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Flask on OpenShift

NOTE: This repository is for openshift v2 only. For a v3 python example, see:

This git repository helps you get up and running quickly w/ a Flask installation on OpenShift.

Running on OpenShift

Create an account at

Via Openshift web console

![Launch on OpenShift]( to install.svg)

Via rhc & git

Create a python application

rhc app create flask python-2.6

Add this upstream flask repo

cd flask
git remote add upstream -m master
git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master

Then push the repo upstream

git push

That's it, you can now checkout your application at:


To get more log messages in your OpenShift logs please add the following line to your code

app.config['PROPAGATE_EXCEPTIONS'] = True

To read more about logging in Flask please see this email