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resolve typo in function comments (#2508)

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girishramnani authored and openshift-merge-robot committed Jan 14, 2020
1 parent 9b14330 commit a39da9168457651dd9e508ef10fedbb799644e07
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  1. +4 −4 tests/helper/helper_oc.go
@@ -188,28 +188,28 @@ func (oc *OcRunner) GetDcPorts(componentName string, appName string, project str
return ports

// MaxMemory reuturns maximum memory
// MaxMemory returns maximum memory
func (oc *OcRunner) MaxMemory(componentName string, appName string, project string) string {
maxMemory := CmdShouldPass(oc.path, "get", "dc", componentName+"-"+appName, "--namespace", project,
"-o", "go-template='{{range.spec.template.spec.containers}}{{.resources.limits.memory}}{{end}}'")
return maxMemory

// MinMemory reuturns minimum memory
// MinMemory returns minimum memory
func (oc *OcRunner) MinMemory(componentName string, appName string, project string) string {
minMemory := CmdShouldPass(oc.path, "get", "dc", componentName+"-"+appName, "--namespace", project,
"-o", "go-template='{{range.spec.template.spec.containers}}{{.resources.requests.memory}}{{end}}'")
return minMemory

// MaxCPU reuturns maximum cpu
// MaxCPU returns maximum cpu
func (oc *OcRunner) MaxCPU(componentName string, appName string, project string) string {
maxCPU := CmdShouldPass(oc.path, "get", "dc", componentName+"-"+appName, "--namespace", project,
"-o", "go-template='{{range.spec.template.spec.containers}}{{.resources.limits.cpu}}{{end}}'")
return maxCPU

// MinCPU reuturns minimum cpu
// MinCPU returns minimum cpu
func (oc *OcRunner) MinCPU(componentName string, appName string, project string) string {
minCPU := CmdShouldPass(oc.path, "get", "dc", componentName+"-"+appName, "--namespace", project,
"-o", "go-template='{{range.spec.template.spec.containers}}{{.resources.requests.cpu}}{{end}}'")

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