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Commits on Feb 10, 2009
  1. Release OpenSceneGraph-2.8.0-rc5

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  2. Warning fix

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  3. Updated release number and dates for 2.8.0-rc5

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  4. Merged from svn/trunk changes for better Collada build support from R…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …oland Smeenk, Roger James and Robert Osfield, merge commands.
    svn merge -r 9740:9741
    svn merge -r 9750:9751
  5. Changed the message about not finding plugin so that it's notify leve…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …l is INFO
  6. From Pierre Haritchabalet, "In IO_FluidProgram.cpp, FluidProgram_read…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …LocalData() function is wrong. When density parameter is read, the function "setFluidViscosity()" is called instead of "setFluidDensity()".
    This patch fixes osg plug'in FluidProgram_readLocalData."
    merged from svn/trunk using:
      svn diff -r 9748:9749
  7. Fixed the handle of ImageSequence in osgVolume.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  8. From Jason Beverage, "I've added a small change to the CURL plugin th…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …at allows support for HTTP redirects."
    Merged from svn/trunk:
       svn merge -r 9743:9744
Commits on Feb 9, 2009
  1. Update ChangeLog and AUTHORS for 2.8.0-rc2

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  2. From Fabien Lavignotte,"Some other litte changes just to clean up the…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    … API.
    TimeLine : remove virtual inheritance that is not needed
    RigGeometry : put some methods/members in private section (everything was public), use META_Object macro
    osganimationskinning.cpp : remove two lines that are not needed"
    Merged from svn/trunk:
    svn merge -r 9736:9737
  3. Update release candidate to 4.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  4. Add suppression of the ScopedLock<Mutex> template

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  5. From Bryan Thrall, "The .osg plugin doesn't seem to support an option…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    … to write shader files
    separately, so it always inlines them in the .osg file (as far as I can
    tell). This change adds that ability. "
    Merged from svn/trunk.
  6. From Ralf Habacker, "on win32 there is a memory leak in recent svn co…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …de in GraphicsWindowWin32.cpp.
    in bool GraphicsWindowWin32::setWindow( HWND handle )
    there is the following if/else statement
      if (_traits.valid() && _traits->setInheritedWindowPixelFormat)
        _hglrc = ::wglCreateContext(...) [1]
    setPixelFormat() calls wglCreateContext() and saves the result into _hglrc which is overwritten by a second call to wglCreateContext() call at [1]
    The same behavior occurs in bool Win32WindowingSystem::getSampleOpenGLContext( OpenGLContext& context, HDC windowHDC, int windowOriginX, int windowOriginY ).
    The solution for this issue is to move the wglCreateContext() out of setPixelFormat() and to place it into the caller which is done to the appended file
  7. To address a thread related crash reported in osgParticle changed the…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    … ParticleSystem
    to have an optional compile path for either using a OpenThreads::ReadWriteMutex or an 
    OpenThreads::Mutex as it's base implementation, with the Mutex now being used by default.
  8. Fixed indentation

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  9. Synced OSG-2.8 version with the svn/trunk version.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  10. Updated date of 2.8.0 release

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  11. Removed inapproriatly placed #pragma

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  12. Updated wrappers

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  13. From Cedric Pinson, removed virtual inheritance from osgAnimation::An…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
Commits on Feb 8, 2009
  1. Updated NEWS and README dates for 2.8.0-rc3

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  2. Fixed handling of making svn tags when on a branch

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  3. Changed the svn source from trunk to branches

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  4. Fixed handling of a series of \n in the text string so that the corre…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …ct line spacing is maintained.
  5. Form Paul Melis, "While trying out the osgbrowser example (where I ha…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …d forgotten to update
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH so the XUL libs would be found) I noticed that although
    the gecko plugin was found it could not be loaded. But this did not
    trigger any visible warning/error message (at least not without INFO
    notify level). Would you mind if we change the notify level for a
    dlerror() to WARNING? This will also make it more explicit for the case
    when a plugin isn't actually found, which seems to come up a lot for
    novice users (e.g. no freetype on win32, so no freetype plugin, etc).
    Also, the current error message is misleading ("Warning: Could not FIND
    plugin to ...") because the it's not always a case of not finding the
    plugin. I slightly enhanced the situation of not finding a plugin versus
    finding it but not being able to load it.
    Here's also a few fixes to some of the examples:
    - osgfont: make usage help line more in line with the actual behaviour
    - osgcompositeviewer: complain when no model file was provided
    - osgmovie: don't include quicktime-dependent feature on Linux
    - osgocclussionquery: comment addition (as I was surprised that lines
    were being drawn in a function called createRandomTriangles())"
Commits on Feb 7, 2009
  1. Added merge.setting of StateSet during replacement of Transforms in F…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …lattenStaticTransfrom and CombineAdjacentTransfroms
Commits on Feb 6, 2009
  1. Updated Authors

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  2. Updated ChangeLog for 2.8.0-rc2

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  3. From Gary Quinn, spelling fixes

    Robert OSFIELD authored
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