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Openscoring application for the AWS Elastic Beanstalk orchestration service
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Openscoring application for the AWS Elastic Beanstalk orchestration service.



Clone the repository:

git clone

Enter the project root directory and edit the Openscoring application configuration file .ebextensions/openscoring/application.conf as necessary. Download the latest Openscoring webapp WAR file from the Maven Central repository, and rename it to ROOT.war:

wget -O ROOT.war


Initialize a local Elastic Beanstalk application configuration; use the --platform command-line option to specify tomcat platform type.

eb init --platform tomcat <application name>

Create a remote environment based on the local application configuration:

eb create

There should be a Model REST API endpoint ready at http://<environment name>.<region> now.


Openscoring-Elastic-Beanstalk is licensed under the terms and conditions of the GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3.0.

Additional information

Openscoring-Elastic-Beanstalk is developed and maintained by Openscoring Ltd, Estonia.

Interested in using Java PMML API or Openscoring REST API software in your company? Please contact

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