it should be relatively low risk (fingers
2007-06-08 09:45 +0000 [r6899] robert:
* Added clean up of the view before destruction of the window
2007-06-08 09:17 +0000 [r6898] robert:
* Added const get*Matrix() methods
2007-06-08 05:03 +0000 [r6897] ewing:
* Changed the version to 2.0.0 in the Info.plist in anticipation of
the official release. I don't know what the OpenThreads version
number will be, so that has been left alone.
2007-06-08 04:57 +0000 [r6896] ewing:
* Lots of various fixes to Xcode project. - Adding missing header
files and making sure they are marked public. - Support to copy
headers in Viewer/api into the proper location in framework -
Internalized OpenThreads build so cross-project dependency is not
needed. Can now delete copy of OpenThreads project. Frameworks
use native Xcode linking mechanism. Plugins/Examples still use
explicit -framework OpenThreads. Could potentially be problem is
old OpenThreads is on the system. This can be changed to use
native mechanism too, but requires some patience because it is
tedious to change. - Lots of fixes to osgViewerCocoa (something
got messed up pretty badly...files are missing from repo).
Another submission will need to readd these files back.
2007-06-07 21:43 +0000 [r6895] shuber:
* Stephan Huber: fixed deploy-build for osgViewer
2007-06-07 21:07 +0000 [r6894] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-07 20:26 +0000 [r6893] robert:
* Commented out the Scene Stats entry as its not implemented yet.
2007-06-07 20:22 +0000 [r6892] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, StatsHandler added to the ViewerCocoa example
2007-06-07 13:49 +0000 [r6890-6891] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, update of *.nib files
* From Martin Lavery, update of *.nib files
2007-06-07 13:44 +0000 [r6889] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, update of *.nib files
2007-06-07 13:31 +0000 [r6888] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, update of *.nib files
2007-06-07 13:25 +0000 [r6887] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, update of *.nib files
2007-06-07 12:55 +0000 [r6886] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, port of ViewerCocoa and updates to Xcode
2007-06-07 12:47 +0000 [r6884-6885] robert:
* Removed the old SimpleView version of the Cocoa example
* Removed now not need SimpleViewer
2007-06-07 12:23 +0000 [r6883] robert:
* Added automatic stopping of animation when home() is called
2007-06-07 12:05 +0000 [r6882] robert:
* From Per Fahlberg, "To get the pfb (Performer) plugin to compile
I had to remove some of the libraries listed under
TARGET_EXTERNAL_LIBRARIES. The removed libraries are not needed
when linking the plugin, they are loaded during runtime by
Performer. The modified file is attached."
2007-06-07 11:19 +0000 [r6881] robert:
* Introduced a destruct method to help clean up the Registry.
2007-06-07 11:06 +0000 [r6879-6880] robert:
* Revert the signOrZero cade path in the getRotate() to fix bugs.
* Added support for using quat_scaled sx sy sz for testing getting
quats from scaled matrices. Removed broken Matrixd/quat test
2007-06-07 09:58 +0000 [r6878] robert:
* Added View::home() method and updated wrappers
2007-06-07 09:24 +0000 [r6877] robert:
* Removed redundent files
2007-06-07 08:52 +0000 [r6876] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-06 21:57 +0000 [r6873] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog, AUTHORES and README to 1.9.8 release
2007-06-06 21:43 +0000 [r6872] robert:
* Updated version numbers for release
2007-06-06 17:01 +0000 [r6866] robert:
* Revert the setting of SingleThreaded under Windows in
2007-06-06 16:27 +0000 [r6865] robert:
* Added #include<osg/Geometry>
2007-06-06 16:23 +0000 [r6864] robert:
* Fixed includes
2007-06-06 15:22 +0000 [r6863] robert:
* From Ulrich Hertlein, "on my MacOS X/cmake setup the zlib plugin
isn't built by default. This may be because zlib.h is installed
in /opt/local/include on my system (courtesy of DarwinPorts).
I've added a CMakeModule to look for zlib.h and the library in
various places. The files are attached."
2007-06-06 14:51 +0000 [r6862] robert:
* Fixed includes
2007-06-06 13:45 +0000 [r6861] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, Updates to Xcode project
2007-06-06 11:34 +0000 [r6860] robert:
* From Roger James, "These fix a couple of problems in the ac3d
writer. 1. Number of child node of the world object set
incorrectly in when scene contains shape drawables. 2. Incorrect
handling of line primitives."
2007-06-06 11:28 +0000 [r6859] robert:
* From Olaf Flebbe, "an implementation of GraphicsWindow::setCursor
for WIN32."
2007-06-06 11:21 +0000 [r6858] robert:
* Moved HelpHandler and StatsHandler classes into
ViewerEventHandlers header, removed HelpHandler and StatsHandler
2007-06-06 11:10 +0000 [r6857] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-06 10:58 +0000 [r6855-6856] robert:
* Moved SimpleViewer from osgViewer into the osgviewerCocoa example
directory as this is the only place in the OSG that now relies
upon SimpleViewer.
* Added support for passing in ArgumentParser in Viewer and
CompositeViewer constructor
2007-06-06 08:59 +0000 [r6854] robert:
* From Marin Lavery and Robert Osfield, XCode build fixes
2007-06-05 20:42 +0000 [r6853] robert:
* From Martin Lavery, XCode build fixes
2007-06-05 19:44 +0000 [r6850-6852] robert:
* Renamed osgmultiplecameras to osgcompositeviewer
* Renamed osgmultiplecamrea to osgcompositeviewer
* Added CompositeViewer support into FLTK example
2007-06-05 19:36 +0000 [r6849] shuber:
* from Stephan Huber: fixed build path for OpenThreads, so osg
builds cleanly
2007-06-05 19:10 +0000 [r6848] robert:
* Added support for CompositeViewer
2007-06-05 17:19 +0000 [r6846-6847] robert:
* Improved the wording of CMake instructions
* From Martin Lavery, build fixes fo latest file additions
2007-06-05 14:37 +0000 [r6845] robert:
* Change interator to const_iterator to try and avoid Solaris build
2007-06-05 11:18 +0000 [r6844] robert:
* From Per Fahlberg, "added use of the internal format specified in
the OpenFlight format attr files."
