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This repo holds json file with addresses, statuses and geographical coordinates of all of the StashCache caches. Status is given as a number: 1 - Active, 0 - Not Active.

Using Stashcp

XrootD client is required to be installed in order to use stashcp. You can use it with:

./bin/stashcp <source> <destination>

See the help message for full usage of the command.

Operation of stashcp

Stashcp uses geo located nearby caches in order to copy from the OSG Connect's stash storage service to a job's workspace on a cluster.

Stashcp uses an ordered list of methods to access the file:

  1. Copy the file from CVMFS, under the directory /cvmfs/
  2. Copy the file with xrdcp from the nearest cache.
  3. Copy the file with xrdcp from the source,

While using xrdcp, it uses XrootD's internal timers to act as a strict watchdog.