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797. All Paths From Source to Target (Medium)

Given a directed, acyclic graph of N nodes.  Find all possible paths from node 0 to node N-1, and return them in any order.

The graph is given as follows:  the nodes are 0, 1, ..., graph.length - 1.  graph[i] is a list of all nodes j for which the edge (i, j) exists.

Input: [[1,2], [3], [3], []] 
Output: [[0,1,3],[0,2,3]] 
Explanation: The graph looks like this:
|    |
v    v
There are two paths: 0 -> 1 -> 3 and 0 -> 2 -> 3.


  • The number of nodes in the graph will be in the range [2, 15].
  • You can print different paths in any order, but you should keep the order of nodes inside one path.
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