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Static deployable artifacts for managed OSD clusters
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Prune what sre-admins can do in OSD clusters.
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managed-cluster-config repository

This repo contains static configuration specific to a "managed" OpenShift Dedicated (OSD) cluster.

How to use this repo

To add a new SelectorSyncSet, add your yaml manifest to the deploy dir, then run the make command.

Selector Sync Sets included in this repo


A set of rules and alerts that SRE requires to ensure a cluster is functioning. There are two categories of rules and alerts found here:

  1. SRE specific, will never be part of OCP
  2. Temporary addition until made part of OCP

Prometheus and Alertmanager persistent storage

Persistent storage is configured using the configmap cluster-monitoring-config, which is read by the cluster-monitoring-operator to generate PersistentVolumeClaims and attach them to the Prometheus and Alertmanager pods.

SRE Authorization

Instead of SRE having cluster-admin a new ClusterRole is created with some permissions removed. The ClusterRole can be regenerated in the generate/sre-authorization directory.

Console Branding

Docs TBA.

OAuth Templates

Docs TBA.

Resource Quotas

Refer to deploy/resource/quotas/

Image Pruning

Docs TBA.

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