Openscoring client library for the Google Apps platform
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Openscoring client library for the Google Apps platform

Installation and Usage

  1. Start the script editor by clicking Tools -> Script Editor... (spreadsheet window)
  2. Create a blank script project.
  3. Create a new script file by clicking File -> New -> Script file (script editor window).
  4. Copy and paste the contents of the [ file] ( to this newly created script file.
  5. Open the default script file "". Write a wrapper function for every model that you want to use in your spreadsheet application. Close the script editor when done.
  6. Reference wrapper functions by name in your spreadsheet application.

Wrapper functions

Typical responsibilities of a wrapper function:

  1. Documentation ([JSDoc] ( data format).
  2. Encapsulating the URL of the model.
  3. Binding input cell values to active field values.
  4. Binding the target field value to the output cell value.

Defining a wrapper function for the DecisionTreeIris.pmml model:

 * @param sepalLength The length of sepals, in centimetres
 * @param sepalWidth The width of sepals, in centimetres
 * @param petalLength The length of petals, in centimetres
 * @param petalWidth The width of petals, in centimetres
 * @return {string} The species of Iris
function decisionTreeIris(sepalLength, sepalWidth, petalLength, petalWidth){
  // A map containing active fields
  var arguments = {
    "Sepal.Length" : sepalLength,
    "Sepal.Width" : sepalWidth,
    "Petal.Length" : petalLength,
    "Petal.Width" : petalWidth

  // A map containing target and output fields
  var result = evaluate("", arguments);

  return result["Species"];

Referencing this wrapper function:

=decisionTreeIris(A2, B2, C2, D2)


Openscoring is dual-licensed under the [GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) version 3.0] ( and a commercial license.

Additional information

Please contact [] (