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Breaking Changes


  • Removes an extra exist call and removes the spinner around it #1965
  • Graceful recovery from panic with mesage #1954
  • Fixed failing push when numeric directory is given #1933
  • Remove error if app does not have component #1919
  • odo config set no longer creates local config, instead reporting error #1900
  • No logs on--output flag as it is now global #1898
  • Multiple odo push now retains environment variables #1860
  • Added --all flag for odo list


  • Added gosec static code analysis #1958
  • Fixed oc describe dc test flakes #1963
  • Enabled component sub test in Makefile #1962
  • Add message with program and arguments to helper_run.go output #1948
  • Fixed flaky unit tests due to reordering of port lists #1924
  • Fixed false positives in CmdShouldFail #1902
  • All tests except login test now run in parallel
  • Added benchmark tests #1841


  • SourceLocation of binary when --context flag is used is now saved relative to component context #1921
  • Optimised component.Exists #1905
  • Component spec now includes project name #1904


  • Added documentation for ODO_BOOTSTRAPPER_IMAGE environment variable
  • Fixed the help message for --path flag in odo list #1973
  • Added newline spacing to odo app --help #1966
  • Updated wildfly source location to #1906
  • Added documentation on the GLOBALODOCONFIG environment variable #1939
  • Adding minor nodes for new developers #1926
  • Fixed backticks and grammatical errors #1901
  • Fixed broken links in getting started #1896
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