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OpenShift Examples

Installs example image streams, db-templates, and quickstart-templates by copying examples from this module to your first master and importing them with oc create -n into the openshift namespace

The script can be used to pull the latest content from github and stage it for updating the ansible repo. This script is not used directly by ansible.



Name Default Value Description
openshift_install_examples true Runs the role with the below variables

Role Variables

Name Default value
openshift_examples_load_centos true when openshift_deployment_type not 'openshift-enterprise' Load centos image streams
openshift_examples_load_rhel true if openshift_deployment_type is 'openshift-enterprise' Load rhel image streams
openshift_examples_load_db_templates true Loads database templates
openshift_examples_load_quickstarts true Loads quickstarts ie: nodejs, rails, etc
openshift_examples_load_xpaas false Loads xpass streams and templates


Example Playbook


Currently we use oc create -f against various files and we accept non zero return code as a success if (and only if) stderr also contains the string 'already exists'. This means that if one object in the file exists already but others fail to create you won't be aware of the failure. This also means that we do not currently support updating existing objects.

We should add the ability to compare existing image streams against those we're being asked to load and update if necessary.


Apache License, Version 2.0

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