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Build script and documents for the OpenSeadragon site
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OpenSeadragon Site-Build

This project compiles static web pages which provide the examples and documentation for using OpenSeadragon.

On the Web

First Time Setup

All command-line operations are scripted using Grunt which is based on Node.js. To get set up:

  1. Install Node, if you haven't already (available at the link above)
  2. Install the Grunt command line runner (if you haven't already); on the command line, run npm install -g grunt-cli
  3. Clone the site-build repository
  4. On the command line, go in to the site-build folder
  5. Run npm install

You're set... continue reading for build and test instructions.

Building the Web Pages

To build, just run (on the command line, in the site-build folder):

grunt build

The built website will appear in site-build/build.

If you want to try the site out in your browser, you can run:

grunt connect watch

This will run a server at http://localhost:9000/.

Building the Docs

grunt doc

... will build the docs into the local build folder.


To publish, run:

grunt publish

This cleans out the folder (which you've cloned from the repository, and resides next to your site-build folder) and builds and copies the web pages and docs into it.

Note that while the OpenSeadragon website resides at, for historical reasons the repository is named

Example Images

If you want to see the website with the appropriate example images, clone the example-images repository into site-build/build and check out its gh-pages branch.

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