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SeattleSpeeds is web-based technology for communal situational awareness of the broadband network environment.


The code is demo'd live at

(Note that the domain name has no official connotations associated with it. It is simply a domain at which to demo the code.)


SeattleSpeeds is a joint project between M-Labs and Code for Seattle with the goal of

  • producing a liberally licensed, widely deployable, open source codebase for
  • crowdsourced broadband network performance test reports that
  • provides a community situation awareness of broadband network status within an area and/or network provider so that
  • individuals can compare their current and historical results with that of their fellow citizens

The aggregate results dataset is publicly available as a social good for further analysis.

The code is being developed and deployed in Seattle first, yet it is a goal for the codebase to be easily redeployed for other localities.

Getting started developing

These instructions assume that Node.js and npm are installed on the dev machine.

From the command line:

  • clone the repository in one of the two normal ways, as you like:
    • git clone
    • git clone
  • cd into the repo just copied
  • npm install to install all of the necessary dependencies
  • ./setup-db.js to create a sqlite database in db/
  • node server to start the Node.js server
  • in a browser visit http://localhost:8000

More detailed information can be found in the Developer guide page in this project's wiki.

More info

Check the wiki for much more info.

The deployment guide is intended for people interested in deploying the codebase, without necessarily contributing new code to the project.