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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jul 11, 2023. It is now read-only.


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@github-actions github-actions released this 13 Oct 18:17

Notable Changes

  • Codeql GitHub action integrated into PR workflow
  • Message broker replaced the global pub-sub instance in the control plane for internal message passing
  • Invalid traffic targets will be ignored by OSM
  • Some high memory usage issues fixed

CRD Updates

No CRD changes between tags v0.11.0 and v1.0.0-rc.1


  • chore(release): update appVersion and version images 435f914 (jaellio)
  • chore(release): update version to v1.0.0-rc.1 0c779c5 (jaellio)
  • fix(cleanuphook): Delete mwhc and vwhc in all scenarios 3ce755c (Sneha Chhabria)
  • messaging/broker: batch proxy update events (#4240) 11af38e (Shashank Ram)
  • chore(security/scan): Add codeql scan a23f83c (nshankar13)
  • fix(ads): properly sync proxy disconnect c055b1d (Jon Huhn)
  • chore(release): update version to v0.11 in chart c40ad8f (jaellio)
  • events: log event kind being processed and disable resyncs (#4231) 09f4838 (Shashank Ram)
  • chore(tlsversion): Add a tls minimum version for webhooks 2e1ebea (Sneha Chhabria)
  • Update tests to resolve missing mock calls 4d140cf (jaellio)
  • go/deps: update Helm to v3.7.0 and kubernetes packages db5d919 (jaellio)
  • fix(UpgradeTest) : Fix the upgrade e2e test 50c0a50 (Sneha Chhabria)
  • fix(ImageTags) : Update image pull to use tags if specified over the digest 6e40f0d (Sneha Chhabria)
  • metrics: add counters related to proxy response send (#4219) 0e3f746 (Shashank Ram)
  • envoy/registry: do not track disconnected proxies (#4216) d0d5d97 (Shashank Ram)
  • messaging: use message broker in control plane (#4212) 0309a0f (Shashank Ram)
  • fix(tests): disable smi validate test for NoInstall (#4209) 1caae97 (Michelle Noorali)
  • messaging: introduce message broker (#4210) f454b07 (Shashank Ram)
  • feat(*): ignore invalid traffic targets (#4177) ae5c9d8 (Michelle Noorali)
  • feat(charts): Adding priorityClassName to the OSM deployments a6b59b9 (Shalier Xia)
  • catalog/ingress: check backend's port in addition to name (#4202) 37c3d65 (Shashank Ram)