2007-06-05 08:46 +0000 [r6843] robert:
* Removed const to try and avoid Sun compiler error
2007-06-05 08:30 +0000 [r6842] robert:
* Removed redundent comma
2007-06-04 21:32 +0000 [r6838-6839] robert:
* Updated READEME
* Updated ChangeLog and AUTHORS.txt for 1.9.7 release
2007-06-04 21:02 +0000 [r6837] robert:
defaulting to OFF.
2007-06-04 20:32 +0000 [r6836] robert:
* From Jeremy Moles and Rbert Osfeild, added extra details about
CMake build options.
2007-06-04 19:33 +0000 [r6835] robert:
* Removed setting of font resolutions and added control of
threading, with the default theading set to SingleThreading to
avoid crashes associated with non thread safe sections of osgFX -
the need to be fixed!!!
2007-06-04 17:11 +0000 [r6834] robert:
* Added control of threading model, setting default to
SingleThreaded to avoid crash associated with mixing
useCursor(false) and multi-threading.
2007-06-04 16:20 +0000 [r6833] robert:
* Updated version for 1.9.7 release
2007-06-04 15:11 +0000 [r6832] robert:
* Fixed stray control character
2007-06-04 15:05 +0000 [r6831] robert:
* Warning fix
2007-06-04 14:47 +0000 [r6829-6830] robert:
* Cleaned up example
* From Martin Lavery and Robert Osfield, ported fltk example to
2007-06-04 13:45 +0000 [r6828] robert:
* Added local FindFLTK.cmake to avoid problems with FLTK no being
found by standard CMake FindFLTK.cmake.
2007-06-04 11:47 +0000 [r6827] robert:
* From Roger James, "Here are my fixes for transparency in the
Collada DAE reader."
2007-06-04 11:14 +0000 [r6826] robert:
* From Martin Lavery and Robert Osfield, added use of hardwarded
value kCGLCEMPEngine to fix build failure on slightly older
versions of OSX.
2007-06-04 10:56 +0000 [r6825] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-04 10:47 +0000 [r6824] robert:
* Added osg::Hint class
2007-06-04 08:38 +0000 [r6823] robert:
* Fixed spelling of Receives
2007-06-03 10:00 +0000 [r6822] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-03 09:34 +0000 [r6821] robert:
* Added Viewer::setUpViewerAsEmbeddedInWindow convinience method
2007-06-03 09:11 +0000 [r6819-6820] robert:
* Removed osgsimple example
* Merged the osgviewerQT3 and QT4 examples into a single
osgviewerQT example, and ported across from SimpleViewer to using
2007-06-03 08:58 +0000 [r6818] robert:
* Changed external library specication
2007-06-02 16:23 +0000 [r6817] robert:
* Ported across from SimpleViewer to using Viewer
2007-06-02 16:01 +0000 [r6816] robert:
* Ported QT3 example across to use osgViewer::Viewer, and made it
possible to use the same source for both QT3 and QT4
2007-06-02 15:31 +0000 [r6815] robert:
* Added osgViewer::GraphicsWindowEmbedded and ported GLUT, SDL and
WX examples across from SimpleViewer to Viewer.
2007-06-02 12:03 +0000 [r6814] robert:
* Ported GLUT example to using osgViewer::Viewer rather than
SimpleViewer by using a local GraphicsWindowEmbedded class to
help the adaption.
2007-06-01 22:41 +0000 [r6813] robert:
* Renamed all osgsimpleviewer* files to osgviewer*
2007-06-01 22:33 +0000 [r6812] robert:
* Renamed osgsimpleviewer* examples to osgviewer* in prep for
replacement of SimpleViewer by Viewer
2007-06-01 22:28 +0000 [r6811] robert:
* updated wrapper
2007-06-01 21:38 +0000 [r6810] robert:
* From J.P Delport, "attached find an updated osgunittests.cpp that
allows for the testing of the matrix.getRotate() function when a
matrix contains a scale as well as a rotation. The scale can
optionally be switched off, see the top of testQuatFromMatrix().
As expected, all the current methods for mat to quat conversion
fail these new tests. When the scale is omitted, mk2 of getRotate
with sign instead of signOrZero passes, as well as mk1. "
2007-06-01 21:33 +0000 [r6809] robert:
* From Maria Ten, "The constructor method of the EllipsoidLocator
of osgTerrain assumes that the terrain is always the Earth
planet. I changed the constructor method to accept the Equator
radius and the Polar radius like parameters. By default, it
assumes the Earth radius for the EllipsoidLocator. I added a
setEllipsoidModel method, too. Now, we are developing some
libraries for a GIS applicacion, and our libraries can visualize
terrains of planets like Mars. I think that is a interesting
2007-06-01 21:28 +0000 [r6808] robert:
* From Michael Hartman, "CMakeLists.txt: Changed this back to
setup_example since WIN32 flag is now supported. MFC_OSG.h: Added
flag to indicate when the rendering thread has exited.
MFC_OSG.cpp: Code modifications to support rendering flag thread
exit. MFC_OSG_MDIView.cpp: Change to OnDestroy function to wait
until we get render thread exit flag is true before we close the
window. Main Exit Process: User presses escape button Viewer
captures escape button and stops threading etc. Viewer sets Done
when shutdown is complete MFC Render Thread monitors viewer->done
for true MFC Render Thread exits while loop and sets MFC Done
flag MFC View Window monitors MFC Done flag and then
closes/destroys the window "
2007-06-01 19:53 +0000 [r6807] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-06-01 19:45 +0000 [r6804-6806] robert:
* From Wojciech Lewandowski, "I did few tests to see whether adding
PreDraw callback would help us with SPI problems when using
Viewer. Results were positive so I decided to give it a try and
ask you to verify and maybe merge with existing codebase. I added
_preDrawCallback member and neccessary access methods plus
modified osgUtil RenderStage.cpp to invoke it before all
drawInner calls are made. I tried to maintain symmetry with
postDrawCallback but you know better where is a proper place for
this call ;-) "
* Updates to OverlayData
* From Mathias Froelich, "have done an interface to change the
mouse cursor in the X11 graphics window. The win32 implementation
is still in its original shape since I have no win32
implementation available. I have chosen the enum approach for the
first cut. That is benefitial since the user does not need to
track creation of mouse cursors for different windows and
displays in presence of multiple viewer windows. The default set
of available mouse shapes is the same set that was available with
glut. That set served many OpenGL applications well, so the hope
is that this is enough. Even though, that implementation is still
extensible: I have digged out the way SDL defines new mouse
cursors and added a still documented out function prototype in
the GraphicsWindow that can be used to extend the current
implemtation for arbitrary mouse shapes. That is not implemented
yet. I hope that somebody with a win32 test system can catch up
that implementation on win32."
