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A Template for Github-hosted Open Journals
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Open Journal Template: Frictionless Journal Setup

Budget or technical expertise should not limit the spread of knowledge

If you identify with this problem statement, this project is for you:

As someone who wants to create an open journal with minimal technical overhead, I would like to have a publishing platform that is free, easy to setup, and easy to use, so I can help researchers publish their work as smoothly and quickly as possible.

This project provides template for you to create such a journal in no time. It uses GitHub to give you the key features you need, but hides technical details and irrelevant features that add friction to the publishing process. To create a new journal:

  1. Create an account on Github and login.

  2. Click on the Use this template green button above and select the Github organization or user where the journal will live.

  3. Remove these instructions from the file and replace them for the description of your journal. We show an example below where we use <OJ> as the name of your domain of study.

The Open Journal of <OJ>

Welcome to the Open Journal of <OJ>. The list of accepted papers is available here. For more about how to submit or review articles, please visit the documentation page.

For any inquiries, please ask by creating a new issue (click on the Issues tab above).

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