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OpenShift Origin Manuals

This repo contains AsciiDoc versions of the OpenShift Origin manuals. The included "index.txt" file is the home page for the complete set of OpenShift Origin documentation.

Building the Manuals

The manuals themselves are .txt files written in AsciiDoc, so they are easily human-readable. However, they are intended to be published in various formats, notably HTML.


To generate the HTML document set, first install the necessary gems:

bundle install

Then run the "build" rake task:

bundle exec rake build

This will create html files from the AsciiDoc files, including an index.html.

Note that you may see the following error:

Processing index.txt
asciidoctor: WARNING: line N: include file not found: /path/to/origin-server/documentation/_pep_list.adoc

If you are not working with the openshift-pep repository, you can ignore this.


When the documentation is deployed to, this build command:

To make this work in your local build environment, first ensure that you have cloned the openshift-pep repository into the same directory as your clone of the origin-server repository. Then you can run:

bundle exec rake build_all

This task does the following:

  • Copies the REST API documents to documentation/rest_api/
  • Converts the Markdown-based PEPs to HTML via AsciiDoc and writes the generated HTML to the documentation directory.
  • Creates a listing of those files in an AsciiDoc "partial" called _pep_list.adoc.
  • Calls the regular build task to generate the rest of the doc set and include the PEP list in the documentation home page.

You can also trigger just the REST API work and just the PEP work using bundle exec rake build_rest and bundle exec rake build_peps, respectively.


If you want to quickly clean up all of the generated HTML files, run:

bundle exec rake clean

Editing with LivePreview

For ease of editing in AsciiDoc and checking the results in a web browser, a live preview environment has been set up using Guard and LiveReload.

To begin, install the LiveReload extension in your web browser (Firefox, Chrome and Safari are supported). Then build the docs following the [Building the Manuals] instructions.

Next, start the guard process:

bundle exec guard

Now open the html version of a local file that you are working with in your browser and enable the LivePreview add-on for that file.

At this point, you can begin editing the AsciiDoc version of the file in your text editor. Every time you save the AsciiDoc file, you will see output from the guard process as it detects the change and regenerates the HTML file. The LivePreview browser add-on detects the updated file and automatically reloads it into the browser.

Creating New Documents

The build environment is configured to process any file with a ".txt" extension as an AsciiDoc file. At a minimum, the first several lines of a new document must follow this pattern:

= Document Title
Author Name <>
vN.N, Month YYYY

Start writing your content here.
  • If you do not want the sections of the new document to be auto-numbered, remove the :numbered: line.
  • Be sure to add a link to your document in index.txt or an appropriate referencing document.

For the rest of the document, make sure that you are following proper AsciiDoc syntax and preview your document before submitting a pull request. There's no magic in how the documentation is built, so if it doesn't look right in your sandbox, it won't look right on the documentation site.

Old Manuals

The archive subdirectory contains older manuals that were written in Markdown. Over time, the contents of these files will be updated to AsciiDoc and assimilated into the documents in this directory.