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Doozer is a build management utility that currently has the capability to build RPMs and Container Images via OSBS/Brew This repository is an in-progress migration from the older


For local development pull the code and run:

python develop

For new releases, Travis-CI is already setup and deployment to PyPi is easy:

That's it. Travis CI will do the rest automatically.


To install the latest released version of doozer, run:

pip install -U rh-doozer

If instead, you would like to run with the latest and greatest from source, but potential unstable, run:

pip install

The Doozer installation will of course automatically pull in the required python modules but it is dependent on the following packages and CLI tools already being installed on your system:

devel packages*

[dnf|yum] install krb5-devel python2-devel


Likely already on your system. If not:

[dnf|yum] install git

brew & rhpkg

Enable the following repos on your syste:

Then install with:

[yum|dnf] install koji rhpkg



dnf install tito


#enable EPEL -
yum install tito


repoquery (from yum, not dnf) and rsync

[yum|dnf] install yum-utils rsync