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UPDATED: Mac client tools have been rebuilt on top of Go 1.7 to fix various issues related to the OS X Sierra update.

This is a patch release to Origin v1.3.x containing a security related fix. All users are recommended to upgrade to v1.3.1 who are on v1.3.0.


v1.3.1 (2016-08-14)
Full Changelog

  • Intermediate CA certificates were being improperly checked for authorization (CVE-2016-7075) #11308
  • Tolerate caching delays when checking permissions for newly created namespaces #10932
  • Properly default client rate limiting in controllers - very low values were being defaulted #10930
  • Some non-resource URLs were being denied for the cluster infrastructure roles #10933
  • Annotations used in cluster resource quota were not being properly validated #10929
  • oc login should ignore some SSL related errors when using --insecure #11179
  • Some roles should have access to the node's /spec endpoint #11047
  • Fixed oc segfault seen in macOS Sierra (10.12) #11085

Release SHA256 Checksums

72ab655a7e5068bba654b774ef614715a7baba011e7305f6796bda829d59192e  openshift-origin-client-tools-v1.3.1-dad658de7465ba8a234a4fb40b5b446a45a4cee1-linux-32bit.tar.gz
2e25d7da6748562f10138a7616a7c027c3025086e08b42355978aebfed4da718  openshift-origin-client-tools-v1.3.1-dad658de7465ba8a234a4fb40b5b446a45a4cee1-linux-64bit.tar.gz
252ee8a1ff8a455a9b55aff82f6980dbf28bd75b601414765b4f06f6c1ec370e  openshift-origin-client-tools-v1.3.1-2748423-mac.zip
b90bc1249e7407717b0a0d7f92248ed6926ae0cd27d8fd038e054b866fa84baf  openshift-origin-client-tools-v1.3.1-dad658de7465ba8a234a4fb40b5b446a45a4cee1-windows.zip
ba5b9b1af3af19b7e4a01179e4a8af61486deeac6870c4cadfaf733322bc7181  openshift-origin-server-v1.3.1-dad658de7465ba8a234a4fb40b5b446a45a4cee1-linux-64bit.tar.gz