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removed hardcoded app/gear max #2

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William DeCoste and others added some commits Nov 15, 2011
William DeCoste US1412 - new maven structure a66ce6f
William DeCoste US1412 - new maven structure 370f8c5
William DeCoste US1412: rm OSX files 3f695a9
William DeCoste US1412: easier testing 2628599
@bdecoste bdecoste US1412:added cartridge types 48ab957
@bdecoste bdecoste mend def4316
@bdecoste bdecoste US1412:removed osx artifacts a20d605
@bdecoste bdecoste US1412: use JDK1.5 c53b165
@bdecoste bdecoste US1412: jdk1.5 8ee6b86
@bdecoste bdecoste US1412: rm target 247e667
William DeCoste US1414: fixed auth fb0de7a
@bdecoste bdecoste accept self-signed certs faf45b6
William DeCoste fixed self-signed certs b6b953e
William DeCoste fixed tests 20582f0
William DeCoste merged with andres branch 08557b9
William DeCoste merge cleanup 6ed0627
William DeCoste merge gaps d1a5cd3
William DeCoste ssh to tail log files 05c8bd0
@bdecoste bdecoste scp log file 9d57150
William DeCoste threaddump cleanup 2e5be79
William DeCoste pass nodeProfile 6dd44e1
@bdecoste bdecoste merged ssl verify from adietish fork 21c6425
@bdecoste bdecoste ssl cert checking disabled by default fb96ae6
@bdecoste bdecoste ssl cert checking disabled by default 1364358
William DeCoste removed restoreHostnameVerifier() 87de317
@adietish adietish removed unneeded instance variable NOOPHOSTNAMEVERIFIER 10195fd
@adietish adietish moved Base64Encoder to non-internal package a89d41c
@adietish adietish moved Cartridge to non-internal package 2ce7233
@adietish adietish moved Cartridge to non-internal package 3c199c9
@adietish adietish added tests for Cartridge and EmbeddableCartridge 83a5465
William DeCoste rack threaddump 331b246
@adietish adietish [] fixed NPE when error
response has no response body
@adietish adietish corrected expected exception since backend seems to have changed
@adietish adietish [] migrated the patch of Alex
replaced int key type constants by enums.
@adietish adietish [] fixed UserInfoResponseFake
so that unit tests pass
@adietish adietish reformatted to get better readability e286505
@adietish adietish removed unneeded imports, corrected warnings 275ac46
@adietish adietish turned method to private since there's noone subclassing this class f5eaced
@adietish adietish corrected formatting to have better readability d2de181
@adietish adietish reenbaled test that tests for InvalidCredentialsException when you
create an app with invalid creds.
@adietish adietish [] corrected
IApplication#waitForApplication, added tests
@adietish adietish added missing break when looking for application by name fe4c0c9
@adietish adietish corrected erroneous initialization when creation an application by
application info (was: initialized the list of embedded cartridges with
an empty list. should be: null so that lazy initialization of embedded
cartridges works correctly
@adietish adietish corrected erroneously expected exception in test. 816aee0
@adietish adietish corrected erroneous assert 5879c2c
William DeCoste JDK7 fix and key type fix 99f7b3b
@adietish adietish extracted ssh-key-type extraction to its own method (improves
@adietish adietish added integration-tests profile so that one can run integration tests…
… by running 'mvn clean install -P integration-tests'
@adietish adietish added integration-tests profile so that one can run integration tests…
… by running 'mvn clean install -P integration-tests'
@adietish adietish added RHLOGIN and PASSWORD system properties to pom, so that you may …
…run a single test from mvn: ex. mvn test -DPASSWORD=zzzzz -Dtest=DomainIntegrationTest
William DeCoste ruby threaddump ffb9949
@bdecoste bdecoste added deprecated cartridge types ba6956c
@bdecoste bdecoste bug 786608 784b67e
@bdecoste bdecoste bug 786608 e66b0f4
@bdecoste bdecoste fixed ruby threaddump filename day 49262c9
@adietish adietish replaced fail(), catch(OpenShiftException) by
@adietish adietish simplified configuration classes, added #getLibraDomain, added single
configuration class that offers the whole cascade (defaults, system
config, user config, system properties), removed special test-var
RHLOGIN (replaced by std default_rhlogin)
@adietish adietish [] implemented
IDomain#waitForAccessible and added test for it.
@adietish adietish switched internals b19e463
@sbunciak sbunciak idomain 6b5fff4
@sbunciak sbunciak Added capability to destroy domain. 717108e
@adietish adietish Merge pull request #1 from sbunciak/master
Added capability to destroy user's domain
@adietish adietish [merging] IDomain#destroy() contribution: corrected tests, set
IUser#destroyDomain protected to be consistent in terms of API
@adietish adietish corrected domain unit test to match new capability to destroy domains 7fd832e
@adietish adietish corrected IDomain#destroy, corrected IUser#refresh (did not clear
@adietish adietish added IApplication#getUser 1fd5a26
Xavier Coulon Properly returning 'false' when the user has no domain bc60426
William DeCoste use version from pom vs hardcoded abd2365
William DeCoste use version from pom vs hardcoded ef03554
@adietish adietish fixed missing message format parameters when validating user credentials 4bb5978
@adietish adietish Merge branch 'master' of 172930b
William DeCoste client version fix 0c3861a
@adietish adietish corrected warnings, removed unneeded import 4690bc3
@adietish adietish removed erroneous throws OpenShiftException in IUser#getRhLogin 3d00c7d
@adietish adietish corrected warning, removed unneeded import 24e4157
@adietish adietish reusing existing #getChild instead of custom logic e3fb055
@adietish adietish [] added error details to
@adietish adietish [] added error details to
@adietish adietish reenabled tests 4ca6751
@adietish adietish moved IOpenShiftTestService to fakes package 516d8a5
@adietish adietish replaced stringbuilder by messageFormat 0a941d5
@adietish adietish throwing InvalidNameOpenShiftException b34b3ff
@adietish adietish throwing InvalidNameOpenShiftException 7e1b91c
@adietish adietish added class header and author 0007844
@adietish adietish used StreamUtils 0356946
@adietish adietish added test to assert error details in
@adietish adietish extracted property names to constants 03914f8
@adietish adietish extracted property name to constant cc73013
@adietish adietish added test to assert error report in OpenShiftEndpointException 2bcac11
@adietish adietish handling timeouts correctly c2ce771
@adietish adietish use specific timeout or global default connect timeout if present 812f84d
@adietish adietish corrected timeout handling 806e17c
@adietish adietish setting read- and connect-timeouts 63f6287
@adietish adietish using separate timeouts for connect and read 7639618
@adietish adietish fixing erroneous error "could not unmarshall null" when the service
responds with null result (message)
@adietish adietish validating domain and application names: only lowercase names are
@adietish adietish avoid erroneous error messages when there was sine IOException
communicating with the server and the clients wants to unmarshall that
and fails
@adietish adietish correction: fix waiting for app to become ready (was broken) 120b662
William DeCoste removed hardcoded app/gear max ff6e26d
@adietish adietish pushed a commit that closed this pull request Feb 27, 2012
@opensas opensas fixes #2 -check for null password at…
@adietish adietish closed this in e88d9ab Feb 27, 2012
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