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Growing Connections Produce Portal

Northwest Harvest Project

The Growing Connections Produce Portal is a Fresh-to-Food Program (F2FP) initiative meant to connect growers with hunger relief agencies in an easy and straightforward way. A grower creates a listing when they have produce available for donation or for sale. A food program’s volunteer or staff can see listings in their area and respond. After claiming a listing, location and pickup details will be communicated automatically. Then, the volunteer/staff picks up the produce and delivers it to their food program!

Who can be a grower? Anyone growing produce. This can be an at-home gardener, a community garden, or a farmer. Whether it’s extra produce or your burning desire to start a formal giving program with your local food programs, this site will help you grow your connections!

As a food program, you can sign up your staff or volunteers so that they can monitor and search for produce available in your area. Search by city or zip code! The listings will show you the type of product, quantity available, when the offer expires and whether that grower is donating or selling produce.

We hope this site helps to increase diverse and fresh produce available to food program clients as well as bring support to local agriculture and build a stronger community.

Helpful Links:

Partner Food Programs

Washington State Farmers Markets