2007-06-01 19:21 +0000 [r6802-6803] robert:
* Removed setViewUpOnScreen settings
* From Stephan Huber, "attached you'll find the modified
ImageStream and a small fix for QuicktimeImageStream to disable
debug-logging :)"
2007-06-01 19:10 +0000 [r6801] robert:
* From Mike Wittman, "Just found another issue building the C#
wrappers: the osgTerrain ValidDataOperator file uses osg::Vec2,
osg::Vec3, and osg::Vec4, but does not include their headers. The
file with the relevant includes is attached. "
2007-06-01 19:01 +0000 [r6799-6800] robert:
* Removed the debug message for the ortho path.
* Improved the handling of the -p path option
2007-06-01 18:27 +0000 [r6798] robert:
* Work in progress on shaders support
2007-06-01 16:14 +0000 [r6797] robert:
* From Paul Martz, added Win32 export
2007-06-01 11:21 +0000 [r6796] robert:
* Added recording of camera paths
2007-06-01 10:42 +0000 [r6794-6795] robert:
* Changed name of AnimationPathHandler to RecordCameraPathHandler
* From Jeremy Moles, new event handler to record the camera path. A
few small tweaks by Robert Osfield to make it more consistent
with the old osgProducer::Viewer behavior.
2007-05-30 17:56 +0000 [r6793] robert:
* Improved taper ratio computation
2007-05-30 16:36 +0000 [r6792] robert:
* Added set up of overlay stateset
2007-05-30 14:18 +0000 [r6791] robert:
* Added trapezodial fitting code
2007-05-30 09:25 +0000 [r6790] robert:
* Fixed case of when view==NULL
2007-05-29 18:39 +0000 [r6789] ewing:
* Stephan Huber: Adding missing Xcode project file.
2007-05-29 14:19 +0000 [r6788] shuber:
* From Stephan Huber, updated OpenThreads-XCode-project files
2007-05-29 13:28 +0000 [r6787] robert:
* Added support for specifying which screen number to place the
2007-05-29 10:31 +0000 [r6786] robert:
* From Sherman Wilcox, "The issue itself occurs when a model is
tessellated that has greater than unsigned short number of
vertexes. An object called vertexPtrToIndexMap contains vertexes
and their indexes. This std::map object can obviously hold a
quantity that is greater than unsigned short, however
osg::DrawElementsUShort objects were being created to reference
these vertexes and their indexes. osg::DrawElementsUShort can
only hold indexes that are 16-bit quantities. ...
proposed_patch_2\tessellator.cpp. This solution examines the size
of vertexPtrToIndexMap and selects 1 of 3 possible
osg::DrawElements objects: DrawElementsUByte, DrawElementsUShort,
or DrawElementsUInt. The main drawback of this particular
solution is the code duplication. However, the repair is
2007-05-29 10:01 +0000 [r6784] robert:
* From Olaf Flebbe, "recently I discovered that the freetype plugin
does not work, because CMake doesn't recognize it properly on
windows. 1) the header detection on a directory "freetype" fails,
it seems to need a filename: "ft2build.h" actually works. 2) the
3rdparty I am supplying for FlightGear contains freetype-2.3.4. I
added the correct library naming for this particular release. I
double-checked my directory layout with the 3rdparty supplied by
other OSG contributors."
2007-05-29 09:57 +0000 [r6783] robert:
* From Olar Flebbe, "Visual Studio 2005 triggered a small glitch in
UnittestFramework.cpp Do not derefence it2 if it is at end()."
2007-05-29 07:25 +0000 [r6782] robert:
* Changed SHORT_NAMES = NO to SHORT_NAMES = YES to avoid crappy
Windows problems
2007-05-28 15:44 +0000 [r6779] robert:
* Added --object, --ortho and --persp OverlayNode options
2007-05-28 15:27 +0000 [r6778] robert:
* Fixed handle on non ellipsoid models
2007-05-28 15:17 +0000 [r6777] robert:
* Improved the accuracy of the overlaynode settings
2007-05-28 13:56 +0000 [r6776] robert:
* Added project down to base implementation.
2007-05-28 10:48 +0000 [r6773] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog and AUTHORS.txt for 1.9.6 release
2007-05-28 10:17 +0000 [r6772] robert:
* Updated version number, wrappers and readme for release
2007-05-28 10:14 +0000 [r6771] robert:
* From Frauciel Luc, "Added support for other pointers than mouses
by using a nearpoint and farpoint instead of mousex,mousey +
Camera (see Dragger and Dragger.cpp). The major modification
concern the LineProjector class in Projector.cpp. The
intersection was previously done in window space, I've modified
it to compute it in object space."
2007-05-28 09:30 +0000 [r6770] robert:
* Removed old ProgrammingGuide as this is now replaced by the
proper Quick Start Guide.
2007-05-27 19:35 +0000 [r6769] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-05-27 18:18 +0000 [r6768] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-05-27 17:29 +0000 [r6767] robert:
* Added camera event callback support into osgViewer
2007-05-27 15:24 +0000 [r6766] robert:
* Updated calling of master camera's update callback
2007-05-27 14:52 +0000 [r6764-6765] robert:
* Added testing to see if camera allows events before automatically
attaching a trackball manipulator
* Added option for using the different overlay techniques.
2007-05-26 16:02 +0000 [r6763] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-05-26 15:55 +0000 [r6762] robert:
* Added a basic configure script to allow the setting of Release
build by default.
2007-05-26 15:49 +0000 [r6760-6761] robert:
* Fixes to help C# binding dev.
* From Blake Williams, "I discovered why the \u2013CompositeViewer
option for the osghud example does not work. The run() function
adds a camera manipulator to each view that does not have one
assigned, which causes the view with the HUD camera to point
somewhere other than where it should. I just added a check before
a new default camera manipulator is added to ensure that the view
allows event focus before a camera manipulator is added."
