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@iangilman iangilman released this Nov 12, 2015 · 792 commits to master since this release

  • BREAKING CHANGE: the tile does not hold a reference to its image anymore. Only the tile cache keep a reference to images.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: TileSource.tileSize no longer exists; use TileSource.getTileWidth() and TileSource.getTileHeight() instead.
  • DEPRECATION: let ImageRecord.getRenderedContext create the rendered context instead of using ImageRecord.setRenderedContext
  • DEPRECATION: TileSource.getTileSize() is deprecated. Use TileSource.getTileWidth() and TileSource.getTileHeight() instead.
  • Changed resize behaviour to prevent "snapping" to world bounds when constraints allow more space (#711)
  • Added support for non-square tiles (#673)
    • TileSource.Options objects can now optionally provide tileWidth/tileHeight instead of tileSize for non-square tile support.
    • IIIFTileSources will now respect non-square tiles if available.
  • Added new tile source for simple images: ImageTileSource (#760)
  • Optimized adding large numbers of items to the world with collectionMode (#735)
  • Registers as an AMD module where possible (#719)
  • Added "tile-loaded" event on the viewer allowing to modify a tile before it is marked ready to be drawn (#659)
  • Added "tile-unloaded" event on the viewer allowing to free up memory one has allocated on a tile (#659)
  • Added 'tile-load-failed' event (#725)
  • Added additional coordinates conversion methods to TiledImage (#662)
  • Added preserveImageSizeOnResize option (#666)
  • Added collectionColumns as a configuration parameter (#680)
  • Added option in addTiledImage to replace tiledImage at index (#706)
  • Added autoRefigureSizes flag to World for optimizing mass rearrangements (#715)
  • You can now change viewport margins after the viewer is created (#721)
  • Added a patch to help slow down the scroll devices that fire too fast (#754)
  • Fixed flickering tiles with useCanvas=false when no cache is used (#661)
  • 'display: none' no longer gets reset on overlays during draw (#668)
  • Better error reporting for tile load failures (#679)
  • Added XDomainRequest as fallback method for ajax requests if XMLHttpRequest fails (for IE < 10) (#693)
  • Now avoiding using eval when JSON.parse is available (#696)
  • Rotation now works properly on retina display (#708)
  • Fixed issue with tiledImages loading tiles at every level instead of just the best level (#728)
  • Fixed placeholderFillStyle flicker (#727)
  • Fix for Chrome (v45) issue that key is sometimes undefined outside of the for-in loop (#730)
  • World.removeAll now cancels any in-flight image loads; same for and Viewer.close (#734)
  • Fixed overlays position (use rounding instead of flooring and ceiling) (#741)
  • Fixed issue with including overlays in your tileSources array when creating/opening in the viewer (#745)
  • Fixed issue in iOS devices that would cause all touch events to fail after a Multitasking Gesture was triggered (#744)
  • Fixed an issue with TiledImage setPosition/setWidth/setHeight not reliably triggering a redraw (#720)
  • Fixed zooming in with plus key on a Swedish keyboard (#763)
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