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Example install of Reviewboard for OpenShift
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OpenShift Quickstart - ReviewBoard

This repository is designed to be used with OpenShift applications.

Before using this quickstart, make sure you've created an account on OpenShift.

When configured, you will have a running installation of Review Board.



  1. rhc app create reviewboard python-2.6 mysql-5.1 --from-code git://


  1. Create a python-2.6 application and attach mysql to it:

    rhc app create reviewboard python-2.6 mysql-5.1
  2. Add this upstream reviewboard repo

    cd reviewboard
    git remote add upstream -m master git://
    git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
  3. Then push the repo upstream

    git push


Username Password
Admin OpenShiftAdmin


In order to update or upgrade to the latest reviewboard, you'll need to re-pull and re-push.

  1. If you created your application using the 'quick' approach, you will need to add this repository as an upsteam.

    git remote add upstream -m master git://
  2. Pull from upstream:

    cd reviewboard/
    git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
  3. Push the new changes upstream

    git push

Note: When new releases are pushed from the reviewboard dev team, your app will automatically download them on your next git push.

Repo layout

Path Purpose
wsgi/ Externally exposed wsgi code
libs/ Additional libraries
data/ For not-externally exposed wsgi code Standard, specify deps here
../data For persistent data (also env var: OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR)
.openshift/action_hooks/build Script that gets run every push, just prior to starting your app

Environment Variables

OpenShift provides many environment variables for your application. See OpenShift Environment Variables for a complete list.


Repository Layout

Please leave wsgi, libs and data directories but feel free to create additional directories if needed.

Note: Every time you push, everything in your remote repo dir gets recreated. Please store long term items (like a sqlite database) in $OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR which will persist between pushes of your repo.

Adding deps to the install_requires will have the OpenShift server actually install those deps at git push time.

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