2007-05-26 15:42 +0000 [r6759] robert:
* From Charles Cole, "Attached are mods to the OpenFlight plug-in
to help further implement the specification. With these mods,
blink sequences are now created for flashing light point nodes,
either palletized (v.15.8 and later) or non-palletized (15.7 and
earlier). Thanks to Brede for his implementation of the
palletized light point nodes. There is still work to do on adding
the capability to properly handle light point system nodes, but
this does add some capability that did not previously exist. So,
I wanted to at least submit this and I will hopefully provide the
additional capability in the near future. I've tested the code
modifications with Visual Studio 2005. I don't have the means to
test any other operating system, but I would suspect that there
shouldn't be any issue (famous last words). I used the test files
that I uploaded to the users forum to test the changes. In
addition to the added capability, I changed the light point node
radius to the "actualPixelSize" value in the file. Previously,
the radius was set to half the actual pixel size (see
LightPointRecords.cpp). Not sure why this was the case. But, it
was brought to my attention by a co-worker who created the
OpenFlight files and was testing them with different viewers. If
there's some history for setting the radius to half the size,
then this change can be omitted."
2007-05-26 15:17 +0000 [r6758] robert:
* Added exclude of svn directories.
2007-05-25 19:35 +0000 [r6757] robert:
* From Charles Cole, "he attached code implements the
LightPointSystem class to allow for the OpenFlight plug-in to
read and handle light point system nodes. The behavior is very
similar to the old plug-in in that a MultiSwitch node is created
to handle the "enabled" flag bit set in the node record. The code
also reverts the changes for the actualPixelSize as mentioned
above. And lastly, the code requires the previously submitted
changes for the plug-in. As for the other changes, I've tested
the code with Visual Studio 2005 and the files that I posted in
the users forum. With all of the submitted changes, the
OpenFlight plug-in should now be capable of loading files with
light point system nodes and the use of palletized light points
and non-palletized light points. "
2007-05-25 19:32 +0000 [r6756] robert:
* Comment out the setting of single threading.
2007-05-25 16:00 +0000 [r6754-6755] robert:
* Added s/getOverlayBaseHeight methods
* Added some debug message to the set/getWindowSystemInterface
2007-05-25 15:27 +0000 [r6751-6753] robert:
* Introduce C entry point support for plugin setup for better
static build support
* Added C entry point graphicswindow_X11() to help with static
build support
* Added osgstaticviewer example to demonstrate how to put a static
lib built viewer
2007-05-25 13:15 +0000 [r6750] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, build fixes for Win32 build osg WxWidgets
2007-05-25 10:14 +0000 [r6748-6749] robert:
* Implemnet clampping of ovleray polytope to base plane
* Changed debug message to INFO
2007-05-24 16:11 +0000 [r6747] robert:
* From Colin McDonald, "The writeImage method in
ReaderWriterPNM.cpp had an error checking the accepted file
extensions, so that once the plugin was loaded in the Registry it
would grab any image file write request, regardless of the file
extension. This was a particular problem if it was statically
2007-05-24 14:20 +0000 [r6746] robert:
* Improved the polytope cutting and project calculation
2007-05-24 10:15 +0000 [r6745] robert:
* From Peter Hrenka, fixes regarding line-strips and -loops.
2007-05-24 09:49 +0000 [r6744] robert:
* From Olaf, "there are more dubious calls to istream::readsome
instead of istream::read. IMHO it does make no sense here and
potentially breaks this plugin."
2007-05-24 08:51 +0000 [r6743] robert:
* From Serge Lages, support for install api directories, with
tweaks from Robert Osfield
2007-05-23 19:30 +0000 [r6742] robert:
* Fixed brackets
2007-05-23 19:25 +0000 [r6741] robert:
* Added automatic building of plugins as static when dynamic build
is switch off.
2007-05-23 15:24 +0000 [r6740] robert:
* From Anders Backman, add -DJAS_WIN_MSVC_BUILD for Win32 build
2007-05-23 15:14 +0000 [r6739] robert:
* Made the local shaders definitions static const char to avoid
multiple definiations
2007-05-23 14:55 +0000 [r6738] robert:
* Added insertion of center point into object polytope
2007-05-23 13:26 +0000 [r6737] robert:
* Added angular sorting of the points on the plane intersecting the
cut plane.
2007-05-23 12:35 +0000 [r6736] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-05-23 12:21 +0000 [r6735] robert:
* Added platform specific GraphicsWindow* headers to public headers
2007-05-23 11:05 +0000 [r6734] robert:
* From Peter Hrenka, (note from Robert Osfield, renamed
GenericPrimitiveFunctor mention below to
TemplatePrimitiveFunctor). "Since we desperately needed a means
for picking Lines and Points I implemented (hopefully!) proper
geometrical tests for the PolytopeIntersector. First of all I
implemented a new "GenericPrimiteFunctor" which is basically an
extended copy TriangleFunctor which also handles Points, Lines
and Quads through suitable overloads of operator(). I would have
liked to call it "PrimitiveFunctor" but that name was already
used... I used a template method to remove redundancy in the
drawElements method overloads. If you know of platforms where
this will not work I can change it to the style used in
TriangleFunctor. In PolytopeIntersector.cpp I implemented a
"PolytopePrimitiveIntersector" which provides the needed
overloads for Points, Lines, Triangles and Quads to the
GenericPrimitiveFunctor. This is then used in the intersect
method of PolytopeIntersector. Implementation summary: - Points:
Check distance to all planes - Lines: Check distance of both ends
against each plane. If both are outside -> line is out If both
are in -> continue checking One is in, one is out -> compute
intersection point (candidate) Then check all candidates against
all other polytope planes. The remaining candidates are the
proper intersection points of the line with the polytope. -
Triangles: Perform Line-Checks for all edges of the triangle as
above. If there is an proper intersection -> done. In the case
where there are more than 2 polytope plane to check against we
have to check for the case where the triangle encloses the
polytope. In that case the intersection lines of the polytope
planes are computed and checked against the triangle. - Quads:
handled as two triangles. This is implementation is certainly not
the fastest. There are certainly ways and strategies to improve
it. I also enabled the code for PolytopeIntersector in
osgkeyboardmouse and added keybindings to switch the type of
intersector ('p') and the picking coordinate system ('c') on the
fly. Since the PolytopeIntersector does not have a canonical
ordering for its intersections (as opposed to the
LineSegementIntersector) I chaged the implementation to toggle
all hit geometries. I tested the functionality with
osgkeyboardmouse and several models and it seems to work for
polygonal models. Special nodes such as billboards do not work.
