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OpenShift Ansible

This repository contains Ansible roles and playbooks to install, upgrade, and manage OpenShift clusters.

Note: the Ansible playbooks in this repository require an RPM package that provides docker. Currently, the RPMs from do not provide this requirement, though they may in the future. This limitation is being tracked by #2720.

Getting the correct version

The master branch tracks our current work in development and should be compatible with the Origin master branch (code in development).

In addition to the master branch, we maintain stable branches corresponding to upstream Origin releases, e.g.: we guarantee an openshift-ansible 3.2 release will fully support an origin 1.2 release. The most recent branch will often receive minor feature backports and fixes. Older branches will receive only critical fixes.

Getting the right openshift-ansible release

Follow this release pattern and you can't go wrong:

Origin OpenShift-Ansible
1.3 3.3
1.4 3.4
1.X 3.X

If you're running from the openshift-ansible master branch we can only guarantee compatibility with the newest origin releases in development. Use a branch corresponding to your origin version if you are not running a stable release.


  1. Install base dependencies:


    • Ansible >= 2.2.0
    • Jinja >= 2.7
    • pyOpenSSL
    • python-lxml


    dnf install -y ansible pyOpenSSL python-cryptography python-lxml
  2. Setup for a specific cloud:

Installer Hooks

See the hooks documentation.


See the contribution guide.