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Fixed DB name for import

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@@ -31,13 +31,13 @@ Now, ssh into the application.
Add the data to a collection called parkpoints:
- mongoimport -d parks -c parkpoints --type json --file $OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR/parkcoord.json -h $OPENSHIFT_MONGODB_DB_HOST -u admin -p $OPENSHIFT_MONGODB_DB_PASSWORD
+ mongoimport -d pythonws -c parkpoints --type json --file $OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR/parkcoord.json -h $OPENSHIFT_MONGODB_DB_HOST -u admin -p $OPENSHIFT_MONGODB_DB_PASSWORD
Create the spatial index on the documents:
- use parks
+ use pythonws
db.parkpoints.ensureIndex( { pos : "2d" } );
Once the data is imported you can now checkout your application at:

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