The next thing on my todo-list is to implement a an improved
Intersection-Structure for the PolytopeIntersector. We need to
know which primitives where hit (and where). "
2007-05-23 10:57 +0000 [r6733] robert:
* Added debug timing code
2007-05-22 15:17 +0000 [r6732] robert:
* Added _firstTimeToInitEyePoint = true to the setAutoRotateMode to
force the AutoTransform to recompute its position on next frame.
2007-05-22 14:00 +0000 [r6731] robert:
* From Roger James, "Here is a small fix for the ac3d plugin
geode.cpp. The fix is entirely localised to
ac3d::Geode::OutputTriangleStripDARR. It resolves an issue when
processing a DrawArrayLengths with multiple lengths where the
vertex indices were incorrect for all but the first chunk."
2007-05-22 13:48 +0000 [r6730] robert:
* Changed the way the the InputRange is adjusted on the event state
to fix bugs related to picking
2007-05-22 09:32 +0000 [r6729] robert:
* Added osg::Camera::ProjectionResizePolicy enum and associated
methods for controlling how the field of view is adjust on window
2007-05-21 18:46 +0000 [r6728] robert:
* Added extra checks to make sure that graphics operations arn't
done on no longer valid graphics contexts
2007-05-21 18:17 +0000 [r6727] robert:
* Fixed Viewer::checkWindowStatus() to work correctly when running
single threaded
2007-05-21 13:15 +0000 [r6725] robert:
* Reverting Luigi's addition of argv[1] as it breaks the build.
2007-05-21 12:34 +0000 [r6722] robert:
* Updated readme
2007-05-21 12:30 +0000 [r6716-6718] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, changed hardwired "cow.osg" paramter to
* Converted tabs to 4 spaces
* Updated version file for 1.9.5 release
2007-05-21 11:49 +0000 [r6715] robert:
* Fixed const method type
2007-05-21 09:27 +0000 [r6714] robert:
* Updated version numbers for 1.9.5 release
2007-05-21 09:18 +0000 [r6713] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog
2007-05-21 08:01 +0000 [r6712] robert:
* From Olaf Flebbe, "FlightGear/OSG on Windows did not load the
Texture Fonts. 1) TXF Fonts are binary. 2) Do not rely on the
result of istream::readsome if buffer _is_ empty and no data have
been read before."
2007-05-21 07:54 +0000 [r6711] robert:
* Added static build support to export macros
2007-05-21 06:57 +0000 [r6710] robert:
* Added istream:imbue(std::locale::classic()) setting to prevent
non classic locals from being used when the .osg plugin reads and
2007-05-20 17:38 +0000 [r6709] robert:
* Introduced VERSION and SOVERSION'ing of libraries.
2007-05-20 13:42 +0000 [r6706] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "attached you'll find some modifications and
enhancements to the carbon's implementation of GraphicsWindow: -
usage of WindowData, you can specify an existing window to use
via osg::Traits - implementation of setScreenResolution and
setScreenRefreshRate - implementation of setWindowDecoration when
window is already created. There seems to be a bug regarding
multiple threads and closing windows, see my other mail on
osg-users. "
2007-05-20 12:29 +0000 [r6705] robert:
* Added support for version of the osgPlugins directory, which now
gets versioned according to the OpenSceneGraph/CMakeLists.txt and
the include/osg/Version settings. These changes mean that the
1.9.5 release will have a libs/osgPlugins-1.9.5 directory.
2007-05-20 11:45 +0000 [r6704] robert:
* Added support for SG_USE_FLOAT_MATRIX and OSG_USE_FLOAT_PLANE in
CMake build and include/osg/Matrix and include/osg/Plane.
2007-05-20 11:13 +0000 [r6703] robert:
* Fixed build error under float matrix build
2007-05-20 09:55 +0000 [r6702] robert:
* From Lugi Calori, added control of lib postfix.
2007-05-19 14:00 +0000 [r6701] robert:
* From Stephan Huber, "I cleaned the code a little bit and improved
the handling of loops: I added a new protected virtual method to
ImageStream called applyLoopingMode() which is called from
setLoopingMode. The quicktime-plugin has an implementation of
applyLoopingMode which sets some flags for the quicktime, so that
quicktime handles the loop playback by itself. This has some
benefits: + no gaps when looping audio + simplified code Attached
you'll find the modified files, hope you'll find them useful."
2007-05-19 13:43 +0000 [r6700] robert:
* Various additions to better support view dependent overlay node,
and updated wrappers
2007-05-19 13:39 +0000 [r6698-6699] robert:
* From Rafa Giatan and Robert Osfield, added support for User
defined events, by adding UserData to Events.
* Made the near far ratio lower to allow one to be near the terrain
before clipping comes in to effect
2007-05-19 12:27 +0000 [r6697] robert:
* From Michael Hartman, "I have made a small change to the
osgviewerMFC application that resolved most of my home computer
issues. It seams that my home computer needed to have the pixel
format set with PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER. Also, with the cmake ability
you are free to remove the MFC_OSG_MDI.vcproj file. "
2007-05-19 12:16 +0000 [r6696] robert:
* From Lugi Calori, fix for Win32 build of osgsimpleviewerWX
2007-05-19 07:08 +0000 [r6695] robert:
* In Drawable::releaseGLObjects() replaced glDeleteLists with
Drawable::deleteDisplayList(..) to prevent inappropriate OpenGL
deletion when current thread does have required grpahics contxt
2007-05-18 11:22 +0000 [r6694] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-05-18 10:33 +0000 [r6693] robert:
* Added support for tracking the CoordinateSystemNode path, and
passing this on to camera manipulators.
2007-05-18 09:49 +0000 [r6692] robert:
* Added range of CameranManipulators to allow us to navigate the
scene freely
2007-05-18 09:43 +0000 [r6691] robert:
* Added -f/--fixed option to allow use to freeze the animation of
the cessna.
