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Django Template for OpenShift

Template App Information

Product: Django
Version: 1.4
Commit: 2591fb8d4c0246f68b79554976c012039df75359


This folder contains a diff file that includes the changes made to the stock Django app in order to make it OpenShift-Template-ready. If you are a maintainer tasked with updating the Django template, you may be able to use this patch file on the updated Django code to automatically reapply these changes.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Under the 'wsgi' directory, apply any patches required to update the 'openshift' Django app.
  2. From the template root directory, run 'git apply --check .openshift/template.patch' to test for patching problems.
  3. Next run 'git am --signoff < .openshift/template.patch' to apply the patch to the template.

If this process succeeds, then the changes have been automatically applied. Otherwise it may be necessary to manually apply the changes. If the base package has changed enough, you may need to re-audit the base code and generate a new patch file.

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