Bible Organisational System (an internationalised system for handling different Bible book/chapter/verse arrangements)
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ReadMe.txt for BibleOrgSys

Enclosed are the data and program files for the Open Scriptures Bible Organisational System.

The main folders are:

    DataFiles       Where the XML data (the essence of this system) is stored
        DerivedFiles    Where other exported forms of the data can be stored

    (this folder)   Where the Python3 scripts/programs to handle the data are stored
                        The scripts/programs are in UTF-8 .py files
                        Python may automatically generate a __pycache__ folder or .pyc files when these scripts/programs are run
                        Most of the scripts/programs can be run with a --help parameter to display useful help
    Tests           Where the Python3 scripts to test the above are stored
                        The test scripts should not be run from the Tests subfolder, but rather from this containing folder.

    Documentation   Where the main documentation for the Bible Organisational system is stored.
                        A copy of the license for the system is also stored there
                            along with other small files like ToDo.txt.