Allow specify other docker-machine driver for "oc cluster up" #10982

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chmouel commented Sep 18, 2016

Currently oc cluster up fire docker-machine with virtualbox and there is no way to specify another driver (i.e: xhyve, kvm, etc..)


oc v1.4.0-alpha.0+85eb37b
kubernetes v1.4.0-beta.3+d19513f

Steps To Reproduce

oc cluster up --docker-driver=xhyve

Current Result

error as not implemented

Expected Result

creating oc cluster with the xhyve driver


@csrwng can we work this into the existing docker machine flag somehow? Or have a --machine-args? I'm concerned about the sheer number of flags, but the 2-3 most common should be allowed as long as we can clearly explain them. The rest the user can be expected to provide by creating a machine up front themselves.

chmouel commented Sep 19, 2016

FYI for others that are wondering and looking at this issue, I made a blog post about it (which document how to create a machine up front as well for future)


+1 @smarterclayton either add --machine-args or --native-virt or something that allows us to create the machine using whatever the native virt technology is with docker-machine

csrwng commented Sep 30, 2016

@smarterclayton given our recent conversation about cluster up not being in the business of creating virtual machines, maybe the right thing to do is to deprecate the --create-machine flag and make it more explicit that you need to have a working Docker for cluster up to work. wdyt?

csrwng commented Feb 6, 2017

Minishift ( which now uses cluster up under the covers allows you more flexibility to create a VM for it. Closing this in favor of using that to create your vm.

@csrwng csrwng closed this Feb 6, 2017
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