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Latest commit 04441db Nov 9, 2018
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adhoc Don't use 'atomic' RPM Oct 18, 2018
aws Enable IAM roles for EC2s in AWS Sep 25, 2018
azure Merge pull request #10567 from mjudeikis/osa.oreg.url.fix Nov 1, 2018
byo Fix version number in upgrade readme to 4.0. Oct 22, 2018
cluster-operator openshift-prometheus: remove deprecated prometheus stack install Sep 17, 2018
common Check both service catalog and install vars Oct 27, 2018
container-runtime Merge pull request #9155 from vrutkovs/etcd-scaleup-crio Jul 19, 2018
gcp Don't use 'atomic' RPM Oct 18, 2018
init Merge pull request #10277 from vrutkovs/goodbye-atomic Oct 25, 2018
metrics-server metrics-server: fix a typo in installer path Jul 20, 2018
olm add OWNERS file for OLM Sep 4, 2018
openshift-autoheal Openshift autoheal fails to pull images even if oreg_url is specified Sep 28, 2018
openshift-checks certificate_expiry: gather facts so ansible_date_time is defined Sep 13, 2018
openshift-cluster-autoscaler How to deploy the cluster autoscaler Jul 25, 2018
openshift-console Reconfigure admin console after certificates were redeployed Jul 12, 2018
openshift-descheduler Add extensions to included task file directives Jun 15, 2018
openshift-etcd Remove an option to install 4.0 on Atomic Hosts Oct 18, 2018
openshift-glusterfs Replace openshift.node.nodename with l_kubelet_node_name Oct 8, 2018
openshift-hosted GlusterFS: Fix registry playbook PV creation Sep 20, 2018
openshift-loadbalancer Remove containerized lb support May 10, 2018
openshift-logging fix gce-logging problem Nov 1, 2018
openshift-management Add extensions to included task file directives Jun 15, 2018
openshift-master Remove an option to install 4.0 on Atomic Hosts Oct 18, 2018
openshift-metering Add extensions to tasks_from: directives Aug 28, 2018
openshift-metrics Fix and simplify Installer Checkpoint May 7, 2018
openshift-monitor-availability Fix and simplify Installer Checkpoint May 7, 2018
openshift-monitoring Fix and simplify Installer Checkpoint May 7, 2018
openshift-nfs Fix and simplify Installer Checkpoint May 7, 2018
openshift-node-problem-detector Add extensions to included task file directives Jun 15, 2018
openshift-node Remove an option to install 4.0 on Atomic Hosts Oct 18, 2018
openshift-provisioners Remove unused l_openshift_version_check_hosts Apr 19, 2018
openshift-service-catalog Fix and simplify Installer Checkpoint May 7, 2018
openshift-web-console Reconfigure web console after certificates were redeployed Jun 21, 2018
openstack Merge pull request #10507 from e-minguez/openshift_version_provision_… Nov 6, 2018
ovirt Added validation to avoid upload template always Oct 26, 2018
updates Add playbook to update reg-auth credentials Jul 12, 2018
README.md Remove unsupported playbooks and utilities Aug 25, 2017
deploy_cluster.yml Add networkmanager check to sanity checks Aug 27, 2018
prerequisites.yml Fix scaleup failure for hostname override Oct 17, 2018
redeploy-certificates.yml Remove unused/broken node cert plays Aug 14, 2018
roles Implement container runtime role Dec 1, 2017


openshift-ansible playbooks

In summary:

  • byo (Bring Your Own hosts) has the most actively maintained playbooks for installing, upgrading and performing others tasks on OpenShift clusters.
  • common has a set of playbooks that are included by playbooks in byo and others.


  • adhoc is a generic home for playbooks and tasks that are community supported and not officially maintained.

Refer to the README.md file in each playbook directory for more information about them.