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OKD 4 Roadmap

General Guidelines

  • Use Ignition Spec v3
  • Be able to bootstrap from and build on Fedora CoreOS (FCoS)
  • Avoid unnecessary divergence in OKD branches of projects within the OpenShift organization
  • Align and standardize metrics, reboot and other applicable APIs in RHEL CoreOS (OCP base OS) and FCoS whenever sensible and feasible
  • Platforms that are supported by both FCOS and OCP will be supported by OKD

Phase 0: Short Term (MVP)

Goal: Enable the community to install, test and try out a preview version of OKD

  • Ensure Installer can serve Ignition Spec v3
  • Ensure Installer is able to bootstrap a cluster from an FCoS base
  • Ensure pivot from standard FCoS to machine-os-content works
  • Ensure machine-config-operator (MCO) supports Ignition Spec v3
  • Create OpenShift CI that injects kubelet and cri-o into machine-os-content based on standard FCoS image that is publicly accessible (no auth required)
  • Use os-containers (container-embedded OSTree-commits, same model as in OCP) for update payload delivery

Phase 1: Mid Term (GA)

Goal: Release a first stable version for consumption by the community which is closely oriented at OCP

  • Stabilize by increased manual and CI testing (including for upgrades)
  • Enable Libvirt as a platform and work towards OKD Code Ready Containers
  • Document the installation process

Phase 2: Long Term (post GA)

Goal: Enable more use-cases and setups; make OKD a superset of OCP

  • Discussions on switching out kubelet/cri-o versions
  • Discussion on Zincati (FCoS Update Agent) integration as an alternative means of update payload delivery
  • Investigate possible UX improvements, e.g:
    • Add helpers for retrieving Let’s Encrypt/ACME certificates on nodes
    • Optionally include openshift-acme and/or cert-manager to automatically retrieve ACME certificates for routes/ingresses on the cluster
    • Enable customization of OKD, e.g. by adding or removing certain components
  • Explore supporting more base OSes
  • Explore supporting more platforms (e.g. IoT, more cloud providers)
  • Continuously update roadmap to incorporate community feedback
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