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OSG VO's container for neuroimaging applications
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OSG VO's container for the FreeSurfer application. Currently the image contains:

  • FreeSurver 6.0.1

FreeSurfer Workflow

Please see FreeSurfer OSG Workflow for a tool allowing you to process whole directories of subjects, using this image.

Single job FreeSurfer example

In order to use FreeSurfer, you need your own license file. See the FreeSurfer documentation for details on how to obtain the license. Once you have it, name it license.txt and put it in the same directory as you are submitting the job from, as the file gets sent with the job.

The following example job has three files: job.submit, and license.txt

job.submit contents:

Requirements = HAS_SINGULARITY == True && TARGET.GLIDEIN_ResourceName =!= MY.MachineAttrGLIDEIN_ResourceName1 && TARGET.GLIDEIN_ResourceName =!= MY.MachineAttrGLIDEIN_ResourceName2 && TARGET.GLIDEIN_ResourceName =!= MY.MachineAttrGLIDEIN_ResourceName3 && TARGET.GLIDEIN_ResourceName =!= MY.MachineAttrGLIDEIN_ResourceName4
+SingularityImage = "/cvmfs/"

executable =
transfer_input_files = license.txt, sub-THP0001_ses-THP0001UCI1_run-01_T1w.nii.gz

error = job.$(Cluster).$(Process).error
output = job.$(Cluster).$(Process).output
log = job.$(Cluster).$(Process).log

request_cpus = 1
request_memory = 1 GB
request_disk = 4 GB

queue 1 contents:


set -e

# osgvo-neuroimaging environment
. /opt/

# license file comes with the job
export FS_LICENSE=`pwd`/license.txt


recon-all -subject THP0001 -i sub-THP0001_ses-THP0001UCI1_run-01_T1w.nii.gz -autorecon1 -cw256

# tar up the subjects directory so it gets transferred back
tar czf THP0001.tar.gz THP0001
rm -rf THP0001

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