2007-05-17 19:58 +0000 [r6690] robert:
* Added support for View::setFustionDistance(..)
2007-05-17 15:39 +0000 [r6689] robert:
* Improved view dependent camera positioning
2007-05-17 13:20 +0000 [r6688] robert:
* Added saving and restoring of the near/far planes during Camera
2007-05-17 11:55 +0000 [r6687] robert:
* From Serge Lages, "Here is a modified GraphicsWindowWin32.cpp
which handle double click events. I've modified the file
submitted yesterday by Andre and not the current SVN version."
2007-05-17 11:48 +0000 [r6686] robert:
* From David Callu, "I have added the uninstall command at the end
of the first file, and the configuration file template use by the
command is the second file. The command use the
cmake_install.cmake file which list all file installed by the
install target. this issue come from the CMake FAQ"
2007-05-17 11:04 +0000 [r6685] robert:
* From Michael Hartman, "I have gone in and created a CMakeList.txt
file for osgviewerMFC application. Below is the changes made to
the included files. The examples CMakeList.txt file was not
included but the code change needed for osgviewerMFC inclusion is
listed below. CMakeList.txt: This is a little different than
other example cmakelist.txt files in that I could not use the
setup_example macro. I had to go in and extract out the important
parts of the macro and inline them in the CMakeList.txt file so
that I could add the WIN32 declaration into the ADD_EXECUTABLE()
statement. In the future the setup_example macro might be
modified to support osgviewerMFC but this is special case so you
might not want to muddy the water for one example. MFC_OSG.h:
This file had some small changes: From: #include
<osgViewer/GraphicsWindowWin32> To: #include
<osgViewer/api/win32/GraphicsWindowWin32> Also added two new
function declarations Void PreFrameUpdate(void); Void
PostFrameUpdate(void); MFC_OSG.cpp: This file changed only in
that I am explicitly showing the viewer run loop and added the
two new functions in the MFC_OSG.h file. "
2007-05-17 10:59 +0000 [r6684] robert:
* From Andre Garneau, warnings fixes fo VC++
2007-05-17 10:33 +0000 [r6683] robert:
* From Andre Garneau,"Please find attached changes to have the
GraphicsWindowWin32 class selectively set the pixel format for
windows that are inherited, following some discussions on the
mailing list last week. This is implemented through a new traits
flag (setInheritedWindowPixelFormat) with a default state of
false (to avoid breaking existing applications). When set to
true, the pixel format of the inherited window will be set
according to the traits specifications. "
2007-05-16 19:19 +0000 [r6682] robert:
* Futher work on view dependent OverlayNode
2007-05-16 14:22 +0000 [r6681] robert:
* Refactored the internals of OverlayNode
2007-05-16 11:32 +0000 [r6680] robert:
* Added code for computing the frustum dimensions in local coords
to the overlay node
2007-05-15 19:45 +0000 [r6679] robert:
* From Mathias Froehlich, "This is an other small update for the
ac3d loader: - It avoids attaching texture coordinates if there
is not texture attached. - It uses DrawArrayLengths instead of
multiple DrawElements."
2007-05-15 19:32 +0000 [r6678] robert:
* From Blasius Czink, "when creating windows with decorations
(titlebar) the mouse position should be adjusted."
2007-05-15 19:25 +0000 [r6677] robert:
* From Laurens Voerman, "Attached is a version of
src\osgViewer\GraphicsWindowWin32.cpp that allows to render in
software. (maybe also in hardware w/o wglChoosePixelFormatARB)"
2007-05-15 17:04 +0000 [r6675-6676] robert:
* Added code to better compute the view frustum that is appropriate
for a traversed subgraph.
* Changed back to use find Qt3 and Qt4 separately to avoid QT error
2007-05-15 14:55 +0000 [r6673-6674] robert:
* From John Kelso, Added support for new Sequence options. From
Robert Osfield, updated the above changes to the .ive loader so
that the new addition were tested against the IVE version number
* Added -n/--no-overlay option
2007-05-15 11:31 +0000 [r6672] robert:
* From Mathieu Marache, "I tried the latest developper release
1.9.4 and found that I hadn't the osgsimpleviewerQt4 example in
my Visual studio solutions... After looking into it it seems that
you cannot have both Qt3 and Qt4 enabled. After modifying the
root CMakeLists.txt to use : FIND_PACKAGE(Qt) which should ask
you to choose betwwen Qt3 and Qt4 if you have both instead of :
FIND_PACKAGE(Qt3) FIND_PACKAGE(Qt4) I had the project generated.
But then due to the way CMake handles Qt4 I had to modify
osgsimpleviewerQt4's CMakeLists.txt to have the binary link with
QtOpengl4. "
2007-05-15 11:25 +0000 [r6670-6671] robert:
* From Farshid Lashkari, "I made a modification to the
setClientActiveTextureUnit and setActiveTextureUnit methods of
osg::State so they return false if the texture unit is outside
the range of allowable units for the driver. Currently, the
functions would return true even if the units are invalid. This
would cause the osg::State to become out of sync with the actual
driver state, which can cause some bugs in certain cases. The
change I made would verify that the unit passed to
setClientActiveTextureUnit is below GL_MAX_TEXTURE_COORDS, and
the unit passed to setActiveTextureUnit is below
modeled this behavior from the OpenGL docs for these commands
which can be found here: "
* Futher work on new view dependent overlay node
2007-05-14 20:23 +0000 [r6669] robert:
* Set up new view dependent overlay technique control methods
2007-05-14 17:01 +0000 [r6668] robert:
* Added include of GraphicsWindow to fix wrapper build error
2007-05-14 16:17 +0000 [r6664-6667] robert:
* Removed redundent comment '.'
* Fixed parameter name
* Clean up comments and rebuilt wrappers. Added extra event
handlers to osgsimulator example
WxWidgets to avoid debug issues
2007-05-14 15:16 +0000 [r6663] robert:
* Renamed ViewerEventHandler to ViewerEventHandlers
2007-05-14 15:07 +0000 [r6662] robert:
* Renamed the ScreenHandler to WindowSizeHandler, fixed the code
style to be conform more to the rest of the OSG, and moved the
osgviewer across to using the event handlers in osgViewer.
