An OpenSeadragon plugin that adds SVG overlay capability.
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SVG Overlay for OpenSeadragon

An OpenSeadragon plugin that adds SVG overlay capability.

Compatible with OpenSeadragon 2.0.0 or greater.


To use, include the openseadragon-svg-overlay.js file after openseadragon.js on your web page.

To add SVG overlay capability to your OpenSeadragon Viewer, call svgOverlay() on it. This will return a new object with the following methods:

  • node(): Returns the SVG g element that you should add all of your SVG elements to. As the user zooms and pans, the g element will transform to match. Add your elements according to the OpenSeadragon Viewport coordinate system.
  • resize(): If your viewer changes size, you'll need to resize the SVG overlay by calling this method.
  • onClick(node, handler): If you want to accept click events on a sub-node, use this method. It takes care of making sure the click isn't also handled by the Viewer. The handler you provide is called when the click occurs and given a single argument, an OpenSeadragon.MouseTracker click event.

See demo.html for an example of it in use. You can see it in action at

This plugin is also used on the desktop versions of: