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Before enabling this plug-in, you need to add a new user, topic, and
queue to ActiveMQ. Edit /etc/activemq/activemq.xml and add the
following user:
<authenticationUser username="routinginfo" password="routinginfopasswd" groups="routinginfo,everyone"/>
Then add the following authorization entries:
<authorizationEntry topic="routinginfo.>" write="routinginfo" read="routinginfo" admin="routinginfo" />
<authorizationEntry queue="routinginfo.>" write="routinginfo" read="routinginfo" admin="routinginfo" />
To enable the plug-in, copy the file
/etc/openshift/plugins.d/routing-activemq.conf.example to
/etc/openshift/plugins.d/routing-activemq.conf on your broker and edit
the settings therein appropriately to point to your ActiveMQ server and
to use the topic and credentials you have configured for ActiveMQ.
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