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OpenSeadragonizer: zooming browser extension



With the browser extension installed, right click on any image on a webpage and select "View with OpenSeadragon".


First Time Setup

All command-line operations for building and testing OpenSeadragon are scripted using Grunt which is based on Node.js. To get set up:

  1. Install Node, if you haven't already (available at the link above)
  2. Install the Grunt command line runner (if you haven't already); on the command line, run npm install -g grunt-cli
  3. Clone the browser-extension repository
  4. On the command line, go in to the browser-extension folder
  5. Run npm install

You're set... continue reading for build and test instructions.

Building from Source

To build, just run (on the command line, in the browser-extension folder):


If you want Grunt to watch your source files and rebuild every time you change one, use:

grunt watch

Testing in Chrome

  1. Go to your Chrome settings and then extensions.
  2. Turn on the "Developer mode" checkbox.
  3. Choose "Load unpacked extension" and select build/webextension from this repository.

Testing in Firefox

  1. Type about:debugging in the address bar.
  2. Click on "Load Temporary Add-on" and select build/webextension from this repository.

Publishing the standalone web site

  1. Run grunt publish.
  2. Commit and push the ../ website.