2007-05-14 14:41 +0000 [r6661] robert:
* From Serge Lages, "Here is a ViewerEventHandler file with a
collection of helper handlers for osgViewer. Most of the code is
from the osgviewer application, I have took the fullscreen
handler and the threading one, and I have just added a
fonctionality to be able to change the screen resolution in
windowed mode."
2007-05-14 14:36 +0000 [r6660] robert:
* Changed tabs to four spaces
2007-05-14 09:43 +0000 [r6657] robert:
* Updated authors file
2007-05-14 09:33 +0000 [r6656] robert:
* Updated wrappers and version numbers for 1.9.4 dev release
2007-05-13 09:54 +0000 [r6655] robert:
* Added TerrainNode::init() and
s/getTreatBoundariesToValidDataAsDefaultValue flag.
2007-05-11 20:16 +0000 [r6654] robert:
* Added include
2007-05-11 19:28 +0000 [r6652-6653] robert:
* Updated wrappers
* Added new areThreadsRunning() method to Viewer and
CompositeViewer. Added removeView(View*) method to
CompositeViewer Added stopping/starting of threads in
2007-05-11 18:25 +0000 [r6651] robert:
* Added ValidDataOperator base class and NoDataValue and ValidRange
subclasses, and support for it in osgTerrain::Layer and
2007-05-11 13:45 +0000 [r6649-6650] robert:
* From Uwe Woessner, fixed handling of read/draw buffer in vertical
interlaced stereo
* UPdated wrappers
2007-05-11 12:46 +0000 [r6648] robert:
* Fixed CMake support for osgsimpleviewWX
2007-05-11 12:12 +0000 [r6647] robert:
* From Doug McCorkle, removed pfdb from link line
2007-05-11 09:07 +0000 [r6645-6646] robert:
* From Gian Lorenzetto, osgsimpleviewWX example, CMake support
added by Robert Osfield
* Updated wrappers
2007-05-11 08:30 +0000 [r6644] robert:
* From Brad Colbert, removed inappropriate rewind on non looping
code path.
2007-05-11 08:19 +0000 [r6643] robert:
* From Michael Hartman, " Here is the MFC_OSG example. It is very
basic and the community is welcome to enhance/improve this
example. There is one bug documented in the Readme.txt file that
I just have not had time to solve. Also, the code is built
outside of the OSG environment and uses environment variables to
get to the OSG distribution headers and examples. That should be
the only change a user needs to make to get the code to compile."
2007-05-10 18:07 +0000 [r6641-6642] robert:
* Added supoort for transforming layers by an offset and scale
* Removed rendundent const
2007-05-10 12:49 +0000 [r6640] robert:
* Added automatic detection of alpha values, switching on blending
when alpah!=1.0
2007-05-10 12:33 +0000 [r6639] robert:
* Added automatic enabling of blending when alpha value != 1.0
occur in the color or transfer function data.
2007-05-10 11:36 +0000 [r6638] robert:
* From Daniel Sjolie, build fix for Windows
2007-05-10 10:52 +0000 [r6637] robert:
* Added getHWND, getHDC and getWGLContext methods
2007-05-10 08:20 +0000 [r6636] robert:
* Added checks against Options to osga plugin to ensure archives
are only cached when requested, cleaned up the
Registry::openArchiveImplementation function.
2007-05-09 13:05 +0000 [r6635] robert:
* Commented out debug messages
2007-05-09 12:08 +0000 [r6634] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-05-09 11:11 +0000 [r6633] robert:
* From John Kelso, "Attached are updates of src/osg/Sequence.spp
and include/osg/Sequence. I've taken _sbegin/_send/_ubegin/_uend
and _step our of the include file and made them local variables
in whatever method might need them. I got rid of the _recalculate
method as it was only getting used in one place. I also found a
cut/paste bug in setMode's START case." Note from Robert Osfield,
Also includes some guards against crashes that was occuring in
this new code when handling empty Sequences.
2007-05-09 10:42 +0000 [r6631-6632] robert:
* Set default texture size back to 1024x1204
env var to help hint to osgText that the native OpenGL
implementation only supports textures up to a given size.
2007-05-09 10:31 +0000 [r6630] robert:
* Added use of OSG_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE for clamping texture sizes.
2007-05-09 10:01 +0000 [r6629] robert:
* From Mike Weiblen, with mods of using references by Robert
Osfield for efficiency. Submission notes from Mike: "By
repurpose, I'm creating a new plugin that uses much of the .osg
fileformat, but with some changes. Specifically, I'm creating a
".osgfs" plugin, which represents the scenegraph hierarchy as a
filesystem of nested subdirectories and individual files for each
node, rather than nested braces with everything in a single
monolithic file. I intend to incorporate file alteration monitor
events to watch the filesystem for modifications and
automatically reload. The problem I'm running into is osgDB is
too tightly coupled to the .osg format.
osgDB::Output::writeObject() contains literal .osg
format-specific strings like "{" to represent the Object
hierarchy at too low a semantic level. I propose using virtual
methods; my plugin can then derive from osgDB::Output and
represent Object hiearchy differently. "
2007-05-09 09:43 +0000 [r6628] robert:
* From Alan Harris, "Registry and Archive ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This is a simple change to permit databases other than those
named "*.osga" to be used. It is hardcoded in read() at present.
It is non-critical and does not affect existing program
functionality. Registry and Registry.cpp
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Added a new typedef: typedef
std::vector< std::string> ArchiveExtensionList; a list of
extensions: ArchiveExtensionList _archiveExtList; and an "add"
method: addArchiveExtension(const std::string ext) This is
initialised by adding "osga" in Registry() and used in
Registry::read() where the list is searched for the extension
used. Archive.cpp ~~~~~~~~~~~ This submission is a little more
tentative. openArchive() is modified to automatically add the
filename extension to the Registry extension list. "
2007-05-09 09:26 +0000 [r6627] robert:
* Added signOrZero template method, and to
Matrix_implementation.cpp usage of this method in the get(Quat&)
2007-05-09 07:54 +0000 [r6626] robert:
* Added imageData block initialized to 0 for first construction of
2007-05-08 15:32 +0000 [r6625] robert:
* Further work on dome correction
2007-05-08 12:18 +0000 [r6624] robert:
* Firt cut at full dome correction of wrap around movies and
2007-05-08 10:02 +0000 [r6623] robert:
* Added CullSettings inheritance mask for LIGHTING_MODE and LIGHT
2007-05-07 22:07 +0000 [r6622] robert:
* Added s/getLightingMode and s/getLight to osg::View to allow
control of the viewers global light source.
