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What's New in OSC 0.8

Ocata Support

  • Added support for Openstack Ocata. OSC continues to support OpenStack Newton and later releases.
  • Drop support for deprecated Keystone v2.0 API's. Moving forward OSC 0.8 supports only Keystone v3.
  • Renamed tenant -> project and added support for specifying Domain as part of the Virtualization Connector.

Kubernetes(k8s) Support - Beta

  • Integrate with K8s platform (v1.8 or later).
  • Supports discovering and grouping workloads running on the K8s platform under OSC Security Groups using K8s labels.
  • Supports deploying security containers on K8s using Deployment Specification.
  • Supports Steering workload traffic to security containers for inspection.
  • No notification support. Need to manually run sync jobs on Deployment Specification and Security Groups in case of any changes in the K8s environment(new workload created/deleted for example)
  • Limited UI support. Full functionaliy is exposed via the API.

Neutron Service Function Chaining - Beta

  • Support Neutron Service Function Chaining(SFC) API.
  • Supports create, update, delete of SFC.
  • Supports binding and unbinding of SFC to security groups.
  • Deleting of Distributed Appliances and Deployment specifications is not allowed when attached to a SFC which is in use.
  • Updating and deleting of SFC is not allowed, when a SFC is in use. i.e SFC is Binded to a Security group
  • Limited UI support. Full functionaliy is exposed via the API.

Expose IP/Mac of Security Group Members

  • Support exposing IP/Mac information of workloads within a security group

Multi-policy Support

  • Supports binding of multiple policies to the workload based on IP/MAC information for the supporting security manager.
  • Binding with multiple policies is supported via the API only. However, we can still create binding with single policy and delete binding with single or multiple policies through UI.

Open Source Automation

Updated logging framework to SLF4J

  • OSC 0.8 uses the SLF4J framework for logging

Fixed Issues

  • Deleting and Creating a Deployment Spec (DS) using Distributed Appliance (DA) with a Cirros image, may create 2 images. #436
  • Creating a Deployment Specification (DS) with the same name, after a delete, fails if flavor, image, or Openstack Security Group with the same DS instance name already exists #435
  • ISM status is always displayed as INSTALL-WAIT on the Plugins page #106
  • User can install Manager plugins from SDN plugin pane, and it shows up in Manager plugins State: INSTALL-WAIT. (Now the upload plugin is unified for both SDN Controler plugins and Security Manager plugins) #371

Known Issues

  • When SFC is added with no virtual systems, binding SFC to a security group should fail at validation #596
  • Error - 'Failed to connect to Rabbit MQ server' should be exposed to the user #590
  • Error message to be more appropriate when deleting a DA without deleting the SFC #543
  • Trustmanager initialization exception are logged and not propogated #522
  • Sync DS job (through API) "succeed" even if the host name incorrect or not exist #511
  • Adding VC with invalid credentials/ip does not provide warning #454
  • 'Port could not be found' error when editing the DA with a different Service Function Definition - DS is created with a floating IP and SG is binded to the DA #444
  • Nuage: Get an error 'NoSuchElementException' when deleting a binded Security Group #428
  • SDN Controller Plugin reload issue #383
  • Remove job for Virtualization connector #281
  • SG (VM) Sync not working appropriately (passes when it should have failed) after deleting Inspection interface from the router on Openstack #416