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The OSHB Lexicon App

Our Lexicon App is a basic prototype application, to demonstrate the usage of the different parts of the lexicon, and their connection to the lemma attributes of the OSHB text. The easiest way to use the app in this form is to type one of those lemmas into the input box of the lexicon app, and Enter.

  1. For example, if you look at Genesis 1:1, the first word has lemma b/7225. If you type this into the input box, the app will automatically choose the main word for you. The display should open up to the Lexical Index tab. It will show you the Word Group reshiyth belongs to. At the top is the root word, then a list of words derived from that root, with reshiyth checked. On the Brown, Driver, Briggs tab, you will find an abridged transcription of the BDB entry for that word. On the Strong’s Dictionary tab, you will find the corresponding entry from Strong’s Dictionary. You can use the radio buttons on the Lexical Index tab to look deeper into the context of the word in Hebrew.

  2. The b in b/7225 represents the prefix, bet in Hebrew. If you want to look up the definition for that, just enter b in the input box. You will notice that Strong has no entry for that ID.

  3. The second word has lemma 1254 a. This is an indication that BDB has more than one entry corresponding to that word. If you enter the lemma that way, the app will remove the space, and locate the proper entry. If you want to see the difference in BDB for 1254b, you can enter that. Some words have as many as five or six entries in BDB. With the app in its present form, the only way to know that is either to find the words in the text, or to look at AugIndex.xml in the repository. There are 540 entries in all that are divided this way.

  4. You can enter any Strong number. The app will automatically add the a, if needed. The Strong’s definition will still display correctly. You can investigate the distinctions BDB is making by following the instructions in #3, above.

To learn more about the lexicon and what everything means, see the documentation.

August 27, 2019

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