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This repository contains monitoring scripts and configuration files to enable monitoring an OpenShift installation with Zabbix. Many of these scripts originated with the OpenShift Online product, but are expected to be useful in monitoring an OpenShift Enterprise installation as well.


While Zabbix is the primary target for these scripts, it is not expected to be the only use case. Many of these scripts should be capable of being utilized with any Network Monitoring Software with little or no modifications. Where changes are required to support other monitoring solutions, patches are welcome.

This repository also contains configuration management code for deploying and configuring the scripts using Puppet. Similarly, while Puppet is the primary target, patches to support other configuration management software are welcome.


All code in this repository is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for the complete license text.

Copyrights are attributed individually in each file. If no attribution exists, the file is Copyright 2012 Red Hat Inc.

File Layout

|-- files/           - Static files
|   |-- checks/      - Monitoring check scripts
|   |-- lib/         - Libraries used by checks
|   |-- userparams/  - Zabbix userparameter configuration files
|   `-- xml/         - XML template files defining Zabbix Templates.
|-- manifests/       - Puppet configuration manifests
`-- templates/       - ERB Templated files
    |-- checks/      - ERB Templated monitoring check scripts
    |-- lib/         - ERB Templated Libraries used by checks
    `-- userparams/  - ERB Templated Zabbix userparameter configuration files


Getting Started

  1. Import the XML templates from openshift_zabbix/files/xml/ directory into your Zabbix server.
  2. (Optional) Add the openshift_zabbix module into your Puppet code repository, and integrate it into your manifests.
  3. Deploy openshift_zabbix/files/{checks,lib} onto your OpenShift broker, node and messaging (ActiveMQ) server as documented in openshift_zabbix/manifests.
  4. (Optional) Use openshift_zabbix/files/openshift_zabbix.conf.sample as an example of how to deploy common configuration settings to your OpenShift systems. All openshift_zabbix check scripts accept either command-line arguments or a YAML configuration file. (default: /etc/openshift/openshift_zabbix.conf)