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Commits on Jun 9, 2011
  1. Release OpenSceneGraph-2.9.16

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  2. Updated ChangeLog and AUTHORS file for 2.9.16 dev release

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  3. From Jorge Ciges, "two clean example viewers (GLES1/2) that permit lo…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …ad models withouth recompiling by options in the menu and some basic options. basic options.
    As Rafa and I told you earlier this can't be integrated in the CMAKE chain. It needs to be compiled by the user out of the OSG standard compilation. It could be stored in the examples. That way users will not come here asking for the examples.
    Main characteristics are:
    -Menu with loading and unloading by path.
    -Return to home view
    -Keyboard capabilities with manipilator switch and basic state changing.
    -Change color screen.
    -Osg log bypassed to LogCat (This comes practically straight from Marcin Hajder example I've only added personal TAG)
    -Earmbi / Earmbi V7
    -Install to SD (if the device supports the feature)
    And that's all. Now I'm looking to fix the environmental mapping with true GLES (it does not work well in Android) I will try to make it in time for 3.0. The other work that i'm studying Dynamic build with Android but that will need a lot of time to test.
  4. Refactored the UserDataContainer so that the osg::UserDataContainer i…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …s now a pure virtual base class,
    with a osg::DefaultUserDataContainer subclassed from this.  The user object access methods have now all
    been moved from osg::Object into the UserDataContainer class, except for the set/getUserData() methods
    that are left in osg::Object for backwards compatibility, and the description list access methods have
    been moved back into osg::Node.
    main UserObject access methods are now all def
  5. From Mathias Froehlich, "the attached patch adds an additional null p…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …ointer check"
  6. From Mathias Froehlich, "The attached patch adds the polygon primitiv…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …e to the TangentSpace computation.
    As far as I understand, this should just work for the polygon as well as with
    the tristrip primitive.
  7. Changed the defaults volume setting to not enable the SampleDensityWh…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …enMoving property.
Commits on Jun 8, 2011
  1. Cleaned up example to use the new ImageUtils functions for creating a…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    … 3D image from a list of images.
  2. Added support for creating a 3D Image from an image list.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    Added support for reading a list of images in the Present3D <volume> tag.
  3. Removed OSG_EXPORT

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  4. Introduced a less conservative near ratio.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  5. Simplified the osgdepthpartion example to use the osgView::View::setU…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …pDepthPartition(..) feature
Commits on Jun 7, 2011
  1. Added support for reading .osg, .osgb, .osgx, .osgt and .ive models t…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …hat contain volumes from within the volume tag.
  2. Updated ChangeLog and AUTHORS file for release

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  3. From Sukender, "Lastest change (update to FBX 2012.1) introduced a re…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …gression. It didn't take materials' order into consideration. The line
       lMaterialLayer->GetDirectArray().SetAt(it->second.getIndex(), lMaterial);
    has been replaced by
    because KFbxLayerElementMaterial::GetDirectArray() is now private and we can't access to it.
    However, pushing back the material at the end of the vector is wrong.
    We can use the (now) public attribute KFbxLayerElementMaterial::mDirectArray, as in this submission.
  4. Added ability to subclass from osg::Object to provide custom user dat…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …a functionality. A new UserDataContainer provides the
    default implementation of the user data functionality.
  5. Added support for searching for user objects from a given startPositi…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …on in the UserDataContainer object.
Commits on Jun 6, 2011
  1. From Frida Schlaug, "Imageio for ios had a poorly implemented functio…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …n for reading from streams (always returning null). In this patch I copied some code from the non-ios imageio file and adjusted it to work on ios. "
  2. From Jorge Ciges, Minor tweaks in Android makefiles that make possibl…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …e to compile for armeabi v7 with neon
  3. From Jorge Ciges, Minor tweaks in Android makefiles that make possibl…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …e to compile for armeabi v7 with neon
Commits on Jun 3, 2011
  1. Added support for --tf-255 transfer function files

    Robert OSFIELD authored
Commits on Jun 2, 2011
  1. Added extra check to make sure that _userDataContainer was available …

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …before copying it
  2. Added new osguserdata example as a guide to the new user object API a…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …nd as a testbed
  3. Added support for new osg::Object user objects.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  4. Introduced new user object support into osg::Object that allows assig…

    Robert OSFIELD authored
    …nment of a list of user objects to an osg::Object.
    Refactored original UserData and Descriptions strings to be managed alongside the new user object suppport within
    a single osg::Object::UserDataContainer.
  5. Updated version

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  6. Added ref_ptr<> usage to avoid possible memory leak.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  7. Updated version and so number for next dev release

    Robert OSFIELD authored
Commits on May 30, 2011
  1. Updated AUTHORS and ChangeLog for 2.9.15 dev release

    Robert OSFIELD authored
  2. From Dimi Christop, build fix for RHEL 4.

    Robert OSFIELD authored
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