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May 12, 2008

  1. Release OpenSceneGraph-2.5.0

    authored May 12, 2008
  2. Update ChangeLog and wrappers for 2.5.0 dev release

    authored May 12, 2008
  3. Updated AUTHORS for 2.5.0 release

    authored May 12, 2008
  4. From Mathias Froehlich, Fixed FrameBufferObject attachement code to h…

    …andle cases
    where no texture or image is attached
    authored May 12, 2008
  5. Updated version number for 2.5.0 dev release

    authored May 12, 2008
  6. From Eric Sokolowski and Robert Osfield, moved command line option us…

    …age setup
    from osgviewer example into osg::ArgumentParser and osgViewer::Viewer to make
    them more universally available.
    authored May 12, 2008
  7. From Bob Kuehne, "* add easy multiple texture targets support for obj…

    … by refactoring texture
    load into it's own method.
    * use new method from step 1 to load 'map_opacity' textures from .mtl files"
    authored May 12, 2008
  8. From Mathias Froehlich, fixed typo

    authored May 12, 2008

May 11, 2008

  1. Added CARIO_FOUND into svg plugins checks

    authored May 11, 2008
  2. From Miguel Escriva, Here you will find a SVG Image Reader. It render…

    …s a SVG file as an osg::Image using cairo and rsvg.
    authored May 11, 2008

May 10, 2008

  1. From Paul Martz, "This change adds support for osg::Billboards to the…

    … OpenFlight exporter.
    It might seem odd that the change actually removes the stub apply(Billboard&) method, but it turns out Billboards are easily supported in subordinate routines of the existing apply(Geode&) method with s dynamic_cast, so there's no need for a separate apply(Billboard&)."
    authored May 10, 2008
  2. From Paul Martz, "Another round of plugin enhancements.

    3DC: Output now uses osg::notify.
    JPEG: Now returns correct error code for empty input file.
    FreeType: Prevent possible crash if Options is NULL."
    authored May 10, 2008
  3. Moved compile setup from osgViewer::ViewerBase into osgViewer::Render…

    …er to
    avoid threading issues associated with compile running in a parallel with 
    update/cull on the first frame.
    Also added automatic recompile when a new SceneData is applied to a View.
    authored May 10, 2008

May 09, 2008

  1. Added --file-cache command line option to compliment -c

    authored May 09, 2008
  2. Initial cut of file cache population app

    authored May 09, 2008
  3. From Art Trevs, set the _geometryVerticesOut to default to 1 as a wor…

    for OpenGL driver bug that incorrectly reports a warning when value is 0.
    authored May 09, 2008
  4. From Paul Martz, "Attached are some minor plugin fixes. PNM, RGB, and…

    … JPEG would all crash if attempting to read an empty file, and FLT would go into an infinite loop. All are fixed with this change.
    I also fixed some return values for a couple of these, changing FILE_NOT_HANDLED to ERROR_IN_READING_FILE where appropriate."
    authored May 09, 2008
  5. From Jeremy Moles, fixed window resize problem

    authored May 09, 2008

May 08, 2008

  1. Added missing check against handling invalid bounding sphere's

    authored May 08, 2008
  2. From Eric Sokolowsky, "I found one compilation error in OSG 2.4 in th…

    …e Inventor plugin, where one node (SoTextureCoordinate3) was assumed to be available in all versions of Inventor but is actually only available in Coin. The use of the node is now protected by #ifdef __COIN__ constructs. The attachment is based on OSG 2.4, not SVN."
    authored May 08, 2008
  3. From Melchior Franz, "In KDE I switch desktops with Super-Tab, and oc…

    …casionally I
    get an excess Tab key report when switching back to an OSG
    application (usually FlightGear :-). Although KDE has consumed
    the Tab, it's sometimes still in the XKeymapEvent's key_vector,
    and followed by a Tab KeyRelease event.
    Avoid this artifact by
    - asking for a "fresh" keymap (via XQueryKeymap()), rather than
     using the unreliable(?) XKeymapEvent's key_vector, and by
    - flushing all key events on focus-in (to avoid the KeyRelease)
    After Super-press, Tab-press, Super-release, Tab-release (note
    the wrong release order!) I still get an extra Tab event. But
    this is not surprising and not exactly wrong either. Also it's
    hard to avoid, as we can't see what happened to the keyboard
    before we regained focus.
    Files changed:
    authored May 08, 2008
  4. From Jeremy Moles, osgviewerGTK example

    authored May 08, 2008
  5. From Sebastien Messerschmidt, "attached you'll find a patch for the s…

    I've spotted huge memory leaks int ShapeParser and fixed them.
    Also, there was a missing destructor (PolygonM) and a missing member initialization (PolygonZ)
    Would be nice if someone could test the changes.
    To release the memory just if no reading error happened (and therefore the arrays would be valid) I've added an macro to release and reset the pointers at once. I'm not using macros myself very often as I don't like them, but I think it doesn't hurt in this code.
    authored May 08, 2008
  6. Updated ChangeLog and osgversion to catch Raymond de Vries name corre…

    authored May 08, 2008
  7. From Raymond de Vries, "This fix tests the right variable before it i…

    …s allocated. Fortunately, until now it tested another variable (_particleSizeUniform, which is, at that moment, not allocated as well) and everything went ok. So it does not fix a crash or so, it is a matter of correct code.
    Line 353 is changed from
    if (!_particleSizeUniform)
    if (!_particleColorUniform)
    authored May 08, 2008
  8. From Paul Martz, "As I discovered prior to the 2.4 release, the FLT e…

    …xport geometry backend was using some old turn-on code, originally written just to enable other development but not intended for actual release. Sadly, my OSG training commitments prevented me from fixing this prior to 2.4.
    In essence, the FLT exporter was emitting a full set of Mesh records each time it encountered a PrimitiveSet.
    Attached is a fix. The code now emits the Mesh set up records, then iterates over all PrimitiveSets and emits a Mesh Primitive record per PrimitiveSet.
    It also loops over PrimitiveSets twice, first writing Face records according to the mode, the writing Mesh records (again according to the mode).
    The final change included here is support for GL_POINTS as single-vertex Face records.
    Billboards are still to come."
    authored May 08, 2008
  9. Updated wrappers

    authored May 08, 2008
  10. From Roland Smeenk, "Small typo and implementation fix for setInitial…

    authored May 08, 2008
  11. From Philip Lowman, "Attached is a patch to the toplevel CMakeLists.t…

    …xt which adds an automated test for OSG_GLU_TESS_CALLBACK_TRIPLEDOT. This should help ease initial configuration on OS X systems."
    authored May 08, 2008
  12. From Garrett Potts and Robert Osfield, changes to build against Colla…

    …da DOM 2.x
    authored May 08, 2008
  13. Updated the doxygen docs to explain the deprecated status of SceneView

    authored May 08, 2008

May 07, 2008

  1. Commented out checking of DISPLAY env var

    authored May 07, 2008
  2. Updated wrappers

    authored May 07, 2008
  3. From Bob Kuehne, Added doxygen docs clarification of ReadResult enum …

    authored May 07, 2008
  4. From Donald Cipperly, "This is a fix to eliminate >> errors in VS 7.1"

    authored May 07, 2008
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