2007-05-07 19:48 +0000 [r6621] robert:
* Added missing HelpHandler::reset() implementation
2007-05-07 07:58 +0000 [r6616] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog and AUTHORS.txt for release
2007-05-07 07:51 +0000 [r6615] robert:
* Updated version numbers for 1.9.3 release, combined INSTALL.txt
and README.txt
2007-05-05 17:05 +0000 [r6613-6614] robert:
* Added extra external libs
* Added extra libs to COLLADA plugin, but still need to set
LD_LIBRARY to libs even though they are static!?#!?
2007-05-05 16:24 +0000 [r6612] robert:
* Added preliminary Performer plugin support, note, still missing
are a range of Performer database libs that will be required.
2007-05-05 16:11 +0000 [r6611] robert:
* Added OpenVRML support
2007-05-05 15:36 +0000 [r6610] robert:
* Added CMake support for pnm plugin
2007-05-05 08:22 +0000 [r6609] robert:
* Added support for normals plugin
2007-05-05 08:18 +0000 [r6608] robert:
* Added ToPortToCmake.txt to record what modules need port to
2007-05-04 19:17 +0000 [r6607] robert:
* Added first cut a Xine support
2007-05-04 14:25 +0000 [r6606] robert:
* Added first cut of Cmake COLLADA support
2007-05-04 13:41 +0000 [r6605] robert:
* Added COLLADA CMAkeLists.txt, doesn't work yet as we done yet
have a FindCOLLADA.cmake but it is a start
2007-05-04 13:20 +0000 [r6604] robert:
* Added support for jp2 plugin
2007-05-04 12:06 +0000 [r6602-6603] robert:
* Removed margin
* Reorganised the managment of margins around glyphs so that is
done entirely with src/osgText/Font.cpp rather than the font
plugins or Text.cpp
2007-05-04 08:48 +0000 [r6601] robert:
* From Luigi Calori, Win32 build fix
2007-05-04 08:45 +0000 [r6600] robert:
* From Mathias Froehlich, "Attached is a change that does no longer
set the render bin details in nodes other than drawables. I guess
that this way I am sure to not introduce hierarchical render bins
in loaded models."
2007-05-04 08:40 +0000 [r6599] robert:
* From David Callu, fixed incorrect array usage.
2007-05-03 16:23 +0000 [r6598] robert:
* Added CartizianLocator
2007-05-03 15:21 +0000 [r6597] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-05-03 14:51 +0000 [r6596] robert:
* Added return *this to operator =
2007-05-03 14:47 +0000 [r6595] robert:
* Added osgUtil into lib list
2007-05-03 11:11 +0000 [r6594] robert:
* Added virtual orientationOpenGL() method into
2007-05-03 10:10 +0000 [r6593] robert:
2007-05-03 10:06 +0000 [r6592] robert:
* Moved the OpenThreads link locally to each lib
2007-05-03 08:50 +0000 [r6591] robert:
* Added support for setting OpenThreads_SOURCE_DIR to help the
install of OpenThreads headers
2007-05-02 19:57 +0000 [r6589] robert:
* Added OpenThreads wrappers
2007-05-02 18:07 +0000 [r6588] robert:
* Added CMake support for local OpenThreads build
2007-05-02 16:36 +0000 [r6586] robert:
* Added svn:externals for include/OpenThreads and src/OpenThreads
2007-05-02 13:58 +0000 [r6583] robert:
* Introduced new tesslation technique that adjusts the
triangulation so that the diagonal goes between the corners with
least vertical deviation.
2007-05-01 18:03 +0000 [r6582] robert:
* Further perfomrmance optimizations and clean up on new
2007-05-01 09:29 +0000 [r6581] robert:
* Cleaned up the optional code paths in new VBO code
2007-05-01 07:31 +0000 [r6580] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-05-01 06:40 +0000 [r6579] robert:
* Added direct links to the CMake build pages
2007-05-01 06:28 +0000 [r6578] robert:
* Moved VBO switching code into inline methods into osg::State to
speed performance
2007-04-30 22:12 +0000 [r6577] ewing:
* Fixes to resync Xcode project with current tree. flt files are
missing. I'm not sure if it was intentionally removed from the
project, so I left the everything in place, but removed the
target from the build aggregate targets so it doesn't get in the
way of the build system. Added back osgTerrain to the project
(don't know who deleted those). SDL's aggregate target is also
2007-04-30 15:10 +0000 [r6576] robert:
* Added initalization of _startTick to CompositeViewer
2007-04-30 14:49 +0000 [r6575] robert:
* From Jeremy Moles, fixed missing intialization of _startTick
member variable.
2007-04-30 12:18 +0000 [r6574] robert:
* Implementated new dirty buffer mechansim for BufferObjects to
make it more efficient
2007-04-30 09:47 +0000 [r6573] robert:
* Added TerrainNode::setColorFilter(layerNum,Filter) to allow
developers to set what type of texture filter to use, either
2007-04-30 08:37 +0000 [r6570] robert:
* Updated ChangeLog and AUTHORS file
2007-04-30 08:31 +0000 [r6569] robert:
* Updated version number for 1.9.2 dev release
2007-04-29 20:19 +0000 [r6568] robert:
* Updated wrappers
2007-04-29 20:13 +0000 [r6567] robert:
* Added temporary code (but comment out) for testing VBO
2007-04-29 20:10 +0000 [r6566] robert:
* Added a MatrixTransform set up to provide a local origin for
better precision.
2007-04-29 08:12 +0000 [r6565] robert:
* Further work on new VertexBufferObject/ElementsBufferObject
2007-04-27 17:03 +0000 [r6564] robert:
* Added back in osg::Geometry path
2007-04-27 14:52 +0000 [r6563] robert:
* Further work on the new VBO support
2007-04-27 10:29 +0000 [r6562] robert:
* From Eric Wing, " Here are more changes for the CMake scripts: -
I removed CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX in FindOpenThreads as a follow up
to the discussion thread. - I introduced an experimental
users can enter values there instead of in the environment. - I
These should be kept up-to-date with the real version numbers.