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This is the public release of OpenShift Origin v3.6.0.


Roadmap for the v3.6 release

v3.6.0 (2017-07-30) Full Changelog

See the earlier release notes for other features implemented in this release:

Component updates

  • Updates to Kubernetes
    • 42038: Add backup-volfile-servers to mount option #15396
    • 44756: Don't call spew unless we're logging #15520
    • 48613: proxy/userspace: honor listen IP address as host IP if given #15174
    • 48709: glusterfs: retry without auto_unmount only when it's not supported #15396
    • 48813: maxinflight handle should let panicrecovery handler call NewLogged #15306
    • 48884: Do not mutate pods on update #15190
    • 48940: support fc volume attach and detach #15407
    • 48960: No warning event for DNSSearchForming #15350
    • 49111: Fix findmnt parsing in containerized kubelet #15372
    • 49120: Modify podpreset lister to use correct namespace #15318
    • 49127: Make definite mount timeout for glusterfs volume mount #15396
    • 49230: use informers for quota calculation #15357
    • 49353: Use specified ServerName in aggregator TLS validation #15388
    • 49444: Do not spin forever if kubectl drain races with other removal #15436
    • 49475: Fixed glusterfs mount options #15396
    • 49688: Don't block watch cache Get/List on unready #15515
    • Also expose gRPC metrics in kube storage #15517
    • Carry a patch for reporting 429 metrics #15485
    • Double the global timeout if performing a global list #15505


Record the last snippet of build logs into the build API result

In many cases, the last few lines of the build log contain an accurate reason for a failing build. This adds a new field logSnippet to the build status and populates it with the last few lines of build logs when the build is marked as failed. This field is purely informational and may not be a complete representation of the final logs.

  • Grab a snippet of build logs for failing builds #15181


  • build: Retry build push failures on a larger set of errors #15406
  • build: Only set the build timestamps the first time to avoid duplicate writes #15487
  • cli: Remove use of policy API from CLI #15196
  • cluster: Remove oc cluster up dependency on oc binary #15471
  • images: Fix panic when POSTing an image to the server #15541
  • rbac: Handle cleanup of individual authz objects in sync #15223
  • rbac: Update bootstrappolicy/dead addDeadClusterRole to include systemOnly annotation #15320
  • rbac: Reconcile controller roles at startup #15354
  • rbac: Update quota controller's role for Kube authorizer #15348
  • route: Fix panic when user sets edge TLS termination on a route #15550
  • router: Unconditionally remove proxy headers to prevent httpoxy #15146
  • router: Add an ENV to control ipv6 behavior in the router #15351
  • server: Set mutation limit proportional to read limit by default #15206
  • server: Make the master endpoint lease ttl configurable #15214
  • server: Run separate informers for api and controllers #15217
  • server: Register aggregator resources into scheme prior to starting any components #15226
  • server: Unable to authenticate to the controller process using the remote authorizer #15458
  • server: Add gRPC metrics for the API server's connection to etcd #15517
  • server: Make controller client rate limits proportional to the overall limit #15479

Release SHA256 Checksums

ecb0f52560ac766331052a0052b1de646011247f637c15063f4d74432e1ce389  ./openshift-origin-client-tools-v3.6.0-c4dd4cf-linux-64bit.tar.gz
c9565850257fd758585118c4b5e1be42ddcf133026c02adee2695191690f022e  ./openshift-origin-server-v3.6.0-c4dd4cf-linux-64bit.tar.gz
320dd318b4b094fea9aadee9473173054d1f11b97895b94315fe2f095f08b652  ./CHECKSUM
6ade4ce9b300b1a9ed4ccfa49f3476a0721c71b78e7dd43ca58f4752b29ab5f1  ./openshift-origin-client-tools-v3.6.0-c4dd4cf-mac.zip
6a45e7fe115dd4c8675ba06e8d958da6819b84a876ea6eb1c085a92b741e43f7  ./openshift-origin-client-tools-v3.6.0-c4dd4cf-windows.zip