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From Stephan Huber, fix for handling font paths on a local machine wh…

…en other files have been source from a remote machine.
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1 parent f80a3f5 commit 06d9ca10337abe489b6aca117cd708850e515e66 Robert OSFIELD committed
Showing with 7 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +7 −0 src/osgPlugins/p3d/ReaderWriterP3D.cpp
7 src/osgPlugins/p3d/ReaderWriterP3D.cpp
@@ -2789,6 +2789,13 @@ class MyReadFileCallback : public virtual osgDB::ReadFileCallback
OSG_INFO<<" MyReadFileCallback::reading file C"<<filename<<std::endl;
+ // so we did not find anything, neither remote nor local, so try to open file directly, if it has an absolute path.
+ if (osgDB::isAbsolutePath(filename))
+ {
+ osgDB::ReaderWriter::ReadResult result = readLocal(type, filename, options);
+ if (result.success()) return result;
+ }
_objectCache[filename] = 0;
return osgDB::ReaderWriter::ReadResult::FILE_NOT_FOUND;

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