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Metal3 Ironic Container

This repo contains the files needed to build the Ironic images used by Metal3.



When updated, builds are automatically triggered on

This repo supports the creation of multiple containers needed when provisioning baremetal nodes with Ironic. Eventually there will be separate images for each container, but currently separate containers can share this same image with specific entry points.

The following entry points are provided:

  • runironic - Starts the ironic-conductor and ironic-api processes to manage the provisioning of baremetal nodes. Details on Ironic can be found at This is the default entry point used by the Dockerfile.
  • rundnsmasq - Runs the dnmasq dhcp server to provide addresses and initiate PXE boot of baremetal nodes. This includes a lightweight TFTP server. Details on dnsmasq can be found at
  • runhttpd - Starts the Apache web server to provide images via http for PXE boot and for deployment of the final images.
  • runlogwatch - Waits for host provisioning ramdisk logs to appear, prints their contents and deletes files.

All of the containers must share a common mount point or data store. Ironic requires files for both the TFTP server and HTTP server to be stored in the same partition. This common store must include, in <shared store>/html/images, the following images:

  • ironic-python-agent.kernel
  • ironic-python-agent.initramfs
  • final image to be deployed onto node in qcow2 format

The following environment variables can be passed in to customize run-time functionality:

  • PROVISIONING_MACS - a comma seperated list of mac address of the master nodes (used to determine the PROVISIONING_INTERFACE)
  • PROVISIONING_INTERFACE - interface to use for ironic, dnsmasq(dhcpd) and httpd (default provisioning, this is calculated if the above PROVISIONING_MACS is provided)
  • DNSMASQ_EXCEPT_INTERFACE - interfaces to exclude when providing DHCP address (default lo)
  • HTTP_PORT - port used by http server (default 80)
  • DHCP_RANGE - dhcp range to use for provisioning (default
  • DHCP_HOSTS - a ; separated list of dhcp-host entries, e.g. known MAC addresses like 00:20:e0:3b:13:af;00:20:e0:3b:14:af (empty by default). For more details on dhcp-host see the man page.
  • DHCP_IGNORE - a set of tags on hosts that should be ignored and not allocate DHCP leases for, e.g. tag:!known to ignore any unknown hosts (empty by default)
  • MARIADB_PASSWORD - The database password
  • OS_<section>_\_<name>=<value> - This format can be used to set arbitary Ironic config options
  • IRONIC_RAMDISK_SSH_KEY - A public key to allow ssh access to nodes running IPA, takes the format "ssh-rsa AAAAB3....."
  • IRONIC_KERNEL_PARAMS - This parameter can be used to add additional kernel parameters to nodes running IPA
  • GATEWAY_IP - gateway IP address to use for ironic dnsmasq(dhcpd)
  • DNS_IP - DNS IP address to use for ironic dnsmasq(dhcpd)

The ironic configuration can be overridden by various environment variables. The following can serve as an example:

  • OS_CONDUCTOR__DEPLOY_CALLBACK_TIMEOUT=4800 - timeout (seconds) to wait for a callback from a deploy ramdisk
  • OS_CONDUCTOR__INSPECT_TIMEOUT=1800 - timeout (seconds) for waiting for node inspection
  • OS_CONDUCTOR__CLEAN_CALLBACK_TIMEOUT=1800 - timeout (seconds) to wait for a callback from the ramdisk doing the cleaning
  • OS_PXE__BOOT_RETRY_TIMEOUT=1200 - timeout (seconds) to enable boot retries.


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