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odo - Developer-focused CLI for OpenShift

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OpenShift Do (odo) is a fast, iterative, and straightforward CLI tool for developers who write, build, and deploy applications on OpenShift.

Existing tools such as oc are more operations-focused and require a deep-understanding of Kubernetes and OpenShift concepts. odo abstracts away complex Kubernetes and OpenShift concepts for the developer, thus allowing developers to focus on what is most important to them: code.

Key features

odo is designed to be simple and concise with the following key features:

  • Simple syntax and design centered around concepts familiar to developers, such as project, application, and component.

  • Completely client based. No server is required within the OpenShift cluster for deployment.

  • Supports multiple languages and frameworks such as Node.js, Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP, and Python.

  • Detects changes to local code and deploys it to the cluster automatically, giving instant feedback to validate changes in real-time.

  • Lists all available components and services from the OpenShift cluster.

Installing odo

To install on Linux / Windows / macOS follow our guide located on All binaries and tarballs are synced between our GitHub releases and OpenShift mirrors.

Deploying your first application

Click on the tutorial below to deploy your first odo application:

The following demonstration provides an overview of odo:


Community, discussion, contribution, and support

Discussions: For any discussions or help with odo, you can use our Google group or open a GitHub issue.

Issues: If you have an issue with odo, please file it.

Documentation Issues: If you have any documentation issues related to the site, file an issue in Bugzilla. Choose the OpenShift Container Platform product type and the Documentation component type.

Contributing: Want to become a contributor and submit your own code? Have a look at our Development Guide.

Projects using odo

These are some of the IDE plugins which use odo:


Application: An application consists of multiple microservices or components that work individually to build the entire application.

Component: A component is similar to a microservice. Multiple components make up an application. A component has different attributes like storage. odo supports multiple component types like nodejs, perl, php, python, and ruby.

Service: Typically a service is a database or a service that a component links to or depends on. For example: MariaDB, Jenkins, MySQL. This comes from the OpenShift Service Catalog and must be enabled within your cluster.

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