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Assisted Installer

Assisted Installer is available at

User Guide

Welcome to the Openshift Assisted Service User Guide.

Here we will look for the best way to help you deploying Openshift 4 in the provider you desire.

Using the RESTFul API

The assisted-service exposes a RESTFul API which is described in swagger.yaml.

A guide of using the RESTFul API is available on rest-api-getting-started.yaml.

Using Assisted Service On-Premises

Please refer to the Hive Integration readme to learn how to install OCP cluster using Assisted Service on-premises with Hive and RHACM (Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management).

Network Configuration

Please refer to the Network Configuration introduction for more information about advanced network configuration with the Assisted Service.

Infrastructure Operator

Please refer to Infrastructure Operator installation for more information on installing the Hive integration flavour of Assisted Installer via OLM.

Using Assisted Installer hosted in with local image registry

Please refer to Saas + on premise registry for more information on installing an OCP cluster leveraging the Assisted Installer with a local mirror registry.