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Commits on Aug 23, 2007
  1. Release OpenSceneGraph-2.1.7

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  2. Updated for 2.1.7 dev release

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  3. From Stephan Huber, fix for crash on exit

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  4. From Galen Faidley," Please find attached the modifications to get th…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …e new checkerboard
    stereo format to work.  It's a good thing I tested these on a TV
    before submitting them since I did indeed have a bug.  One thing I
    did not test was to see how this would work in windowed mode.  Does
    the interlaced stereo code have support for 'absolute' positions?
    For example a given pixel on the screen is always shown in a given
    eye no matter where the graphics context is placed?
  5. From Jean-Sebastien Guay,"As discussed yesterday on the osg-users lis…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …t, I have altered
    src/osgDB/FileUtils.cpp to implement the official Windows DLL search
    order as described on the page . As mentioned,
    the search order is now:
        1. The directory from which the application loaded.
        2. The system directory. (C:\Windows\System32 by default, gotten using the
           GetSystemDirectory function)
        3. The 16-bit system directory. (C:\Windows\System by default, gotten by
           adding "\System" to the path gotten in the next step...)
        4. The Windows directory. (C:\Windows by default, gotten using the
           GetWindowsDirectory function)
        5. The current directory. (".")
        6. The directories that are listed in the PATH environment variable. (as
    The first four directories are obtained using Win32 API calls, so they
    should work correctly even on non-standard Windows installs.
    The changes are well commented and should be clear, even to someone
    not familiar with the Win32 API.
    I have tested in a few scenarios and it works as expected. Serge Lages
    has also tested the changes and confirmed they worked as described. I
    have not had any other reports though (positive or negative).
    I also fixed the issue with a trailing semicolon on the PATH adding an
    empty string to the end of the search paths, as this was an
    inconsistent side effect rather than a desirable effect. This change
    will take effect on other platforms as well, but since it tests for an
    empty string in the last item added to the search paths, it should
    have no adverse effect.
  6. Updated wrappers

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  7. Addd control for serializing draw dispatch.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
Commits on Aug 22, 2007
  1. From Jean-Sebastien Guay, "After a bit more testing, it was still not…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    … 100% robust, so this fix
    will bring the change in line with what is done on other OSes (Linux)
    and works in all tested cases.
    For reference, this was tested with:
    osgviewer <file>.wrl                (file in current directory)
    osgviewer <dir>\<file>.wrl          (file in child directory, relative)
    osgviewer .\<dir>\<file>.wrl        (file in child directory, specify current)
    osgviewer <drive>:\<dir>\<file>.wrl (absolute path)
  2. Updated wrappers

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  3. Updated wrappers

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  4. Refactored the implementation of cull/draw for DrawThreadPerContex an…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …d CullThreadPerCameraDrawThreadPerContex
    and added an experimental draw serialization.
  5. @ewmailing

    Documentation updates.

    ewmailing authored
  6. Updated wrappers

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  7. Cleaned up the thread setup and fixed the CullThreadPerCameraDrawThre…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …adPerContext path
  8. Added thread safe ref/unref by default.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  9. @ewmailing

    Fixes to DMG script to reflect removal of GDAL and external OpenThreads.

    ewmailing authored
    Support for OpenSceneGraph-Data repo aside OpenSceneGraph repo.
    Added background image support to DMG. Pre-laid-out .DS_Store included.
  10. @ewmailing
  11. Added debug ENFORCE_THREADSAFE paths into osg::Referenced, these are …

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …off by default.
  12. Simplified the thread set up.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  13. Added thread safe ref/unref

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  14. Added debug message to destructor

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  15. Added setting of thread safe ref/unref.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  16. Added default setting of use of thread safe ref/unref.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
Commits on Aug 21, 2007
  1. Added missing clear() implementation

    Robert OSFIELD authored
Commits on Aug 20, 2007
  1. Fixed the install path of plugins under Windows.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  2. Updated README date

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  3. Updated AUTHORS file for 2.1.6 release

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  4. Updated ChangeLog

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  5. Removed Makefile as this is autogenerated.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
Commits on Aug 19, 2007
Commits on Aug 17, 2007
  1. Fixed zfar setting

    Robert OSFIELD authored
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