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Geospatially Aware Video Camera with Raspberry Pi

OSH distribution with preloaded drivers for creating a geospatially aware camera using a Raspberry Pi and and off-the-shelf components. This includes sensor drivers for NMEA GPS, BNO055 absolute orientation sensor and Video4Linux camera.


To build this distribution, just clone the needed repositories and run a Gradle build:

$ git clone --recursive
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ git clone
$ cd osh-distros/osh-rpi-geocam/
$ ../gradlew build

The resulting Zip file is in the build/distributions folder. You can transfer it directly to your RPi, unzip and run with Java version >= 7.


To start using OSH with the default configuration, just run the command:


If you want to run it on a server through SSH and keep the process running when you log-out, use

nohup ./launch &

Web Admin User Interface

After launching OSH, you can connect to the admin UI at: http://localhost:8181/sensorhub/admin

or view the SOS server capabilities at: http://localhost:8181/sensorhub/sos?service=SOS&version=2.0&request=GetCapabilities

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